EPT Pregnancy Test Reviews/Results

The Error Proof Test, also known as the EPT Test, guarantees that your result is precise and simple to read. When you take an Error Proof Test pregnancy test, you can rest knowing the test is error proof as the name suggests. Ladies love EPT and have been purchasing this pregnancy test for decades.Now this is the ideal time to use this error free pregnancy kit for perfect results. With different varieties of pregnancy kits available in the market, EPT ensures better and accurate results.

The EPT Pregnancy Test

You have two decisions while taking an EPT test. You can pick the reliable standard test, which offers an in addition positive or negative signs  accordingly, or you can pick the computerized test. The computerized test basically utilizes the words, “pregnant” and “not pregnant” to display the results. It’s secure and simple to read.

EPT Pregnancy Test Accuracy

In the same way as other of the pregnancy tests available, the Error Proof Test is delicate enough to let you know whether you are pregnant up to five days earlier. In any case, you hold up until the next morning, that you missed your period to take the test, your results are 99 percent exact and error free. Testing five days early means you have marginally more than a 50 percent possibility of accurate result. The purpose behind, this is your body. Each lady is distinctive,this implies that some ladies deliver enough of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) sooner than others, permitting them to see a positive result early. Other ladies, on the other hand, don’t create enough of the hormone (hcg)early enough for a positive result five prior days their missed period.

The EPT pregnancy test is more delicate than numerous different tests available in the stores. This implies that regardless of the fact that you don’t get a positive result five prior days your period, it will even identify lower levels of hcg in urine, which implies the possibility of being pregnant.

The most effective method to Use The EPT Pregnancy Test

Both the standard and the advanced test are not difficult to utilize. You can pick between holding the permeable tip of the pregnancy test in your urine or urinating in a mug and dipping in. Whichever way you decide to test, you ought to dependably read the guidelines keenly. Regardless the last negative test, all pregnancy tests works a little in an unexpected way. This implies that the measure of time the test must be dipped in the urine may vary.

When you take the test, lay it on the counter in an upward position. So be mindful as to never flip around the test, this can contradict the results. when using the standard test, you will see a sign indicating whether you are pregnant or not. The second test show ought to have one line, which just tells you that the test is in the expected condition. While using the  computerized test, the words on the showcase will let you know whether you are pregnant or not pregnant.

EPT Pregnancy Test Review

Ladies who utilize the EPT test are content with the results. It’s delicate enough to work early, simple to utilize, and the directions are clear and brief. Most ladies prefer EPT, for a dependable pregnancy test that is true and straightforward.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves


There are various ways to tell if a woman is pregnant or not. For several years in the past, women have had their way of knowing if they are pregnant or not.  During those times, dandelion has been famous when it comes to checking if a woman is pregnant or not. They do this by means of checking through the dandelion leaves. First, you need to pick the dandelion and then place it inside a cup. While doing this, the leaves shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Dandelion leaves as a pregnancy test

When you are done picking the leaves, you need to pour the urine in a plastic cup with the dandelion leaves and make sure that all the leaves are soaked in the urine. Wait for 10 minutes and check if there are red blisters in the leaves. If there are red blisters there, this means that you are pregnant, but if there is none, then it means you are not pregnant.   Do you believe in herbs or natural remedies? Are you among those who are looking for a plant to answer your concern?

Dandelion might just be the best answer to your concern. You must have heard of homemade pregnancy tests that concerns strip pregnancy kits. You might have an idea about them and then decipher if they are really reliable in providing you the result that you need and not the result that you want.  The use of bleach in a test is very risky and it’s hard to risk the safety of your baby if you are really pregnant. There is a fume that will be emitted by the mixing the urine and the bleach, so this is not an advisable idea.

Dandelion as a pregnancy test will provide you with a safe and different kind of experience in terms of checking if you are pregnant or not. It is so easy to use and you can even find dandelion leaves at your backyard.  If you want to try, you can get the stems and the leaves and there is no harm in trying though. You can place them in a plastic container and then pour the urine in the cup. You have to wait for a while until the leaves turn red that is if you are pregnant, but if you are not, it will not change its color.  Dandelion leaves are safe to use compared to bleach and vinegar.

But of course, it hasn’t been proven by science to be effective in determining if a woman is pregnant or not. Later on you will still need the help of the over the counter pregnancy test kit to help you know if you are really pregnant or not. buying a pregnancy test kit will not make you devastated with the results or at least you will not be confused with the results compared to using the dandelion leaves wherein you don’t know if the result is accurate or not.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Reviews

With so many available pregnancy kits available in the market one of the basic consideration many ladies use when buying a pregnancy test is the survey and reviews of other ladies who’ve utilized the test earlier.

Positive women reviews after using Clearblue pregnancy test includes:

  • Last winter I Used another pregnancy test and I couldn’t tell whether it was positive or negative reading the faint lines. My spouse said he thought it was certain, however, I was not persuaded. That night, we purchased a Clearblue digital test and chose to utilize it when we returned home. When the screen changed to “Pregnant” we were joyful and there was no doubt about the result. We now have an excellent 5 month old baby and exceptionally affectionate with Clearblue. Thanks Clearblue.

