FAQ’s about GM Diet

Before anyone goes through a diet, there are common questions that arise and getting the answer to some common questions can help a person on how to prepare and how to succeed in a certain diet plan.

Question 1-

  • Am I allowed to drink coffee or tea?


  • It is just fine to drink herbal teas, but you are not allowed to put some sugar in it. Stevia is the only sweetener allowed. Coffee is not recommended for GM dieters, but if you cannot resist, you can have it with stevia too.

Question 2-

  • When can dieters eat the wonder soup?


  • Dieters can have the wonder soup on day 7 when hunger arises. You will never get hungry with this type of diet; in fact, a lot of people say that they feel much better when taking the soup.

Question 3-

  • Is alcohol allowed?


  • No alcohol is allowed during the GM diet, since it doesn’t contain any health value.

Question 4-

  • Can a GM dieter eat at restaurants or can they eat processed foods?


  • No, restaurant foods usually contain lots of fats, while processed foods contain a lot of toxins that may be harmful to the body and may interfere with the diet program. Toxic chemicals on foods like bread, meat and others are strictly prohibited.

Question 5-

  • How many bananas are allowed on the 4th day of the diet program?


  • 6 bananas are allowed. This is the authentic GM diet program.

Question 6-

  • Is buttermilk allowed instead of milk?


  • Yes, yogurt or buttermilk is allowed as long as you will not put sugar in them.

Question 7-

  • Is wheat bread or cereal allowed during the program?


  • No, GM diet is a gluten free diet so wheat bread is not allowed. It is genetically modified and it has been processed too. It can lead to weight gain and several health problems. If you will have lots of wheat intake, you cannot maintain your weight after finishing the diet program.

Question 8-

  • Is lemon water allowed in the morning? Is honey allowed too?


  • No, honey is not allowed in the water. Do you know that there is nothing healthier than regular water? Filling the water with honey is just like filling the water with sugar. You can have lemon water as you like; it is not bad for you.

Question 9-

  • What can I do if I’m a vegetarian and I do not want to eat meat?


  • There are other plans for vegetarians these days, you just have to remember that every time you change meat, you have to be sure that you also have a small amount of good fat too in your dish. Incorporating olive oil, butter, ghee or coco oil can also help. Curd meat is also a good source of good fat too.

Question 10-

  • Am I allowed to use salt, pepper and other spices?


  • Yes, you are allowed to have the normal amount of salt in your food. Just make sure you drink sufficient amount of water.

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