Top 10 Most Searched Summer Destinations In 2018


Summertime or rather summer vacationing no matter how cliché it is is the best time of the year. Although vacation spots seem to be more overcrowded and prices of items are pushed higher the stunning summer destinations still have us scrambling for a share of fun times. We never get tired of the smell of sunscreen, getting our bodies tanned, grilled meat, and the loud music seeping through our windows while on a road trip. Therefore, in honor of the intoxicating idea of summer vacation, here is a list of the most searched summer destinations this year.

Top 10 Hottest Summer Vacations in Summer 

1. Dubai

Most Searched Summer Destinations

Dubai is without a doubt the ultimate summer holiday destination for a growing number of tourists. You may wonder why the significant awe in Dubai. Well, ask those who’ve been there. They will tell you that in a nutshell, Dubai is impressive even when you consider the number of people who flock their airports. From the tallest building in the world, Burj Al Khalifa, the largest shopping Centre in the world the Dubai mall, and to its iconic construction projects, Dubai is the place to be.

For instance, the Box Park in Jumeirah is a town like no other. Imagine shops built with containers that give it an ultramodern look. You can take your family and friends there for a luxurious outing because there are a lot of alternatives to pick from. With high-end boutiques, a very urban vibe and feel to it and an opportunity to indulge in tantalizing cuisines, and the Nikki beach hotel that brings the Miami vibe; it’s a no-brainer why many are intrigued by Dubai.

But in the midst of Dubai’s glitz and glam, we may forget that it has a historical aspect to it. There is pearl fishing, spice and trading that is ingrained in Dubai’s history and the Dubai Historical district is a perfect depiction of their culture.

Therefore, visit Dubai for its amazing skyline, its diverse culture, its food variety and more.

2. Hawaii

most searched summer vacation destnation

Hawaii is always a dream holiday vacation spot for most people. It is estimated that more than 8-million travelers are expected to visit Hawaii. The tourists will spend an average of 9-10 days touring the islands and they spend billions. So why is Hawaii a ‘hot cake’ when it comes to summer holiday destinations? Firstly, its weather is very conducive for vacationing. A fundamental priority when searching for a holiday destination is the type of weather in the region. Considering that summertime is when people let loose and play hard, you wouldn’t want to be cramped up in your hotel room binge watching because the weather is too cold to go outside.

Hawaii maintains a steady temperature throughout the year despite the summer and winter seasons that are experienced in the islands. The islands green vegetation is due to the light rains in the islands whereas in other areas of the island the sun is still shinning. The friendly locals have also promoted Hawaii as a favorite tourist summer destination. Heard of the term “Aloha”? Well, besides Hawaiians being the most welcoming due to their booming tourism industry that has created employment for them, the “Aloha spirit” is the main reason for their friendliness. The “Aloha spirit” is a law that they observe.

Besides the above, Hawaii has a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking beaches and oceans, amazing food, intriguing history, and stunning landscapes.

3. Bora Bora

Bets Summer Destinations

If you are thinking of visiting Bora Bora be ready for the heat, rain and hot sun. This is a tropical region and summertime is normally the rainy season in Bora Bora. The summer period stays from the end of November all the way to march. During the summer more wetness, humidity and heat are experienced when compared to its winter season.

However, from January to April and in November and December the sea temperature is the warmest. Therefore, you can take part in watersports activities such as snorkeling in the warm lagoons. Remember to carry protective gear and sunscreens during this period because the sun can really bite.

Besides snorkeling, go for a ride with a boat along the islands, try jet skiing, take a local beer and even watching the sunset can be a lot relaxing.

4. Miami

best summer destinations

Miami is a city that is famous because of the many celebrities and party lovers who frequent this place. However, Miami is a classic summer destination for even the average person. Its welcoming all year round weather has made Miami burst with a diverse group of people who flock here to indulge its melting pot of activities. There are literally hundreds of things to do in Miami. From their luxurious restaurants, clubs, and bars, museums and more, you are one lucky traveler.

There is a wide range of amazing hotels to choose from that have great packages and scenic views. Also, Miami is blessed with wide stretches of sand that you could have only imagined. Their beaches are spectacular and you can keep fit there while enjoying the views.

Miami is also lenient with its dressing code as you can wear only a bikini and walk in the streets. You can go on shopping sprees and grab some lunch along the popular Miracle Mile (Coral Gables). Additionally, consider taking a dip in the ancient Venetian pool. And for the animal lovers, visit the jungle island to get a glimpse of the exotic animals that Miami has to offer.

5. The Bahamas

Easy Finding Summer Destinations

The Bahamas brags of warm weather, fantastic shopping deals, a plethora of activities to do and scenic geographical views. Tourists are in love with the comfort and the all-inclusive package deals that the resorts offer besides s their on-site activities. Nature lovers are thrilled when touring the breathtaking reefs and its wildlife reserves. Although the Bahamas has over 700 islands, most tourists opt to stay at Nassau because of their high-end resorts. Others choose to stay in the northwest region in Grand Bahama so that they are closer to the center of eco-tourism while others prefer a simpler life at the outer islands.

