27 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


Congratulations! You are in week twenty-seven of your pregnancy term and fast closing in on the end of the second trimester. At twenty-seven weeks, your baby is now as big as a head of lettuce, measuring in at about 14.5 inches and weighing in just shy of two pounds.

Your little one is growing at an accelerated rate during this point in your pregnancy and is concurrently becoming smarter as well. Resulting from the development of senses, abilities, and a wide range of movements, your baby is in the throes of learning the art of communication, expression, and practiced purposeful movement.

Baby’s rapid heart rate has slowed down just a bit, down to about 140 beats per minute.27 Weeks Pregnant Meanwhile, the baby is mired in their newfound excitement at being able to open and close their eyes after having them tightly fused close for their first four months of life.

Now able to explore their immediate surroundings and see lights and shadows, your baby is beginning to learn how to use visual depth and perception to gain anunderstanding of the world around them.

It’s an exciting time for moms-to-be. On the precipice of entering the third and final trimester, many women will experience a surge in confidence, endurance, and strength as they make strides towards the big day.

Read on below to learn more about week twenty-seven of pregnancy and all of its many awe-inspiring aspects!

27 weeks pregnant

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Week twenty-seven of pregnancy is marked by the continuance of existing symptoms from previous weeks as well as the return of symptoms from much earlier points in your term.

Common symptoms for week twenty-seven of pregnancy

Bleeding gums can become even more prevalent than before. Due to pregnancy hormones, your gums may experience inflammation, bleeding, and swelling Restless leg syndrome affects many pregnant women. Tingling, jittery-feeling legs that are especially symptomatic at nighttime may be linked to things like anemia or low levels of iron,
An itchy stomach resulting from the stretching out of your belly can result in your skin becoming dry and uncomfortable. Congestion issues such as a stuffy nose can result from the swelling of nasal passages ultimately impeding the flow of air
Faintness and dizzy spells may become more pronounced than ever. If you start to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, try lying down, and elevating your feet to alleviate the issue Swelling: just a short time ago your belly was roughly the size of a soccer ball. Now it has undergone a rapid growth and swelled to the size of a basketball!
Constipation due to heightened progesterone levels can significantly slow down your bowels, leaving you bloated, constipated, and plain unhappy.

Help your stools become easier to pass by drinking plenty of water and eating fiber-rich foods in addition to engaging in plenty of gentle, low-impact exercise

Your breasts will experience ongoing changes throughout your term and even after giving birth.  Many women find that during this time in pregnancy, the areola starts to grow in size and significantly deepen in color
Cramping leg muscles are a result of carrying a significant amount of extra weight in addition to your rapidly expanding uterus placing immense pressure on the veins that transport blood from your legs to theheart. Try gentle stretching exercises, massage, and light flexing to help improve symptoms Aches and pains are par for the course at this point in pregnancy. Try to alleviate discomfort by taking warm baths, using heating pads, and using specially designed pregnancy pillows to optimize your level of comfort while resting and sleeping


Round Ligament Pain results from your rapidly growing baby bump and is best dealt with by light exercise, plenty of hydration, and engaging in relaxing activities Bizarre dreams may become pervasive during this time. Resulting from the overabundance of hormones surging through your body, bizarre dreams will be a mainstay in the coming weeks if your pregnancy term


Your Baby’s Health and Status: 27 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Your baby’s skill set is rapidly developing, with new abilities coming into existence every week.

By this time, your little one is opening and closing their eyes, sucking on their thumb and27 Weeks Pregnant other fingers, engaging in a spectrum of movements, practicing visual skills, honing sensory abilities, and much more.

As brain tissue continues to develop, your baby’s cognitive processes are extremely active by this point.

Able to clearly recognize your voice, baby’s auditory development continues to improve as it is exposed to an array of sounds.

As you near the end of the second trimester, your baby will be well over a foot long and measure roughly fourteen and a half inches.

Their weight will increase to double what it was a month ago. With the significant expansion in body size and overall girth, your baby will likely find it most comfortable to sleep and hang out much of the time in your womb snuggled in a slightly curled position, better known as the fetal position.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 27 Weeks Pregnant

  • Pregnancy hormones can make it seem infinitely harder to deal with stressful events. Take time to engage in relaxation-promoting activities that alleviate anxiety and stress.
  • Consider signing up for a breastfeeding class if you are planning to breastfeed your baby
  • Consider postpartum birth control to enable you to re-engage in a healthy sex without conceiving another baby before you’re physically and emotionally ready
  • Looking for more sources of vitamin C? A surprising source are bell peppers! With nearly twice the vitamin C as an orange, red bell peppers are a powerhouse source of this all-important vitamin

Week 27 To-Do List and Reminders at 27 Weeks Pregnant

  • Schedule your 28-week prenatal visit
  • Keep working on baby proofing your home
  • Add to your stock of baby supplies including things like diapers, wipes, and if applicable,27 Weeks Pregnant breastfeeding equipment
  • On a daily basis go over immediate goals, upcoming goals, and goals pertaining to exercise, nutrition, and health
  • Have your maternity leave plans firmly in place
  • Have your delivery and birthing plan mapped out
  • Stay vigilant in looking out for pre-eclampsia symptoms


Restless leg syndrome: Restless leg syndrome is a condition that results in a nearly uncontrollable urge to move one or both legs, particularly in the evening hours. A very common symptom among pregnant women, the condition will disappear with time.

Cool Things to Know

  • Make sure you invest in a car seat before giving birth. A majority of hospitals will not27 Weeks Pregnant allow you to leave the premises with your newborn baby unless you have a car seat that is properly installed
  • Gassiness may be driving you crazy at this point in your pregnancy term, but you can make easy food swaps to curb gas. For example, vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus (while very healthy) are known to cause flatulence. To receive a similar level of nutrition while curbing gassiness, opt for veggies like spinach and carrots which do not create gassiness
  • As you go about your daily activities, errands, and various tasks, your baby will experience a gentle rocking and may even fall asleep during your busiest times. Thanks to the swaddling, cushioning nature of amniotic fluid, your baby gently sways to and fro as you go about your life’s business
  • In the coming weeks, your little baby will gain nearly an entire pound! Although baby’s growth is rapid, the development of their lungs still has a ways to go. In the thirteen more weeks of your pregnancy, their lungs will come to be developed to contend with theworld outside your womb.

Ready to find out what’s next in your pregnancy journey?

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