18 Fun and Educational Games to Play with Toddlers


Toddlers can be antsy little humans whenever they are left idle. Ideally, keeping them occupied is the best way to keep their small minds busy. You will be thrilled by trying some games that are fun, educational and they improve your toddler’s skills. Some of these games are a full package.

Your baby deserves to play and have fun that is repetitive as they get a chance to work on their critical skills. As a parent, a memorable childhood for your kid is a power bestowed on you, and every baby is unique, so here are some fun games to play with your toddler:

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1. Jigsaw Puzzles/PuzzlesFun Games to Play with Toddlers

A puzzle is a fantastic game for toddlers because it is one that is all-rounded. Your toddler gains physical, emotional and cognitive skills when they engage in this game. A puzzle reinforces emotional skills as the toddler needs to be patient to solve it while the toddler amasses physical skills by ensuring the pieces fit. Lastly, when the toddler aces the puzzle, their cognitive abilities are enhanced.

You can get a variety of puzzles from kid’s games stores. You can even make the puzzle game more fun by getting a jigsaw puzzle made from your toddler’s favorite children’s TV show. It will keep them asking for more.

2. Bowling Indoors!

Flex your toddler’s physical muscles with this fun game. It does not hurt to get a bit creative. Make space for this activity in any safe room and find the props. You can use your kid’s ball and grab anything from a toilet paper or pop bottles for use as pins.

Place the ‘pins’ at a reasonable distance and let your toddler throw the ball. Cheer them on whenever they make an effort as this gets them excited and motivated.

3. Hide-and-SeekFun Games to Play with Toddlers

Remember peekaboo? Your child probably enjoyed this when still an infant. Well, hide-and-seek can involve simple games that your toddler will love.

Try this during bath time. Hide behind a towel and let her guess where you are. When she is hiding, use an object to prod parts of her body. Ask her “Hmm did I touch your arm or leg?” and you will notice the excitement welling up in them.

You can also close your eyes and count up to 20 and give her a chance to hide as the small kids do. Then go about calling out your toddlers name asking where she is.

4. Chase

Just like you always chase your toddler around the house, you can turn this into a fun game. Toddlers love running away when they know you want to get a hold of them. They have fun, and it builds their anticipation.

Have your toddler chase you from time to time and when they catch you make a big deal out of it. You can reward her for the little things.

Toddlers tend to pent-up a substantial amount of energy, and the chase is the best way to get it out especially for a very active baby.

5. Finger-Painting

Did you know that your baby’s fine motor skills begin developing from this age? Well if you were not aware of this, now is the time to explore this fun activity with your toddler.

Your toddler will love the feel of paint on their hands while creating paint marks. Start by laying out a canvas on the floor and let them turn that canvas into their piece of art. This game stimulates your baby’s senses, and it acts as a learning curve for them.

It can be messy, but your toddler will have the time of their life so do not fret. However, ensure the surface for this activity will not be affected by a few stray paint marks.

6. Building FortsFun Games to Play with Toddlers

At the toddler stage, your baby achieves the ‘make-believe’ milestone. This milestone means you can make something appear real to your toddler, and this is when building forts play along.

Using sheets, pillows, and cushions, you can make a fort or a tent-like structure. Then you can have your toddler join in the fun by letting them imagine the possibilities there are when building a fort.

You can also opt to buy a pop-up tent that is available on the market if you prefer it over a home-made one.

7. Tossing a Ball Back and Forth

Although it sounds like an easy game, you will be amazed at the amount of satisfaction that your toddler derives from it. Besides it being an activity that develops you toddler’s movement and co-ordination skills, it is an endless entertainment for them.

Throw the ball back and forth with your toddler and watch them giggle and make funny facial expressions. They will have fun as simple as the game is.

8. Basketball for Toddler

It is an exciting indoor game especially during winter or rainy days. You can purchase a basketball hoop that is the height of your toddler and place it anywhere in the house.

For this game make sure you play with your toddler. Let her be in full control, show her how to dribble the ball and dunk the ball down the basket. Then let her do as she pleases, you can even make it more entertaining by putting up a scoreboard where your record every score she makes.

This way you will have her smiling all the way for her achievements.

9. ObstaclesFun Games to Play with Toddlers

Obstacles is a game that is fun-filled with any activity imaginable. It is an excellent indoor game that can involve tunnels, bowling pins, pop-up tents, hula hoops, cushions and more. The idea behind the obstacles game is to have your toddler blow off some steam and burn out excessive physical energy.

Obstacles are the perfect game for a couple of toddlers. You can call on your neighbor’s kids and have them enjoy themselves with the instruments involved. Later on, you can give them a treat as they will have used up all their energy.

