Pregnancy from pre cum on the first time

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Niamh Allanson-Campbell asked 2 months ago

So I had sex for the first time and, because we were drunk and stupid, the guy didn’t wear a condom. He didn’t cum because he was drunk, and he hadn’t cum previously to this that night so I was wondering what the probability is of pregnancy. 
I am on day 35 of my cycle and still nothing, though this is not that unusual for me as my periods are quite irregular and my cycle has been over 40 days before. My stressing over pregnancy might just be making it late as well.
From what I’ve read, not all men actually have motile sperm in their precum, and for those that have it is about 3 million, whereas normal ejaculate is about 100 million. Some people have said that the precum actually only carries along previously ejaculated sperm, and he hadn’t cum earlier that night so I might just be stressing over nothing.
If anyone wants to give any help/advice it would be welcome!