GM Diet Day 5

Day 5 Preparations – the Feast Day

Day 5 is considered as the feast day, because of the beef and tomatoes you are allowed to eat.  Upon completing successful day 1-4 you are now on day 5 and it will be easier for you as you go along. Day 5 is much more interesting than the previous days for your taste buds, since you will be allowed to eat beef and tomatoes. Though the first 4 days you are restricted from eating proteins that must have caused muscle weakening, day 4 will revive your muscle strength.

Beef have lots of proteins and iron, while tomatoes are rich in fibers and lycopene, so having these 2 can help you in regaining the lost proteins required by the body. If you are not into eating beef, you can replace it with 500 grams of chicken or 6 pieces of eggs within the day.

By this time, you have lost pounds and appetite at the same time, but you are still advised to eat in small servings only of beef throughout the day. It is due to the fact that big servings will make your appetite poorer. This is primarily the reason why you are asked to eat beef with tomatoes to fill your taste buds.

Foods to eat on GM diet day 5

At breakfast, you should eat braised beef with tomatoes. To make things easier for you, braised beef with tomato soup or tomato dip will do. The meat will provide you with enough iron, fiber and proteins, while the soup will provide you with energy throughout the day.

At lunch time, you can eat beef hamburger. You can bake it or fry it, but make sure not to add too much oil in it, since it already have fats. At this time, your body will be a great source of uric acid; this is the reason why you are advised to drink lots of fluids, so that the uric acid will be flushed by the body as usual.

At dinner time, you can still eat beef burger; on the other hand, you can also have a beef soup instead with tomatoes to help in keeping the body energized. With soup your body will be sustained with the water loss within the day.

For snacks, you are still not allowed to eat the usual snacks or fruit juices too. You only need to have is water from day 5. You should at least drink fourteen glasses of water, so your body will be detoxified and you can also flush all unwanted nutrients taken from the beef.

If you are not a beef eater, you can also change that with chicken, since not a lot of people are into eating red meat even if they are not vegetarians. There are still those who prefer to eat chicken and turkey instead of beef. Just make sure not to eat the chicken skin, since it also contains a lot of fat. You will go through it just like day 1-4.

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