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Rave Reviews – Double Umbrella Strollers

Many parents who have, or have had multiple children can attest to the challenges that they remember. Errands, play dates, and activities are exhausting to keep track of on their own, without having to worry about transportation and the actual logistics of traveling with multiple children.

Horror stories are sometimes heard coming from mothers who naively took their children into a grocery or clothing store, only to have their children embarrassingly run around the store, hiding, and possibly damaging expensive products. Parents of twins face even more challenges, as they cannot even count on age differences for added maturity in public.

Enter the double stroller – the mother’s way of rounding her children up, in her sight, and away from possible embarrassing situations.

A double stroller is an excellent method of walking transportation for parents and grandparents of twins, or multiple children. There are currently many designs and models to choose from, but the ultimate purchase decision should be based on individual needs and the needs of the child.

Any good quality stroller will provide two comfortable seats for passengers, but not all of them recline, come with storage, or accessories.

Made from a metal or aluminum skeleton, double strollers can have three sets of wheels on jogging designs, and four on umbrella style strollers. The leading wheel or wheels are often fastened to be able to swivel, but can also be locked for added security.

Seats should recline ideally and should be a good distance from the floor for the child’s height. Good strollers also usually come equipped with a safety harness, to help overly squirmy kids or those who cannot yet support themselves, from falling out.

Double strollers are commonly found in households with multiple children, as their added convenience easily outweighs any disadvantages. Being able to set the baby down while chasing a toddler, or allowing the children to nap while out of the house, allows mothers to accomplish many daily tasks that could otherwise be taken for granted.

Nowadays, options are not as limited as they once were, with varying styles and designs, features such as adjustable and individual canopies, underneath storage, leg rests, and reclining seats. For those looking to purchase a double stroller for their own convenience, there are many factors to consider.

Size and style are often important factors that women consider when choosing a new stroller. Many double strollers are large in size, but there are currently many lightweight, smaller, or combination designs available to choose from as well.

Parents and grandparents can choose to purchase a side by side model, or an incline, or back to front model. Every model and manufacturer provide varying features, so consumers should also be very familiar with how they will be using their stroller, and where.

Types of Double Strollers

Double strollers can come in one of two designs, generally, although combination strollers may be considered another category as they gain popularity. Side by side strollers looks like they sound, and have the two children sitting on each other’s side.

On an inline stroller, the seats are positioned one in front of the other. Combination strollers can be changed to suit up to twenty different seating preferences on some models.

All three styles come in varying designs. Cheap no frills models are available as well as full travel systems with all of the accessories.

Side-by-side double stroller models are the most commonly found in the marketplace, with more designs and styles to choose from than other types. They offer a consistent ride for both passengers, and easy maneuverability.

Many models have two canopies, though some only have one, so buyers should look at this feature before buying, and consider their needs. Some customers do not like that side-by-side stroller models do not allow for individual adjustment for passengers in many models.

Others find this style to be too wide, hard to navigate through narrow openings and doorways. Others claim that side-by-side models are heavy to lift, and store, however, this is a common complaint about every type of double stroller.

Inline models also come in a variety of styles and designs and may be considered to be more attractive than side-by-side models. The two seats on inline models can be level, or one can be raised above the other. The narrower width of these models allows them to fit in some spaces that a side-by-side would not, however, some customers find that the longer style makes for less maneuverability.

There is also rare consistency for passengers, with most models offering added features for only one of the two seats. These designs seem to assume that use is for two children of different ages, and does not seem to consider twins, children close in age, or very competitive or jealous children that want the same features as their siblings.

Combination and sit-and-stand models of double strollers are also available, and although these models are not usually sought after by parents of twins, parents of multiple children that are different ages often return very favorable reviews.

Additional Features

Although a side by side stroller is nice for passengers to have the same experiences and features, sometimes they are not feasible, or just not the style or design that is wanted. When looking to purchase a new stroller, however, it is important to also consider factors aside from seating position.

Many current double stroller designs have dual front wheels, equaling four total wheels in the front of the stroller. These strollers are called umbrella strollers, and they can often be found in lightweight models that fold and store easily.

Double jogger strollers are also available, but can be extremely heavy, and often do not have much storage. That said, jogger strollers are often thought to be easier to maneuver despite their weight.

Parents and grandparents buying a stroller for twins should also look into models that can accommodate two infant carriers, as not every double stroller can. Many people want to purchase an all in one travel system, regardless of how many children they have and their ages.

