Clearblue Pregnancy Test

The primary question that strikes our brain is that, why have a pregnancy test have to be done at an early stage? When a lady suspects she may be pregnant, she needs a result, she might be positive about and follow up on. That is the reason all Clearblue pregnancy tests convey over 99% accuracy to determine the pregnancy test accurately.

Clear blue is clinically tested and works on the guideline of ideal increment of the Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone or HCG in the blood and in addition, the pee.

Pregnancy detection using HCG

The hormone HCG is delivered in early pregnancy stages and assist in  corpus luteum survival and has a important significance in the implantation of the blastocyst and shield the embryo.HCG levels rise significantly and can be detected in early 9-10 days after conception making HCG a perfect urinary marker for rapidly and precisely surveying, whether a lady is pregnant or not.

Clearblue-easy-to-use-300x123Tests can be utilized up to 4 prior days, before  the expected period

Research demonstrates that pregnancy HCG levels reach no less than 50 milli-International Units for every milliliter (Miu/ml) on the day a pregnant lady’s period is due,5-7  days If a Clearblue Pregnancy Test is utilized from the day the period is expected, it is more than 99% precise in identifying pregnancy.Whilst Clearblue suggests that ladies test from the day the period is expected, the high affectability of Clearblue Pregnancy Tests, likewise implies that pregnancy might be recognized up to 4 prior days the period is expected for ladies who wish to test early .The test is absolutely accurate

Advantages of clear blue include:

Digital results give more exact readings compared with traditional testing.Clear Blue Indicator contains an optical per user, which gives clear perfect results, it affirms ladies with many benefits including:


  • It is dependable – focused around settled innovation and the latest technology
  • It affirms, whether a lady is pregnant with in excess of 99% precision from the day the period is due.
  • It is one of a kind, clear blue is the only pregnancy test that can gauge the time since ovulation
  • It is touchy enough to be utilized up to 4 prior days the period is due,hence giving a detailed outline of the whole pregnancy process
  • It concurs 98% with estimation of gestational maturing by standard ultrasound
  • It is simple and helpful to utilize, I believe Clearblue is the world’s number one offering brand in home pregnancy and richness testing
  • It gives detailed results tests instantly whether positive or negative making it fast and efficient


In the event that you have had a miscarriage recently, 9 weeks before, the levels of hcg in your body could provide you a false “Pregnant” result. Also, if you have taken fertility drugs that contain hcg in recent 14 days, those can likewise provide for you a false “Pregnant” result. Positive and accurate results will be achieved once instructions and guideline are followed keenly.Depending with the user different results may vary significantly.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test: A Brief Introduction

Wondfo Pregnancy test is not just like other pregnancy tests but it is somewhat a different type of test that is a choice for a lot of women and yet some other women choose other over this. The Wondfo pregnancy test just like a quickvue test checks on the hCG level in your urine and gives you a result accordingly. If the level of hCG is higher than 25 mIU/ml.

hCG levels will go higher on your body as soon as you miss your period but you will have to wait for atleast a week to understand whether it is time for you to take a test. The reason for this is that even after a women’s egg has been fertilized by the sperm of her partner, it will take around 4 weeks for it to get to the fallopian tubes. Only after this it will get into the uterus. This will take sometimes and only after this the hCG is relased to your body which increases the hCG levels in your urine too. This is when you need to take a test for the pregnancy. It won’t give you the right results if you take the test before the right time.

To see if you are pregnant, you can collect your sample urine in a cup provided for the test. You can pour two to three drops of your urine on to the testing pad and wait for its result. There are two zones for the Wondfo test. One is the control zone and the other is the test zone. The control zone shows a line immediately after the urine has been poured. If this happens, it means that the test is working and no errors are there in the tester. Then if this does not show as per the given guidelines, you need to choose another one for the test.

In the test zone, if the line appears, that means that you are pregnant. You may have to wait for as long as 5 minutes to see the accurate results and don’t be so fast to judge the results.

