15 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


Fifteen weeks in and baby is now the size of an apple! Just about four inches in length, your baby is now beginning to look more and more baby-like as the weeks wear on. Right about now, your baby is in dress rehearsal mode and is practicing all of its moves and various abilities for its big debut into the post-womb world!

Swallowing, breathing, sucking, kicking, curling toes, and wiggling its little arms and legs about – your little baby is hard at work perfecting all of its newfound capabilities that will play an imperative role in enabling them to survive outside the womb.

Still diminutive in size, your baby is now about the size of an apple. Despite its tiny size,15 weeks pregnant your baby is developing at an incredible speed. Baby now has eyebrows, a coat of downy, soft hair, a unique set of fingerprints, and the beginnings of a skeletal system.

Incredibly, it is at this point in your pregnancy term that your baby will begin to hear a variety of noises such as the beating of your heart and the sounds that your stomach makes, as well as your muffled voice.

It is now that you are able to begin communicating with your baby, albeit on a primitive level. Your sounds will be muffled to him or her, but they will hear you singing to them and be lulled by your soothing voice.

Read on below to learn more about the fifteenth week of pregnancy and all of its many amazing aspects!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Well within your second trimester now, many of your debilitating symptoms may have completely abated. However, many, if not most, women will continue to experience a slew of curious symptoms during this time.

Of note during this time in pregnancy are heartburn symptoms that may accompany gassiness and indigestion. Due to hormones, heartburn, gas, and constipation can easily be mitigated by keeping a close eye on the foods you eat, taking care to avoid gas-inducing foods.

Common Symptoms for the Fifteenth Week of Pregnancy May Include:

Carpal tunnel symptoms such as tingling and mild pain in the hands Highly pigmented nipples
Body aches Increased appetite and weight gain
Nosebleeds Snoring
Increased sex drive Elevated levels of energy and stamina
Increased sense of well-being and emotional stability Nasal congestion
Vaginal discharge Hyperemesis gravidarum
Itchy skin Thrush
Headaches Bleeding gums


Vaginal discharge is an extremely common symptom at this point in pregnancy. With your vagina, womb, and cervix receiving increased blood flow, vaginal discharge occurs and is not usually something to worry about.

However, vaginal discharge that shows extreme changes in color, smell, or consistency are indicators of a vaginal infection.

For example, discharge that is grayish in color and thin in consistency could point to a condition called bacterial vaginosis, while discharge with a “chunky” consistency could indicate the presence of thrush.

If you are experiencing symptoms like the ones detailed above, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider immediately.

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 15 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Fifteen weeks into your pregnancy term and already your baby is beginning to take on the15 Weeks Pregnant appearance of a “real” little person! They now have eyebrows and are growing hair atop their head in addition to having proportional and properly placed ears and eyes.

Growing stronger every day, your little baby now weighs in at about 2.5 ounces and is around four inches in length.

Your little champ is hard at work breathing in amniotic fluid via her upper respiratory tract and nose, as the air sacs located within their lungs begin a frenzied development.

Amazingly, your baby can now sense light, is forming taste buds, and can fully operate all of their limbs and joints to dance, kick, and wiggle around in your body as they practice their new skills.

Among their new skills is an ability to hiccup, resulting in you experiencing a slight flutter within your belly.

As their hearing ability continues to undergo development, they are able to the muffled sound of your voice, your heartbeat, your stomach, and even some of the sounds from the outside world.

It’s an exciting time for your baby as he or she begins to hear their very first sounds and can now add this to their assemblage of cool new skills!

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 15 Weeks Pregnant

  • The immense variety of vitamins and minerals found within different foods assist your15 Weeks Pregnant baby’s growth in a wide range of ways. For example, vitamin D and calcium help to create strong teeth and bones, while iron assists in red blood cell production, and zinc aids in organ formation.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet and a variety of healthy foods full of different vitamins and minerals will ensure your baby is receiving all of the nutrition it needs for optimal health.
  • Aim to eat foods from the main food groups, with a focus on fruits and vegetables, and choices from starchy foods including cereals and breads, in addition to plenty of high- quality protein found in eggs, meat, and fish

Week 15 To-Do List and Reminders at 15 Weeks Pregnant

  • Ask your doctor about screenings for Down’s Syndrome
  • Ask your doctor about Nuchal translucency screening, which checks for problems with chromosomes. This screening can often be done in combination with a blood test.
  • Practice the utmost safety when it comes to food.  As pregnant women, you are far more susceptible to contracting food poisoning through bacterial exposure. Stay away from undercooked meat and eggs, and aim to eat fresh and clean as much as possible
  • Inquire if you should and when you should receive a seasonal flu shot

Keywords at 15 Weeks Pregnant

Thrush: Commonly indicated by the presence of a white rash within your mouth, thrush is a condition that is caused by Candida fungus. Candida fungus is found in yeast and can result in vaginal yeast infections in pregnant women

Hyperemesis gravidarum: Hyperemesis gravidarum is indicated by symptoms such as15 Weeks Pregnant weight loss, vomiting, faintness, and severe nausea. The causes of this condition are largely unknown. Treatment involves drinking electrolyte-rich fluids and eating a bland diet with foods such as crackers and toast.

Nuchal scan or screening: Nuchal scans (also known as nuchal translucency) is a procedure that uses sonographic prenatal information to observe and possibly detect cardiovascular-related abnormalities in fetuses. Nuchal scans can also be used in the detection of issues with lymphatic draining and impaired extracellular matrix compositions

Cool Things to Know about 15 Weeks Pregnant

  • When you hear a baby cry, your body can release oxytocin and undergo an involuntary response and start to contract your milk-production cells
  • 30% of pregnant women experience nasal congestion
  • Your baby actually inhales and exhales amniotic fluid (which is largely made of urine), which assists in the development of the respiratory system.
  • Your baby’s eyes are still closed at this point in your pregnancy, but they are able to sense light
  • Your baby is urinating every 45 minutes
  • Next week at the 16th-week mark, male fetuses can begin getting erections

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