It may be more suitable, however, for some families to purchase two less expensive strollers that will serve different purposes in the following years. Other families may want to consider giving up some features for an overall better model of stroller.

Being able to accommodate two car seats means nothing if the user can’t steer the stroller, or has zero storage. Versatility should be considered for anyone who plans to use their stroller in various activities, rather than just walking. Some double stroller models can be used not only for jogging, but for hiking, biking, and even skiing.

In order to find a double stroller that suits specific individual needs, consumer should consider the ages and stages of the children that will be using the stroller. Parents of twins often require that their stroller is able to accommodate two infant car seats or carriers, but parents of multiple children of different ages can choose from many options.

If the older child does not need to recline or is happy standing, then a combination stroller may work. If both children will need to recline fully, then a side-by-side stroller may be the best choice. If only one car seat is needed, an inline stroller may be preferred simply on the basis of style.

Parents of children who are close in age or competitive, however, should watch that both children receive the same experiences and features to avoid jealousy or hurt feelings.Consumers should also consider how long they plan to travel for, and how frequently.

Often, a less expensive stroller is appropriate for occasional trips to the grocery store or mall, but a lengthy day trip to the zoo or a vacation to another country may demand more features from the stroller. Long trips often also require that the child is able to lie down comfortably, has access to snacks or a drink, as well as storage space for toys and extra clothing.

Of course, budget is always a concern when planning to purchase anything new. Some double stroller models can be extremely expensive, so buyers should be sure that their purchase includes all the features that they love.

Alternately, many less expensive models offer good handling and storage, which may be all that is needed. Buyers should ensure that their choice in stroller is durable enough, however, to last at least a few years., and remember that they may not be able to resell a less expensive model.

Joovy Strollers

Joovy is a relatively new company that manufactures single, double, and triple strollers, as well as child’s toys, playards, and feeding accessories. Joovy strollers have a modern look that parents love, and durability and quality are always guaranteed. Favorite Joovy double stroller models include the Caboose Stand And Ride and the Scooter X2.

Maclaren Strollers

More than fifty years ago, Maclaren introduced their first Baby Buggy for sale. It was the size of an umbrella and folded with little effort for travel. Even at that time Maclaren’s strollers only weighed about ten pounds.

Today Maclaren maintains its popularity, introducing new designs for parents and grandparents regularly. Over the years, Maclaren has partnered with famous design labels such as Burberry, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and LaCoste.

Maclaren applies the basic ideas behind aeronautics to create revolutionary designs that set the industry standard for quality. Popular Maclaren double stroller models include their Twin Triumph and the Twin Techno. Both models offer plenty of storage and can fit easily through standard doorways.

Britax Strollers

For over seventy years Britax has been a leader in safety and innovation, gaining popularity in Europe before entering the North American market in the mid-nineties. Safety is the main concern at Britax, and their products undergo vigorous testing procedures at various facilities before being sent to retailers.

The company also works with the manufacturers of vehicles to ensure compliance with car seat regulations. They also provide excellent customer service to customers, always available for advice in regards to the safety features and installation of their products.

Their current double stroller model, the B-AGILE Double, offers many features, including a lightweight frame with height adjustable handle and easy fold system, a narrow width, to accommodate standard size doorways, a large under seat storage area as well as two additional storage pockets behind the seats, and all wheel suspension that ensures maximum maneuverability.

This stroller will accommodate Britax Click & Go infant car seats, and come with the necessary equipment to fasten them securely.

Chicco Strollers

Chicco is the most popular brand of stroller manufacturer in Europe and has been for more than fifty years. Chicco, pronounced ‘kee-ko’, not only produces baby products, but also needles and thermometers, as part of their mission towards personal wellness.

Now, Chicco brand strollers are available in more than one hundred and twenty countries, worldwide.

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller allows buyers to customize their travel system, as it accommodates up to two matching Chicco car seats. The rear seat reclines fully on this inline model stroller, allowing for a car seat or bassinet, while the front seat folds forward for the second infant carrier.

This model boasts a one handed fold system and secure storage latch, as well as plenty of storage, however, the seats are only recommended to accommodate children up to forty pounds.

The Most Lightweight Double Stroller

Zoe may have made the best travel stroller in existence with the XL2 Deluxe Double Lightweight Twin Umbrella Stroller System.