The reason for women preferring Wondfo tests are that there not just one tests but a number of them when you buy Wondfo as a package. This means that you can keep on testing until you feel that you have acquired the satisfaction for the result.
Another reason for women preferring this is it’s cheapness. It is cheap and affordable and same time is of good quality that you get. Hence there is no bad at all in preferring the Wondfo Pregnancy test over the others.

Hence it’s pretty much time for you to have the pregnancy test and if it shows a positive result, you are pretty much about to meet the doctor for the real tests based on it. But however mostly the Wondfo tests are right and only seldom does it gets a wrong results and that could be due to either the wrong following of instructions or a faulty piece.

When Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Are You Familiar with Some Pregnancy Symptoms?

If you are thinking if there is a possibility that you are pregnant, the best way to know is to take a pregnancy test. But there are few early signs of pregnancy that can tell you that you are possibly pregnant.

The early signs of pregnancy among women

Every woman differs, especially when it comes to pregnancy experience. Not every woman experiences the same signs from one pregnancy to another. This is because early signs of pregnancy are similar to PMS and during the period.  These are some of the most common early signs of pregnancy and you need to become familiar with those, so that you will know if you are pregnant or not through these signs.

Spotting and stomach cramps

Days after the conception, the fertilized egg fastens itself to the wall of the uterus. This can make the early signs of pregnancy like spotting and stomach cramps.  This is called implantation bleeding and it happens from 6-12 weeks just after the fertilization of the egg. The cramps is similar to the menstrual cramps, so some mistakenly think that the bleeding for the start of the period. The bleeding and the cramps are not heavy though.

Aside from bleeding, a woman will notice a white and creamy discharge coming from the vagina. This is in lieu of the thickening of the walls of the vagina, which will start right after the conception. The growth of the cell linings in the vagina also causes the discharge. This may go on during the entire pregnancy, but this is harmless and it will not require treatment. But if you sense that there is a bad smell coming from the discharge or if there is a burning sensation. You can tell your doctor, so that he/she can check if you have a yeast or bacterial infection.

Changes in the breast

Tenderness of the breast is another sign of pregnancy. The hormone level of a woman changes quickly right after conception. This is because of the changes of her breasts that may grow into swollen and sore just after a week or 2. You may even feel breast fullness or it will feel tender when touched. The areola will also grow dark.  There are still other things that can change the breast, but if the changes are not early signs of pregnancy, you need to accept that it may take weeks to get used to the new levels of hormones. The breast pain may ease up after sometime.

Feeling of tiredness

The feeling of tiredness is just normal in pregnancy. A woman may feel very tired just after conceiving. This is because it is usually linked to a higher level of hormone that is called progesterone, even if other things like lower levels of blood sugar, low blood pressure and boost in blood production.

When will pregnancy signs start?

Pregnancy may be confirmed by using a pregnancy test even before you missed out your 1st period cycle. It was observed that in some women, they are reported with signs as early as first week of conception and that may be different from the classic signs like vomiting.

Positive Pregnant Test, Now What?

You missed your periods, and you did a test for pregnancy which came out positive. You are now about to visit your doctor for prenatal care. Early pregnancy is absolutely a matter for concern and you need to make sure that you are taking great care of yourself and your baby who’s just gotten inside you.

Prenatal Care

Even before you meet your doctor, it is not a big deal to call upon the doctor and the hospital staffs in case you have any sorts of doubts related with the early pregnancy or even pregnancy as it is. They are all used with such questions and you don’t have to worry about them hearing your question for the first time in their life. Hence whatever doubt or confusions that might come along while you are on your pregnancy needs to be cleared and should be left without any dark corners.


It’s pretty hard in choosing what foods you like and dislike while you are on your pregnancy. But however it is good to keep a note of which all foods you need to avoid without any consideration of having them during the pregnancy.

Seafood that contains high levels of mercury:

Sea foods contain high levels of mercury, and hence avoiding them is the only option you have in order for the safety of you as well as your baby. It can cause nervous damage to you as well as deformations to the baby.


