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There is nothing that beats the profound feeling of welcoming your bundle of joy. It is a humbling yet an overwhelming emotion the kind that makes you yearn to give your little one all the pleasurable luxuries of this life. It is the same longing that prompts you to embark on a name searching journey.

You want your baby to have that name that will have people turn heads and say ‘’Oh wow! What a lovely name! You want a name that resonates well with friends and family and one that slips off the tongue marvelously.

You need a name that the child will grow loving and never have a hard time spelling it out to people, well look no further; here are girl names that will wow you or leave you scratching your head.

Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings


Adeline pronounced “Ad-uh-line” is an interesting name that has been among the favorite names having a rank of 67, and up two places from last year. It is a gracious and adorable name that originates from a French name Adele that means “noble.”

“Addie” is the short cute nickname for it.

Besides this name being a breath of fresh air, it graciously stands out among the rest. It gives a vibe of femininity and charm yet still it is fun with a tender touch to it. Some say that those who are named Adeline are focused, disciplined and shrewd.

They have a soft spot for lending a helpful hand in their society, and they are friendly. They quickly find abundance although they are never glitzy or courageous.

Other pretty variations of this name are Adelaide, Amelia, Addison, and Adelynn.

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Hmmm… this name has a way of pulling one’s heartstring especially for those who binge-watch the series that has taken the industry by a storm “Game of Thrones.” Game of Thrones has graced people’s screen and debuted a persona by the name Arya who shows strength and resilience but is a high-tempered little assassin.

It is now a name that people are using for their baby girls. Hopefully, the hundreds of baby girls named Arya will not have to answer “does a girl have a name?”

The name Arya has various meanings in multiple languages, cultures, and countries. Arya, Aria or Aryia as an Indo- Iranian given name originating from India and Persia. Arya is a gender neutral name in India that means Goddess Parvati or Durga.

The Sanskrit meaning of the name Arya is one who is noble and honorable, great or honest.

15.ValePopular Baby Girl Names

This name is a gemstone it is one of the rarest and lovely names that one can choose. Vale means fearless.

In a gender-biased world where women don’t get their rightful place, this baby girl name is quite empowering and refreshing; it is a silent slogan for women to soldier on.

Vale has its origin from Latin. It also has beautiful variations such as Valari, Val, Valary, and Valeria.

In numerology, Vale means one who has compassion and is spiritual. They tend to attract people, and they are genuinely romantic. Those named Vale are bold, and this personality trait makes them ideal for people who serve humans or leaders of the world.


Aww! Iva sounds so angelic, and why not? This name means ‘Gift from God’ from the Hebrew translation. There is a plant also called Iva, the Ivas’ of this life are believed to hold animals and nature so dearly.

Ivy, Ivelina, and Evelyn come from this name. As per numerology girls called Iva are full of positivity, and they are versatile.

The baby girls named Iva are cute and curious. Therefore, Iva is a baby name that you should consider in your baby girl names list.


Credence makes it in the list of baby girl names with less usage. It has a high probability of being among the top names in 2018, which is quite expected as Credence is a beautiful name. This baby girl name has Latin origins.

Credere implies ‘to trust while credential means ‘belief.’ Baby girls called Credence would amass substantial virtues with a belief in the world.

Mostly, they will uphold the truth, and this is a great virtue that makes them a perfect fit for lawyers who fight for the rights of humanity.

Creedence is the other name variation of Credence. Creedence is a band name of Creedence Clearwater Rival from America.

12.IsadoraPopular Baby Girl Names

Isadora is probably the most unusual baby girl name making it a unique name suggestion. This name means Gift of Isis’. Its origins are a mystery in Ancient Greece. Isis is an Egypt Goddess of the little ones and nature. However, Isadora is a name from Greek.

They view Isis as the suitable mother of nature. Numerology suggests that Isadora as a name has a link to being grounded and having strong foundations. Thus, the chances are that girls with this name have stable bonds with their family, origins, and home.


Eleanora is a magical baby girl name, and its roots are from Ancient Greek. Eleanora has a tantalizing meaning it means ‘light.’ It also means ‘light that is shining’ or a ‘bright one.’

Girls named Eleanora are charming, and they are full of humor, it is not surprising that they shine from the inside. They are go-getters as they leave no stone unturned when it comes to realizing their dreams.

Elanor is Eleanora’s classic variation. The ending vowel of Eleanora gives it a trendy touch. Nora is the short nickname for it.

It is probably the most cheerful name for a girl.


Finally, a baby girl name that means queen in Spanish, that is. What a gracious name! This name’s origin is from Latin. The word ‘Regina’ means ‘queen’ in Latin which is also the female version of ‘rex’ (meaning King in Latin).

On the other hand, Rhiannon and Rihanna, originating from Welsh and Celtic means ‘great queen’. Reina has a link to some Yiddish sources, and its meaning is ‘clean,’ which is similar to the meaning of Reina in America.

Raina is the exquisite variation of this name.

Numerology associates Reina with number 11 meaning the Reinas of the world are spontaneous and creative. The Reinas can reign and as the name suggests they are mighty rulers!