The entire stroller weighs only about sixteen pounds but has ample storage, separate four-panel canopies with peek-a-boo windows, seat comfort pads, and a secure harness strap system. The frame is made of aluminum, which allows for extended durability while keeping the weight to an absolute minimum.

There is an easy to use folding system, and the entire stroller folds up to be extremely compact. Each child has a cup holder on this model, and the two children share a snack tray. There is also a parent cup holder and a belly bar for added security.

Real customer reviews love the lightweight design and the ease of use in folding. They also love its easy steering and maneuverability, while still providing plenty of storage.

The Cheapest Double Stroller

Aside from the obvious, very inexpensive, and flimsy options, there are many double stroller models that are both durable and less expensive. This model made by Delta Children comes highly rated by real customers. It has individual canopies, foot rests, and a parent cup holder.

There is also storage for some small items on the back of each seat. This model is not as wide as some other double stroller models, making is less awkward to maneuver in public places. In fact, at only 29 inches wide, this may be the smallest and most compact double stroller available. Users love the reasonable price, too.

The Best Sit To Stand Double Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller maintains a very reasonable price, considering its many features. Children can choose to sit in the front and rear seats or one child can stand on the rear platform, which is a handy feature for parents with much older children who only sometimes tire of walking.

This stroller design offers a one-handed fold system, a removable tray with cup holder for the children, and a covered parent tray with two cup holders, in addition to plenty of storage. This model also accepts two infant car seats which may make this model the ideal choice for expectant mothers of twins.

Final Thoughts

Although these products may seem to be very similar, they have individual features that separate one model from the rest. Those who wish to purchase a double stroller model, whether out of convenience or necessity, need to decide what they will be using the stroller for, where they will be going and for how long.

They should take into account the number of children they have, and their ages and sizes as well. Some big, tall or older children have a hard time in strollers due to feet dragging, or lack of leg room.

Some models and manufacturers keep this in mind, however, and stroller designs are available that accommodate even the oldest and tallest children.

Prospective customers should take the time to look at several models of double stroller that they feel look good, and then compare the features that they hold important.

  • Handlebar Height
  • Ease of Steering
  • Folding System
  • Cup Holders
  • Snack Trays
  • Storage
  • Product Dimensions
  • Product Weight
  • Weight Restrictions for Each Seat

Consumers should also consider the weight restrictions for each of the stroller’s individual seats, especially if they have big, tall, or older children. Parents of twins may want a stroller that can accommodate two car seats, while other parents may want their children to have the option to sit or stand.

Most of the choices that customers have in terms of double strollers available today are affordable, considering that this is a product that will be used possibly for many years into the future. Additionally, some of the more expensive models offer accessories or features that may not be needed.

Weight may not be a factor to consider if the stroller will only be used for short and infrequent day trips, however, would be a very important factor for anyone who travels often.

The best advice when looking to buy a double stroller applies to any other purchase. Real customer reviews are often the best source of information that may not be available from sellers or the manufacturer.

Real reviews outline product flaws and unnecessary features, while highlighting the best and most useful features. Every double stroller highlighted in this article comes highly recommended from real users, so buyers can rest assured that the best choices in each category are those of the majority and not one individual person.

Double Jogging Stroller Review

Perhaps you were one of the lucky women who ended up with twins or maybe you just have children that are close enough in age where they are both small enough to fit into a stroller. Either way, the best type of stroller for you to get is a double stroller to help you transport both of your children.

There are different types of double strollers; whether it is the side-by-side seating versus tandem strollers, or the added features that a stroller will have.  Now double the children means double the stuff, so when looking for a double stroller one of the features you want to pay attention to is the cargo space that is located below the seating.

In today’s society a lot of women are very active and try to make time for exercising. Of course when you have a child it is a little hard to keep up with your fitness when you are constantly bogged down with children.

If you have more than one child, but want to keep up with your fitness the best thing to do is buy a double jogger stroller. These strollers will make running easy and fun for both you and your kid.

Difference between regular stroller and jogging stroller

You may be thinking what differentiates a regular stroller from a jogging stroller? Jogger strollers have frames that are designed with speed in mind. While you are jogging you will reach a higher speed than if you were just going for a leisurely walk or a stroll.

Jogging strollers are typically wider, have more leg room for your strides, and have one front wheel for better control. For safety you will find that a jogger stroller has a hand strap, in case you can’t keep up with your strollers speed.