For the items involved in this game, you can get them from an early learning center or some of them you can make them yourself.

10. Chase That Bubble

Chase that bubble is perhaps the most delightful game for your toddler. Quite often, the bubbles have a magic that keeps us coming back no matter one’s age. Thus, let your toddler experience the bubble magic and have them make different bubbles that they can follow and pop.

It is an enjoyable game that develops your toddler’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more. All you need is a bottle of bubbles.

It can be an indoor game if you can handle the splashy soapy water in your home. However, it is more amusing if you can take it outdoors. It gives your toddler more room to run around. Show them how to blow a bubble, for a toddler still learning to use their feet blow gently for bigger bubbles that drift so that your toddler can comfortably chase after and pop them.

If your toddler has defined movements, blow hard for quick-moving smaller sprays and have them run after them.

11. Building Towers

Building towers is a favorite entertaining activity for toddlers. Your toddler will feel like they are accomplishing a massive task by building a tower.

Toddlers especially boys love building the towers and knocking them over. For this fun game, provide your toddler with blocks or a set of boxes. If your baby finds this thrilling, you may even see them building a tower with food boxes from the cupboard.

This activity feeds on their patience and enhances it along the way while building their anticipation for the result.

12. Go For a Walk!Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

Nothing beats a walk in the park or in the beautiful nature where the toddler is in for lots of surprises. Besides the fresh air and liberating feeling of playing outdoors, your toddler is most likely anxious to explore different activities.

Carry some treats if you will pass by a lake with ducks and let your toddler feed the ducks. Take a stroll in the park and show them the various species of birds flying around. For a change, you can carry a ball for soccer that you can use to play with the kid at the park. Also, you can bring along your canine friend and a Frisbee and show your toddler how to throw the Frisbee for the dog to catch.

Your toddler will be smiling all the way.

13. Tea Party Games

Spice up your toddler’s tea party by involving some tea party games that will make it merry. You will have other toddlers join in the fun then play music. When the music is playing, have the toddlers dance to the beat but stop and freeze when the music stops. If any of them does not freeze, they are out of the game. Do this continuously until only one player is left. It is a perfect way to grab your toddler’s attention while getting them excited.

Another game for the tea party is the musical teacups. Ditch the tradition musical chairs and make the kids rotate around the tea table while the music is playing. The instruction is to move around the tea table while the music is playing and once it stops every kid has to take a teacup and pretend they are seeping tea. If any player fails to do so, they are out.

The game continues until one player is left standing.

14. Water Games

Water games are preferable when in a pool or during swimming lessons. Although some parents may shy away from this game, it is an excellent activity for a toddler.

If you would like to start teaching your toddler some swimming tricks, most importantly having their face underwater, “talking to the fish” is the best way to jump start this. Say something like “You want to talk to the fish? Put your mouth in the water and blow bubbles”.

When your toddler raises their face above the water, have them place their ears close to the water surface and tell them to hear what the fish are saying. While they will be having fun, they will not realize it’s training on how to blow bubbles in the water.

15. DancingFun Games to Play with Toddlers

Turn up the music to the songs that your child loves- preferably songs with loud beats so he can follow the actions the song depicts. The music can also be gentle so that your child can follow the lyrics whether it is moving stealthily or softly.

Marching to music is a fantastic dancing move that your toddler can do quickly. Dancing games extend your toddler’s imagination and improve their sense of rhythm which in turn develops their language.

16. Clapping Hands

Toddlers within 12-16 months know how to hold their hands open. Nevertheless, your toddler might not know how to clap hands by themselves. So you can help her clap her hands while you sing happy songs that will get her giggling. Also, you can have her hold your hands while you lightly clap them together. This game is better when she sits on your lap or the floor while facing you.

It improves her language skills along with her hand-eye coordination.

17. Walk Along a Line

Tape a line that can be straight, curvy or zigzag on the floor. Then tell your toddler to walk along the track while focusing on balance to their level best. Involve yourself and let your toddler walk either backward or forwards, can she handle either?

Congratulations for having your toddler practice this game, for best results have them repeat it. Walking along the line boosts your toddler’s gross motor skills, and it is an excellent indoor game.

18. Make-believe DollFun Games to Play with Toddlers

Bring your toddler’s favorite teddy or doll to life by involving it in daily activities and games with your child. Talk to the toy, go out for walks with it, tuck the toy in bed with your toddler, and pretend the doll is human.

Emphasis on the activities you do with the doll improves your toddler’s language skills. Create an act that narrates when the toy is happy or sad so that your toddler can identify emotions and learn to talk about them as she grows her imagination.


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