12 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


At the 12th week of your pregnancy, you will have become well acclimated with experiencing the hustle and bustle of your baby’s transformative progress taking place within the confines of your body. The last few weeks of your pregnancy have been marked by its rushed pace; thebaby will have undergone multiple transformations at a rapid-fire place, culminating in properly positioned organs, muscles, bones, limbs, and genitalia.

With the situating of your baby’s vital organs and assemblage of body parts, your hormones will now. As a result decrease, thus resulting in your experience of many pregnancy symptoms.

Now as big as a plum, your baby measures approximately a little over two inches and12 week pregnant weighs in at just about .50 ounces. With the procurement of all their most vital organs, your baby’s ongoing transformation will now be centered around its growth to a full-sized fetus.

It’s eye-opening for many women to realize that at their twelfth week of pregnancy, they are essentially three months pregnant. Well past many of the hurdles presented in the months prior, the vast majority of pregnant women will experience a surge in energy, stamina, and well-being with a marked reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety.

Read on below to learn more about the many transformational processes your baby is experiencing along with valuable information about the emergence of new pregnancy symptoms that many women will experience during their twelfth week of pregnancy and beyond.

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Uterus Your uterus will now be protruding well above the pubic bone area
Areolae The skin surrounding your nipples may significantly darken in color
Skin tone and health You may experience the emergence of assorted spots and freckles on various parts of your body. Often occurring for pregnant women are dark brownish and patchy splotches on their face
Heartburn May increase in frequency as a result of fluctuating progesterone levels
Drooling (especially while sleeping) Resulting from hormonal variations, excessive saliva can make women drool during their sleep
Nosebleeds Perfectly normal and not cause for alarm, nosebleedsis a common twelfth-week symptom that emerges seemingly out of nowhere and is a result of hormones
Vaginal discharge The clearish milky discharge you are experiencing may increase in frequency but is not cause for alarm, as it is a necessary process to protect your body from infection


Note: Yellow, pink, brown, or green discharge is abnormal and is cause to contact your doctor right away as it may be indicative of serious infection or other malady

Headaches and migraines For many women, headaches and migraines may either begin to occur or intensify in comparison to levels experienced in previous weeks


Resulting from a wide range of possibilities, headaches and migraines can be caused by any of the following: shifting hormonal levels, blood sugar drops, lack of hydration, too much stress, and not enough sleep.

Dizziness Due to changes in blood pressure as well as shifting hormones, you may experience significant dizzy spells in your twelfth week of pregnancy.


To help mitigate this issue, ensure that you are eating regularly, staying hydrated, and remember to rise from sitting positions slowly and steadily

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 12 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Your baby’s development in the twelfth week of pregnancy is marked by a wide range of exciting elements, with the development of reflexes among the most dramatic. With their newly developed reflex abilities, your baby is moving, stretching, kicking, dancing and wiggling around as they test out their brand-new abilities.

Concurrent to reflex development is the transformation of your baby’s skeletal cartilage turning into hard, durable bone. Meanwhile, your baby is undergoing a multitude of other exciting changes described below in the table.

Your baby’s intestines: Properly positioned intestines growing at a rapid rate result in a clear protrusion into the umbilical cord but slowly begin their descent back into the abdominalcavity area Your baby’s muscles: The muscles that your baby has formed are now just beginning to respond to their brain.


Concurrently growing, your baby’s muscles and brain develop in synchronicity to enable such movements as clenching and unclenching of the fists, twisting of the elbows and wrists, and bending of the arms.

Your baby’s fingers and toes: All nails on the fingers and toes are now clearly visible, and soon their fingers will begin to open and close and curl as they practice their first-hand movements Your baby’s facial features: Quickly coming into sharper, clearerfocusare its lips and eyebrows
Your baby’s appearance: By this time, your baby will appear nearly entirely human with properly positioned eyes and ears.


(Cool fact: Your baby’s eyes were previously located on the sides of their head and its ears in the neck region)

Your baby’s brain development:Developing at incredible speed, your baby’s brain undergoes an immense increase of nerve cell accumulation while also creating essential hormones.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 12 Weeks Pregnant

  • During the twelfth week of pregnancy, many debilitating symptoms such as morning sickness and nausea will have abated – regardless, it is critically important that you continue to exercise, practice relaxation techniques, and eat a healthy diet
  • Ignore advice to take large doses of Vitamin A to help mitigate headache and migraine symptoms. Excessive Vitamin A can damage the liver and cause myriad pregnancy issues
  • Consider genetic testing to determine the risk factor of birth defects, particularly if you are 35 years of age or older
  • Breakfast is vitally important for you and your baby and provides you with an opportunity to obtain many essential nutrients such as folate, calcium vitamin C and a range of B vitamins.

To-Do List and Reminders at 12 Weeks Pregnant

  • Have a dating scan: Performed by a sonographer to check the accuracy of your due 12 Weeks Pregnantdate via the measuring of the size of the fetus
  • Request a copy of ultrasound scan pictures of your baby to save for future mementos
  • Inquire about antenatal classes to learn how to prepare for your impending labor, birth, and the tribulations of early parenthood
  • Decide where you will be giving birth
  • Schedule your sixteen-week prenatal visit
  • Stock up on healthy, nutrient-dense pregnancy food
  • Schedule a visit with your dentist – hormones can wreak havoc on your teeth and result in bleeding gums along with other problems


Dating scan: Checks the accuracy of your due date by measuring the current size of your fetus in relation to the time elapsed in your pregnancy term

Antenatal classes: Critically important preparatory classes that help you and your partner ready yourselves for the labor and birthing processes and early parenthood experiences

Cool Things to Know

  • At the third month (twelfth week) of pregnancy, risk of miscarriage decreases immensely
  • At twelve weeks, your belly will have a noticeably telltale pregnancy bump
  • Between the twelfth and thirteenth week of pregnancy is the earliest that it becomes 12 Weeks Pregnantpossible to determine if you are having a boy or a girl. Far more likely to occur, however, is that you will be finding out your baby’s sex at around week 20 at your mid-pregnancy
  • Between 12 and 13 weeks is the very earliest a boy or girl could possiblybe seen on an ultrasound, and the anatomy is still difficult to make out with any certainty. Your OB or technician is much more likely to be able to see baby’s gender at the mid-pregnancy scan (also known as a mid-pregnancy anomaly scan)

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