You should never even touch alcohol while you are at your pregnancy period. It’s important for the better health of the mother as well as the baby inside. It is not something that can be taken as casual because Alcohol just like it affects us can affect the baby’ s brains and other organs which are only on its way to generation.

Sea food that is half boiled or undercooked:

Sea food that is undercooked creates digestive problems and infections inside the stomach which might create a real situation inside your stomach while you are pregnant. Hence it is always suggestible to avoid such sea foods.

Meat, Eggs and Poultry that are undercooked:

Meat, Eggs and Poultries can contain harmful amounts of bacteria and viruses that might or might not be a problem for the mother but could be a 100% problem for the child inside. Hence this needs to be avoided. You can never be sure whether something is healthy or not healthy. Hence you need to be careful about it.

Apart from these avoid foods that would reduce blood pressure, avoid too much sugar consumption and absolutely avoid spicy foods. Avoid junk foods for the fact that they may not be well treated or contains chemicals that might affect your baby in the womb.
If you take care of all these, you are pretty much closer to having a healthy baby.

Ectopic Pregnancies

An ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy, happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself outside the womb around the Fallopian tubes or even the cervix. It is a decently normal condition, influencing 1 of every 50 pregnancies universally. It often happens in the first weeks of pregnancy. Instead of celebrating the new pregnancy, mothers should instantly seek emergency medical treatment.

It’s essential for each lady to realize what an ectopic pregnancy is and how to perceive ectopic pregnancy side effects.

Factors  that make an ectopic pregnancy more probable:

  • Contamination in the womb, Fallopian tubes or ovaries (pelvic incendiary infection) or aggravation of the Fallopian tubes, is one of the main causes
  • Taking fertility drugs to fortify ovulation has also contributed to this pregnancy
  • An unusually moulded Fallopian tube, whether characteristic or from scarring after surgery
  • Sexual transmitted germs in diseases such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia can contribute to (EP)
  • Birth control measures such as intrauterine devices (IUD), a form of birth control can also cause this ailment, bringing sad and painful side effects
  • A past ectopic pregnancy can bring the danger increments from one in 100 to one in 10 in the event that you have had an ectopic pregnancy some time recently.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

It is regularly the case that ladies who have an ectopic pregnancy don’t encounter any side effects and the condition is just unnoticed at an early stage. A medical scan reveals the danger or if the Fallopian tube cracks, leading to blood stains

Symptoms normally show up between weeks five and 14 of the pregnancy and include:

  • Persistent and serious agony on one side of the stomach area
  • Vaginal draining that is either bright or dull red in shade, which begins and stops. The draining can regularly be confused for an ordinary monthly period.
  • Pain where the shoulder closures and the arm starts, normally happening when resting. This could be a sign that the ectopic pregnancy is creating an internal unusual breeding. It is suspected that the draining disturbs a nerve in the stomach bringing about alluded agony in the shoulder.
  • Pain when passing pee or stools
  • Diarrhoea and retching
  • Feeling dizzy could be an indication of ‘collapse’, a genuine side effect of an ectopic pregnancy. This can happen if the Fallopian tube has burst, bringing about hazardous inner breeding. Different side effects of the breakdown can make patient feel sick and an extraordinary heart rate.
  • Light vaginal bleeding is one of the first signs that one has to seek medical advice immediately to avoid hemorrhaging (severe bleeding) and to preserve your health and fertility.


Unfortunately, the child can’t be spared in an ectopic pregnancy. On the other hand, if a patient is diagnosed before the Fallopian tube bursts, the pregnancy could be securely ended through pharmaceutical or surgery.

In the event that the pregnancy is  gentle or non-existent, it could be better to delay treatment and keenly watch the improvement to allow self termination avoiding surgery

In case the Fallopian tube bursts, emergency surgery will be required and this frequently implies the Fallopian tube must be removed. Internal breeding can indicate fatal, Few patients suffering this condition merely survive