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Bleeding After Sex

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Thus, seeing spotting after sex would bring tension to the moment. Spotting is normally considered alarming when it occurs and the woman is not menstruating (it’s not that time of the month). Different studies and research have determined that there are several reasons for this condition. The condition should not be neglected. Instead, an appointment should be scheduled with your health care provider, the sooner the better. Read More

11 Health Symptoms After Sex For Women

Women, due to their physical characteristics, are prone to different issues related to sexual intercourse or their menstrual cycle. It has been studied and reported that during their life a great number of women experience irregularities in their periods and also encounter different light infections such as candida yeast and other similar infections. Usually, these types of female health issues are easily treated with hygiene care and minor medical treatments. Read More