  • I took this test when I was just 3 weeks pregnant for my daughter… I wasn’t late for my period but, I simply had an inclination that I pregnant… I took the first test during the evening, which turned out with a dark line and a second line that was light. The next morning I took the other test again, and the same thing happened so, I called the clear blue customer service number on the cover of the container. She asked me  a couple of questions and afterward affirmed  me that I was indeed pregnant…. I was so energized and terrified at the same time. Thanks to clear blue and the team for effective customer service.Am now 4 months pregnant.


Negative women reviews –

  • Last month I purchased a clear blue pregnancy test. Yesterday, I just returned from the doctor’s office and found out that I am not pregnant, despite the positive results from Clearblue. I tested the kit  twice , reading positive results. This test obviously needs to go back  to the chemistry lab for further analysis. After two miscarriages, this is a tremendous disappointment.

  • I have been attempting to conceive for 13 years now, I got a flu 3 weeks back and simply felt I was pregnant so, I went and purchased a Clearblue digital pregnancy test.

Well, I took the test first thing in the morning and it indicated “pregnant.” I was extremely     happy but, I needed to make sure before I told people outside my  family. So I had a blood test and the results were ” Negative”. I’m so tired of this enthusiastic roller coaster called Clearblue. I contacted them about the issue and they ordered me to send the kit to their lab for audit, Till now no results yet. It appears I’m not by any means the only one under this misery, I think they should re-test the item until the approval stage is over.


Depending with many different women, clear blue pregnancy test can be effective or ineffective depending on how strict you follow the guidelines and procedures. It’s advisable, to always buy the test kit that meets your needs and budget.

Why Menstrual Periods Aren’t the Most Reliable Indicators

Early Pregnancy Signs before Missed Period

Women will not have their periods every time they are pregnant, but this is not the case all the time. Oftentimes, women experience lighter menstrual period. There are also cases wherein women seem to have their period all throughout pregnancy. There are reasons behind why they experience early pregnancy symptoms before missed period even before they do the tests.  A lot of women have experienced a point wherein their periods are not always regular. Others just use their intuition that there is more behind their missed period.

Women know what is going on with their bodies and they are very much aware of the changes that are taking place. The fatigue feeling or feeling of sickness every morning are signs of pregnancy along with spotting. The bleeding oftentimes makes a woman worry, especially when the color of the blood goes darker than the usual color. Bleeding is an early sign of pregnancy and this is called the implantation bleeding. It is one of those common signs of pregnancy that others do not know about. This occurs due to the effort of the embryo in attaching itself to the wall of the uterine. There might also be abdominal cramps that might be mistaken as menstrual cramps that must last for 1-2 days only.

If you will consult a doctor, you will know that when you become pregnant, there shouldn’t be missed periods, but of course there is always an exception to the rule. Women might bleed when they are using birth control pills regularly. Having missed period is just so common among pregnant women. The signs saying that you are pregnant are very common, but not as uncommon as other women, who can go on for weeks without even knowing that they are pregnant.  There are few things associated with the sickly feeling, feeling of stress, weight increase and others when you stop using birth control pills, which might affect your menstrual cycle as well.

Do you know that there are lucky women who went through their pregnancies without nausea, but some missed out some of the most common signs of pregnancy, because they are more focused in dealing with some other signs that are more serious and alarming like heartburn or hot flushes, due to hormonal changes?  Upon knowing that they are pregnant, they will be surprised to know about the good news, since they do not expect that the signs they have had are associated with pregnancy.

The best way to know if you are pregnant or not is to get a home pregnancy test kit and check if you are pregnant or not. These kits were made to measure women’s hCG levels in the urine and deliver a precise result if you are pregnant or not. if you still have doubts after checking with the pregnancy kit, you can call your doctor to discuss the matter. You will be enlightened as soon as you have discussed the matter with your doctor.

Drano Gender Prediction Test

After a woman has accurately tested positive for being pregnant, the next big question is “what’s the gender?” There is a lot of work to do from buying clothes and decorating the baby’s room to telling everyone whether it is a boy or girl.

The Drano Gender Test is a test that many women state is highly accurate, but is this the truth?

We’re going to take a good look at the Drano test and see if it really works, or if it’s simply a myth.

What is a Drano

Drano is typically a strain cleaner item created by Utes. C. Johnson & Boy. Depending upon the Countrywide Organizations of Health’s Household Products Repository, your exceptionally kind comprises of salt hydroxide, salt nitrate, ocean salt chloride and aluminium.

How the Test Works

Your favorite product to remove drain clogs, Drano is used in the test; yes the same chemical-ridden product under your bathroom sink. The chemicals that make up Drano are the key to gender prediction.