Visitors can tour the two famous white sand beaches which are the Cabbage Beach and the Cable Beach. A visit to the Big Major Cay Island will have you experiencing a beach with a couple of pigs that are very welcoming to tourists. For the sporting junkies, go check out the Atlantis Resort Waterpark situated on Paradise Island. Here you can swim with the dolphins and sharks or play golf.

The Bahamas also boasts of stunning historic sites, a vibrant nightlife and great shopping outlets for the shopping fanatic.

6. Amsterdam

best summer vacation destinations

Amsterdam is a very lively city come rain or sunshine and it is packed with things to suit any personal taste and style. Summer in Amsterdam is the place you would wish to be at. Activity peaks during this time of the year whereas the streets, parks, and canals are flocked with thousands of people. Amsterdam is like the epitome of destinations for festivities. Every weekend there is a festival that they celebrate. With over 300 festivals hosted each year, summer takes the bulk of it. Such festivals include cultural carnivals, foodie festivals, dance festivals and more.

Ever thought of enjoying a barbeque with family and friends at the park? Well, Amsterdam has some parks that can make that happen. However, you should confirm first before you light up a barbeque in parks that are prohibited.

Amsterdam also has many fantastic terraces like its swish rooftops and Bohemian Beaches for your pleasure. Considering the City’s temperature can be freezing most times, they should be applauded for their great al fresco drinking and dining. Bars and restaurants go outdoors when the sun shines so you will see many flocking such places for a great time under the warm rays of the sun.

7. Virginia Beach

best summer vacation destinations

Virginia Beach’s emerald beaches, unique local art, farm-fresh cuisine and rich historical heritage make it a must-visit destination, especially during summer. For travelers from the East Coast, getting there is no hustle especially when you are coming from New York or Washington DC.

The city is endowed with three classy beach areas. The Sandbridge Beach is one of them. It is situated just 15 minutes at the south of resort beach and it is in the midst of Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and the Atlantic Ocean. And on the South of Resort Beach is the Chesapeake Bay Beach which is close to Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant and Crabhouse found on the dockside. Here you can enjoy watching the sunset as you indulge yourself in the delicious seafood.

Virginia Beach is also an excellent place for outdoor adventures. Not just sunbathing at the beach, go kayaking through the serene Back Bay wildlife refuge and end the excursion with a seafood meal at Blue Pete’s restaurant. Take a fitness class called a SUP Barre class or go to New Earth Farm Food Lab if you are a nature lover, there are fantastic culinary projects that will tickle your fancy.

8. Catalina Island

summer vacations destinations

Catalina Island is the gives the feeling of a faraway island but it is only a short journey to arrive there and you can reach there by boat. Consider riding a boat to reach this island from Long Beach, Dana Point, San Pedro Newport Beach to arrive at Avalon a fantastic tourist hub on the southeastern shore.

For the Golf and Golf cart lovers, this is the heart of golf carts. Actually, very few people own cars so golf carts are used as a means of transport. California law has restrictions when it comes to the number and sizes of cars in the main city Avalon. This is because Avalon is only one square mile in size making it quite reasonable to tour the city by riding golf carts or on foot.

Catalina also has exquisite villas such as the Hamilton Cove villas that are among the best places to stay there. Providing picturesque views and great amenities, these stunning condos can be rented through the Catalina Island Vacation Rentals. Check them out when you are searching for the best accommodation places.

Besides a favorable Mediterranean climate that draws in tourists, Catalina has a way of bewitching travelers. Its exquisite nature, charm and intriguing history keep the visitors coming and hoping to stay for more. Therefore, come visit Catalina for its gorgeous beaches, scenic landscapes, luxurious romantic packages, its festivities and so much more.

9. Ocean City, Maryland

summer vacation destinations

Ocean City is famous for its mile-long boardwalk and stunning beaches. However, there is a whole treasure trove of activities and adventures in the heart of Ocean City. Not only is it great during summer but all year round it has something in store for family, thrill seekers, friends and those in search of a relaxing vacation.

For your family, a lot of fun awaits them. From the movies on the beach, Sunday concerts inclusive of making your own Ice cream sundae, to free laser light shows, Ocean City never has a dull day. Take part in its free activities at its park, indulge in its watersports activities, explore their arts and go witness the Sunfest and Springfest festivities. You will wish to prolong your stay here.

10. Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island in Michigan State is hidden treasure galore. Travelers and families flock here for its slow-paced atmosphere whereby the island has no cars which allow visitors to move leisurely at their own pace. The island is indeed a breath of fresh air.

At Mackinac, you can’t leave without tasting their world-class fudge. With many flavors to choose from, you will wonder why other desserts never tasted that good. A couple of shops sell the fudge so you need to try each and find the one that suits you.

Since the island has no cars, there are some ways of moving around and not just footing. You can hop on a horse-drawn carriage that is a classy way to drop you at your destination or rather you can opt to ride a bike which is also fun.

The island also has amazing museums, scenic landscapes and an authentic culture that is very refreshing.


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