19 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


At nineteen weeks, your beloved baby is now the size of a mango.  Coming in at a robust 6.02 inches and weighing roughly 8.48 ounces, your baby now weighs more than your placenta.

A number of extraordinary developments are taking place for your baby during this time. Now completely covered in protective Vernix Caseosa (vernix), your baby’s skin is completely safeguarded from amniotic fluid and is also now beginning to lose its translucent, ethereal look and beginning to develop pigment, which will ultimately determine their skin tone.

A smattering of hair may be on their scalp by this time. In due time, your baby’s hair color will be determined but for now, it will be pigment-free and white in color.

Now perfectly proportional, your baby’s arms and legs begin to exhibit more pronounced19 week pregnant limb movements as a result of the soft spongy cartilage transforming into hard bone.

In addition to a marked ability in limb, control is your baby’s brain continuing to undergo a series of sophisticated processes that will result in the establishment of senses like touch, vision, taste, hearing, and smell.

It’s an exciting time to be pregnant; now able to communicate to your baby through soothing sound and more, the bonding process between mother and child is poised to commence in extraordinarily enchanting ways.

Read on below to learn more about the nineteenth week of pregnancy and all of its many amazing aspects!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The nineteenth week of pregnancy may yield a variety of new symptoms. However, the 19 Weeks Pregnantsymptoms typically aren’t severe but rather more of annoyance.

Regardless, the onslaught of new symptoms can be difficult to deal with, particularly when you’ve experienced the surge in energy and well-being just a week or two before.

Symptoms Commonly Experienced in Week Nineteen Are:

  • Hot flashes: Resulting from the increased flow of blood in your body, you will frequently become much warmer than usual, in addition to experiencing an immense increase in sweat. To help reduce symptoms, ensure that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting19 Weeks Pregnant clothing, and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Pelvic pain: Pelvic Girdle Pain, also referred to as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, affects roughly 20% of pregnant women and can create difficulty in basic tasks like walking and climbing stairs. Many women find that simply sleeping on their side can improve symptoms significantly.
  • Lower belly aching: As your baby bump grows in size, the tissues (round ligaments) holding together your uterus can experience tension and result in aches and cramps
  • Leg Cramps: Improve painful leg cramps by practicing stretching and flexing exercises. Yoga is also a great option and will significantly improve symptoms
  • Hip pain: If you are experiencing hip pain, start sleeping on your side while also placing a pillow between your knees for increased comfort and support
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness: Due in large part to your enlarged uterus placing immense pressure on your blood vessels in addition to a lack of oxygen from baby crowding your available lung space. Symptoms can be improved by eating small meals throughout the day and drinking plenty of water
  • Blurry vision:  Blurry vision is common for many pregnant women as results from water retention issues. This condition will self-correct itself after you give birth
  • Weight gain: At the nineteen-week mark, your weight gain may start to be concerning as you may have gained upwards of 25 pounds. If you are experiencing rapid weight gain, talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible, as it could be an indicator of preeclampsia.

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 19 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Your little dynamo is grinding away within the confines of your belly and growing at an 19 Weeks Pregnantastonishing speed, while practicing the wide-range of new muscles, nerves, and various abilities they now have. Engaged in baby-cardio, your little one is dancing about; writhing, wriggling, and bopping around as it revels in its exhilarating environment.

Sensory development is taking off at an incredible speed, with your baby’s brain establishing designated locales for smells, touch, hearing, vision, and taste.

Able to hear your voice and the sounds of the outside world, your baby eagerly awaits new audio experiences and will love your singing, cooing, gentle conversation with it.

As your baby begins to make more controlled movements, myelin is in a state of abundant production, serving as a protective covering to coat and insulate the innumerable nerves located within your baby’s body. Helping to facilitate the electrical impulses transported from the body to the brain, myelin will continue to produce in conjunction with your baby’s growth.

Doing double-duty to protect your baby in myriad ways, myelin is accompanied by vernix caseosa a greasy white coating, which will soon completely coat your baby’s entire body.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 19 Weeks Pregnant

  • Now more than ever, you will require iron in your diet, as it is fundamentally important to making hemoglobin (a substance that assists your blood in transporting oxygen throughout your body). Iron deficiency can result in a severe drop in hemoglobin levels and can be exceedingly harmful to your baby if left unaddressed.
  • Endeavor to eat a diet full of iron-rich foods such as poultry, red meat, leafy greens, fish, and even fortified cereals.
  • Avoid iron supplements as they can result in unpleasant conditions like nausea,19 Weeks Pregnant constipation, and stomach aches. Instead, get your iron naturally through food.
  • Vitamin C is also very important and can be found in potatoes, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, and more
  • During the nineteenth week of pregnancy, you may at times feel out of breath. Completely normal and nothing to worry about, your breathlessness is one of the many results of increased hormone levels
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness are very common among pregnant women. However, if you find yourself chronically dizzy, make an immediate appointment with your healthcare provider because it may be an indicator of conditions such as anemia or preeclampsia

Week 19 To-Do List and Reminders at 19 Weeks Pregnant

  • Start thinking beyond your pregnancy and make an effort to interview pediatricians
  • Consider signing up for an infant CPR class
  • Make sure you are eating an iron-rich diet
  • Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin C


Iron deficiency anemia: This condition occurs as a result of severely decreased levels of iron within the body. The body crucially needs sufficient levels of iron to produce hemoglobin within your red blood cells to ultimately transport oxygen throughout your system.

Cool Things to Know

  • At the nineteen-week mark, you are a week away from the halfway mark of your 19 Weeks Pregnantpregnancy term!
  • Your body begins the process of fat storage during the first trimester but halts at the halfway mark of pregnancy, at which point the fetus begins to utilize the stored fat
  • Many babies will be born with immensely thick vernix residue coating
  • While in the womb, baby girls will develop a full range of reproductive eggs
  • Up to ninety percent of pregnant women will experience a change in their skin tone, with many experiencing severe hyperpigmentation
  • During this time in your pregnancy, the very top of your uterus will be aligned with your belly button

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