GM Diet Day 4

Day 4 Preparation – Banana and Milk Day

Day 4 of the GM diet is better known as the banana and milk day. This is because you are allowed to eat around 6 pieces of bananas and three full glasses of milk. Banana & milk is a team on day 4 and you can eat them all day, but of course with veggie soup for lunch, dinner or for a mid – snack. This day is usually known as a boring day for dieters, but by this time, your body is starting to adjust and reap the benefits from the diet program. Your cravings will be lessened at day 4 too, and you will not be as hungry as you were in the past days. You just have to go on with the meal assigned and with the water intake too. This is so essential to keep you hydrated while in the program.

You will get all the needed potassium in the body at day 4 along with calcium, sodium to sustain the lost for the past 3 days. Those who do not eat bananas might have a big problem at day 4. You can have a banana smoothie instead, this is also acceptable. You can use your creativity to go through the day; you can freeze bananas and milk and then combine them together to form an iced banana cream. You can still eat fruits and veggies from the previous days to sustain the need. You’re halfway to the finish line on day 4. This time, you will be amazed of your weight loss. You have cleansed your entire system and it’s well-adjusted too with the diet program you have. Your body has taken all the sugars and the fibers needed from veggies and fruits.

Foods required for day 4

For breakfast, you can start with bananas with a glass full of milk. You can have low fat or non fat milk for best results.

At lunch time, you can have veggie soup with tomatoes and cabbage. Soups will taste better this time, since you are used to taking soups and fluids.

For dinner, you can have veggie soup again with milk share. If you think that soup is enough to sustain your hunger, you can save the shake for another meal.

Sample meal for day 4

For breakfast, which is around 8am, you can have a big banana with a glass of warm milk. Around 10am, you can have a banana shake instead, but this should be composed of at least 2 big bananas.

At lunch time, which is around 12nn, you can have a big bowl of veggie soup. It will be best to consider that with cabbage and tomatoes.

At midafternoon, around 4pm you can have a banana shake.

For dinner, which is around 7pm you can have veggie soup and banana plus water.

Cravings will not leave you, so you can have bananas or milk or banana shake instead to fill the hunger.

Bananas and milk will be your best friend from day 4 of the GM diet.


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