This is what you’ll want to do to perform the test yourself:

  • Fill a cup with Drano.
  • Urinate directly into the cup or another cup with no liquid.
  • Mix your urine in with the Drano.

That is all you have to do. Now, you’re supposed to wait to see if the color of the Drano turns brown or blue. If the color is blue, this means that you’re having a girl, and if it is brown, it means you’re having a boy.

The issue is that there is no set of instructions or time to wait to see if the color changes.

For the most part, you’re left waiting and hoping that the mixture changes colors. Who came up with the test? No one is really sure. It seems odd that anyone would think to mix their urine with a drain cleaner, but a lot of women have tried the tests themselves.

Does the Test Work?

Research has shown that the test does not work despite claims found online. The issue is that the chemicals found in a woman’s urine have not shown with any consistency to be able to change the color of Drano to determine the gender of a child.

All of the research points to this method being completely inaccurate.

There are also varying claims that if the chemicals bubble up in the mixture, a woman is having a girl. The colors that are listed with most of the tests are completely contradicting. Some of the online instructions say that red indicates a girl and green indicates a boy. Others say green indicates a girl – it’s very confusing.

The truth is that if the solution does change to green or yellow, which makes sense because of the color of urine, the only accurate prediction is that the woman’s kidneys are functioning. Since these two colors will be seen in the mixture anyway, it’s safe to say that there is naturally a 50/50 chance that the test is right – just as much as guess whether “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.”

The Drano Gender Test is Dangerous

Researchers that conduct tests with Drano are often wearing rubber gloves and face masks. Some tests are conducted under ventilation hoods to be able to suck out the fumes that are present with Drano.

Women that are pregnant will not want to be that close to Drano.

By no means should a woman ever urinate directly into a Drano mixture. The high level of toxic fumes can cause harm to the baby. While rare, this can be a major medical mishap, and one that needs to be taken very seriously by any expecting mother.

Thankfully, there are much safer ways to determine the gender of a baby than with a drain cleaner.

Other Gender Predictor Options

There are legitimate gender predictors that are much safer than Drano. Many over-the-counter tests are available that will try to determine the gender of your child.

A few of these tests are:

  • IntelliGender
  • SneakPeek

Both of these tests do not have a 100% accuracy, but they are fairly accurate. SneakPeek states that their test uses DNA to determine the baby’s gender, but the test is expensive at $100.

There are also other “old school” predictions passed down from generation to generation, such as the cravings a woman has to the way the woman is gaining weight during pregnancy. All of these are just as accurate or inaccurate as the Drano test and don’t include any level of harmful chemicals that can potentially harm you or your baby.

Doctors can predict the gender of a child. Using ultrasound technology, a doctor can predict the gender of a baby with an 88% accuracy rate after 20 weeks of pregnancy (5 months). However, there is still a 12% margin of error which, will leave many expecting mothers surprised when their little girl is actually a little boy.

The most accurate form of gender prediction is through DNA testing, which is 100% accurate. There is also the “Jack and Jill” blood test that is performed on maternal blood after 13 weeks of pregnancy with a 99% accuracy rate.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach

It is not a secret that bleach is used at home for whitening stained clothes. Who would think that bleach can also be used as a pregnancy test? Most of you are using bleach to whiten your clothes, so some are thinking how it can be used to check if a woman is pregnant or not. The use of bleach as a home pregnancy test is so simple, all you need to do is to place it in a container and then pour the urine in the same container.

Mix them together and wait for a foamy solution to form. As soon as there is a foamy solution available, this means that the woman is pregnant. This substance is a chemical that is essential for home use, but there are few women who know that this can also be used to test if they are pregnant or not. You can make your very own home pregnancy test by means of using the bleach.

The procedure

  1. You need to arrange the tools that you will use for this activity. You will need a plastic cup, the bleach and the urine. After gathering those things, you can now put the bleach in the cup and then pour the urine over on the bleach. If they will work and you are not pregnant, you will see the mixture bubbling. But if you are pregnant, you will see the mixture foamy. But for you to see these things, you have to wait first for a few minutes. But no one can tell how long the waiting time is.
  1. When pouring the urine over the bleach, you need to put on a mask or you need to keep away from the mixture. This is because the combination of urine and bleach will create a type of gas that will be risky for your health. This type of gas is formed by using the bleach for the pregnant test and that may be harmful for the baby if you are really pregnant.

Other information about the bleach pregnancy test

DIY pregnancy tests at home are available if you want a different method of checking if you are pregnant or not. You can use bleach, which can also be a reliable tool. Those who have heard about it are actually amazed of how bleach can turn into a substance that can be used to test women if she is pregnant or not. For years, the use of bleach as a pregnancy test became famous and because it is also cheap, women can check if they are pregnant without spending much, since they only need to use the bleach in a smaller amount only.

When a woman is pregnant, there is a high amount of hCG that can be found in the urine. This is the one that reacts with the pregnancy tests. When you go to a doctor to check if you are pregnant through a blood sample, the doctor will also look for the hCG in your blood.