9.LianaPopular Baby Girl Names

This name oozes youthfulness. In Latin this word means ‘youthful,’ it is unusual and quite unpopular. Coming to think about it, Liana is not a name to often hear.

This name is associated with those who are calm, spiritual and suggestive. Lianas’ love teamwork and creating a better place for everyone to live.

They make excellent advocates, and Lianas’ are hard workers who uphold nobility.

Other super-sweet variations of this name are Lily, Leila, Lana, Mia, and Eliana. Liana ranks at 442 with after falling 61 places since 2016.


This majestic baby girl name makes it to this list. It slips of the tongue so beautifully, with its meaning of ‘trust,’ ‘confidence’ and ‘belief.’ Baby girls named Faye make friends quickly, they are truthful, and curious about their surroundings.

Fayes’ are great occasion planners whether it is school presentations or parties. They are often might rulers. Patience may not be their highest virtue, but they can achieve surprising results.

Some celebrities flaunting this name are Faye Dunaway who is an actress from America, Faye Wattleton who is a leader in the business world among others.


Aah…Khaleesi who would have thought this can be a baby girl’s name.

Khaleesi means “Queen” in Dothraki.

In Dothraki, this name is meant to be a title. For those who are unfamiliar with the word Dothraki, it is a fictional language in The Song of Ice and Fire book written by George R.R. Martin.

Surprisingly, 2017 has seen this ‘title’ having uses as a name. It is normal for it to be a pet name, but not any more parents are naming their little humans this name. Maybe they are trying to channel the character Khaleesi who is a mighty ruler in the book series.

6.MorvenPopular Baby Girl Names

Morven pronounced Mawr-ven is an excellent name for a tough girl, and it is one of the peculiar names that is quite easy to say. It comes from ‘mor’ meaning ‘huge, great’; bhein that means ‘peak’ or bhairne that means ‘gap.’ So in short Morven means ‘big gap.’

Morven is, therefore, a perfect name for the baby girl who is welcomed to the world many years after the child before her and that huge gap is something that people will keep mentioning.

Morven also spelled Morvern. Morvern is a traditional district situated in Scotland and a mountain in Aberdeen shire is named so.


No, it is not ‘Cee-lah’ the pronunciation of this name is ‘Cee-ya.’

Cilla is an enchanting historical name. Cilla has English roots; however, it is a short name of Cecilia, and Cecilia originates from Portuguese.

Cecilia means ‘invisible’ or ‘blind, and this brings to mind the picture of a girl who is respectable. Cilla is quite an uncommon name that it did not make it in the ranking of famous baby names. In 2016, not more than five children have this name.

Cilla has gained fame ever since, in North America it ranks in the 934th position, and one can choose to use Cecilia and still use Cilla as its cute nickname.


Dove is not a typical name, and it can make a cool name for girls who are arriving at 2018. Dove is the name of a bird that is a symbol of peace. The dove signifies purity and love.

The Christian folks are well aware of the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Christianity teaches of the Holy Trinity that is made up of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit all being God.

It is likely that the girls named Dove have a giving heart and are also spiritual and this makes them charming and magnetic.

Dove Cameron, an American Actress is one celeb who bears this name.

It is pleasant to say that Dove is a surname from Scottish origins coming from the Gaelic word ‘dub’ meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark.’ Rita Dove, an award-winning poet from America, is a famous celeb with this name.

With the tendency of girls named Dove to be talented and celebrities, perhaps the new little Doves of this world will follow in line.

3.AnoukPopular Baby Girl Names

Anouk is probably the most unheard of name yet. It has higher chances of making a huge come back in the coming year. Anouk is a diminutive of Anna according to the Dutch and French.

Channah, Hannah, and Anna are the lovely variations of Anouk. Anouk was a prophetess in the ancient times who knew that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

In the Byzantine Empire, Anouk was a famous name. Moreover, Saint Anna birthed the Virgin Mary. Anouk is an elegant name along with its variation Anna. Girls called Anouk are intuitive and loving. Young Anouks are charming and friendly, and they are aware the issues affecting the society. A famous bearer of this name is Anouk Teeuwe. She is a musician from Dutch who has released albums that have topped the charts in Belgian and Dutch.


Anika is a feminine name that is so unique but not entirely popular. Anika is a gracious name as it means Grace in Hebrew. Anika is derived from Hannah which is also a Hebrew name with the same meaning.

Anika is a diminutive of Anna. Anika also has an Indian origin which is a name of goddess Durga.

For the little Anikas, their nicknames can be Annie, Ani, Nikki and more. A famous person named Anika is the actress who has featured in Dreamgirls and the film called the Frog Princess and another golfer from Swedish.

1.KaileyPopular Baby Girl Names

Kailey is not a popular name, perhaps it was popular in the 90’S, and its usage reached the peak in 2005. Kailey is possibly a name that will make a comeback in 2018.  They derive Kailey from an Irish surname. Kailey with variations such as Kailee, Kaili, Kayleigh, and Kaili is a unique name for a baby girl.

‘Kylie’ can be one of its pronunciations and the little girl can have other nicknames such as Kailz, Kay, or KK.

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