Another safety feature is the hand break, for when you need to suddenly stop your stroller.  But there is so much more to jogging strollers.

Pneumatic rubber tires

Jogging strollers typically have larger wheels in the back and a smaller wheel in the front. When larger wheels ride over bumps they take on less stress and also requires less pushing effort.

Suspension systems

To help avoid any stress or impact from bumps in the road or rougher terrain, most jogging strollers have a shock system on every wheel. These shock systems kind of work like the shocks in a car and will guarantee that your children will have a smoother ride than in regular strollers.

Front Wheels

Regular strollers have spinning wheels, so if you try and run with a regular stroller, most likely your stroller will have no control. But with a fixed front wheel, or even just one swivel wheel in the front, you will be able to control the steering on the stroller a lot easier.

Reclined angle seat

To ensure safety of your child while they are running all jogger strollers have a seat belt fastening system. But that is not the only thing that makes a jogging stroller safe. If the seats are in an angled reclining position it can help keep your child back and protected from being thwarted forward when you take sudden stops.

Plus, seats that recline will be more comfortable for your child, especially if they are tired and want to nap. Some strollers have independent reclining systems, so each seat can have their own position.

What to look for in double jogging strollers

Other than the specifications that make a double jogging stroller different from a jogging stroller, there are unique features you can find on jogging strollers that can make your exercising a little more enjoyable.

Five-point harness

While not all double jogging strollers have a five-point harness seat belt to keep your child safe, the best type of jogging strollers will have these. If you are forced to make sudden stops for any reason you will feel better knowing your child is safely fastened into the seat.

Parking Break

Just like a car, a stroller can run away from you. Anytime you have a jogging stroller you want to make sure it is accompanied with a parking break. Before letting your hands off of your stroller you should engage the parking break to ensure that the stroller and your child is safe.

Cup Holders

As you might suspect, having ability to access a water bottle while exercising can be very comforting, but if you don’t have anywhere to put it then it could be difficult to exercise and stay hydrated. That is why it is important to find a double jogger stroller that is equipped with a parent cup holder.

Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

There are many options when it comes to buying the best double jogger. When looking through the different features it can be hard to pinpoint which stroller is the best for you.

Or, it can be a little overwhelming which is the best one on the market to purchase. We have tried to narrow down the best double jogging strollers for you so you can weigh the pros and cons yourself.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This double jogging stroller is perfect for children that are a little larger and older. The soft padded seats are large and can fit two children up to 50 pounds each, meaning the weight limit for this stroller is 100 pounds.

The seats are also angled in a reclining position offer a safer ride for the children, to keep them from jutting forward when surprised with sudden stops. The larger wheels in the back of the stroller, and the front smaller wheel are all locked in a frontward facing position to make it easier to control the stroller in the direction that you want.

Other features of this stroller is that it comes with a cup holder and a tray for easy storage of your cell phone, water, and keys.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat

A little different than other strollers, the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second seat has two seats but one in front of the other, instead of them sitting side by side. This stroller is so versatile that you can have 16 different seating combinations to fit your needs; these combinations include adaptability for car seats, regular seats, bassinets seats, a mixture of different seats and so much more.

Although this stroller has two front wheels, instead of the locked one wheel, it still has easy maneuverability and control. The Quick-Fold Technology makes it easy for you to fold it up in one swift movement. Featuring adjustable handlebars and a large basket for bags, this jogging stroller is perfect for a growing family.

Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

This Bob double jogging Stroller is perfect for a family with multiple children and who likes to exercise anywhere. With a swivel from wheel, the stroller can be maneuvered easily, plus the locks on the wheels helps the stroller ride over rough terrains. There is also an adjustable suspension system, which reduces the impact when going over bumps, allowing the child to experience a smooth ride.

The adjustable handlebar has nine different positions for a parent of any height. This stroller is ideal to take on family vacations, especially to the beach, because the wheels are able to grip to the fine sand. Plus it features a large cargo basket that can hold all of your materials and equipment that you may need.

Chicco Cortina Together Stroller

This Chicco tandem stroller is great for a family with multiple children, especially if the children are not the same age. Although not a Chicco jogger stroller, since Chicco discontinued their double jogger, it is a great addition to this list because of the features it has just as a double stroller.

