Pregnancy brings to light many kinds of issues for different women. One that can be pretty alarming is a rash. When a pregnant woman is suddenly experiencing itching or the presence of a rash on the skin, she might worry that something could be wrong with the baby. Taking to Google or other Internet search engines might only fuel her fears, and unnecessarily so. Rest assured that not every bout of itching and rashes while pregnant is worth worrying over. Read More

DNA Test While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a blissful experience, and it is for many women. For others, it might be a time fraught with frustration, disappointment, and anxiety. For some expectant mommas, the latter stems from not knowing for sure who the father of their baby is. Before casting judgment, understand that this story isn’t as uncommon as most people think it is. Read More

Painting While Pregnant

Can You Paint When You Are Pregnant?

More women are concerned about the answer to this question than you might think. Often, it comes with a desire to paint the nursery for the impending bundle of joy. Sometimes it’s more innocent than that, such as a desire to do crafts or paint Mom’s nails. Some mommies-to-be seriously enjoy pedicures during their pregnancy. Those ankles can swell! Rest assured the answer to this question is yes, it is completely safe to paint while you are pregnant — with a few accommodations that is. Read More


What Does Effaced Mean in Pregnancy?

Having a baby is such a joyous time. Most everyone knows by the time it’s their turn to become a parent that dilation to 10 centimeters is necessary to vaginally birth a baby. Still, some people are often unaware that dilation isn’t the only necessary step. The baby must also move down through the station positions. As the baby presses downward, another process will happen, known as effacement. This process involves softening of the cervix until it is fully effaced. The pressure from the baby’s head causes this to occur. In addition, prostaglandins are released during contractions that help to soften the cervix. Read More

Natural Conception and Improving Your Chances of Successful Pregnancy

Although there is no “miracle pill” available (without a prescription) to help you become pregnant, there is certainly a range of options available to help you conceive naturally.  This article is mostly about preparing your body for pregnancy, and giving your body the best possible chance to become pregnant.

There is a range of products and options available both online and in High Street stores, which you will be able to use in conjunction with other tried and tested methods to help you if you are currently wondering what you can take to help you get pregnant. Read More

What Does a Miscarriage Feel Like?

Miscarriage is one of the most awful experiences any couple can go through. For the woman who must physically and emotionally endure it, it is usually life-altering. One thing’s for sure — no woman ever forgets the baby she was supposed to have and the pregnancy that barely happened. It’s a heartbreaking experience that never finds justification. For some women, they aren’t even sure of what’s happened before it’s over. Read More