Versatile and able to have different types of seating, plus it is adaptable for the Chicco Keyfit or Keyfit 30 car seat, this stroller can last for many years. A huge closeable storage basket under the seats allows for double the stuff for your children.

There are cup holders for both children and two up top for the parent, plus a small closeable tray compartment in between the cup holders for keys or phones. Not the mention the height adjustable handlebars, with extra padding for the parents comfort.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

Rated the best double running stroller on the market for all of its features, durability, and style, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is one double jogging stroller you can pass up. Although a little pricey, you will get what you paid for with this stroller.

The wheels on this stroller make it easy to drive on all different types of terrain, great for taking on family vacations to the beach or on a rocky path in through a wooded area. The seats on this stroller have the ability to recline back fully, and they both recline independently; so if one child is asleep while the other is awake they will both be happy with their seating situations.

The dual canopy systems that fold independently have peek-a-boo windows on the top and great ventilation to keep your children cool on a warm day. Plus, these canopy extend relatively long, so the shade is greater on the Summit X3 than on most other strollers.

Unfortunately, the one downside of this great double jogging stroller is the fact that it does not come with a parent cup holder or tray area for keys or phone; but you can buy an attachable to add onto this great running stroller.

InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

The InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger is a lightweight double jogger stroller that features side by side by side seating for your children. Weighing only 30.2 pounds, this is the lightest double jogger stroller on the market.

Made by Schwinn, this double jogger stroller is not compatible with any type of car seat, and although it can handle up to 100 pounds, the height of the stroller might have your children out of it by the age of 3. With adjustable handle bars and a hand break, this stroller is perfect for taking your children for a jog.

Plus a double cup holder and mounted speakers for an MP3 player, so you and your children can enjoy music while exercising.

Overall, all of these strollers are great for jogging, with the exception of the Chicco. But, the Chicco has so many great features as a double stroller it was hard to not list it.  If you want the best double jogger stroller go with the Summit X3.

Even though it does not feature the highly desirable cup holder for the parents; its comfort and safety for your child is something you cannot compare. The dual independent canopy system provides extra shade from harmful UV rays, as well as ventilation for warmer days. The reclining seats are support by themselves allows for one child to sit up while another one is resting.

With a five-point harness system for both children, they will be securely strapped in so you won’t have to worry about them trying to climb out while you are running, or falling out if you have to stop suddenly with the hand breaks.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still want the best features of a double jogging stroller your pick would be the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller. This stroller is the best bang for your buck. With adjustable handlebars, a large cargo basket under the seating system and cup holders for the parents, it has all the necessities and so much more.

The seats are already angled in a reclining position so your children can be safe, comfortable, and seated backwards while you are running. Plus, the five point harness seatbelt keeps them fastened in well to provide them with safety. You’ll find that this stroller is great for smoother terrains and can last for many years.

Best Swaddle Blankets For Babies

Swaddling has been around for centuries. Even today, it still is one of the most effective techniques to comfort a young infant, and help it to sleep more peaceful. To be successful, parents will not only have to learn how to properly wrap their child but also what separates swaddling blankets from ordinary baby covers.

Although they may look alike, there is quite a difference between regular baby blankets and the famous swaddle blankets:

What are swaddle blankets?

Swaddle blankets are rectangular pieces of soft and stretchable material used to snugly wrap up kids for a comfortable sleep. In olden days, soft pieces of clothes were knit up into swaddle blankets.

Swaddles didn’t start yesterday; they have been around for quite some time. Even though swaddling is a matter of choice, many pediatric associations recommend that parents should continue to provide their kids with a “womb” climate through swaddles.

What is the difference between swaddle and ordinary baby blankets?

  • Their design tends to be square or rectangular. They are oversized to allow parents to wrap the baby multiple times, tucking it in neatly. Baby blankets, on the other hand, have no set shape or size.
  • Their specifically designed materials will stretch and prevent overheating. Because the baby’s skin has to breathe and the child’s temperature needs to be regulated, the materials have to allow a certain amount of air flow. The materials are light, and as to be expected, are sold in various patterns and designs.
  • Swaddling blankets are also slightly larger than the standard blanket. The bigger ones measure 48×48 inches while smaller ones are 40×40 inches. Some swaddles can even serve as blankets.

Parents want their infant to be safely wrapped. Recreating the mother’s womb, swaddle blankets should not allow the child to move. They should be lightweight, stretchable, and made from breathable materials.

Typically, generic baby blankets do not have those features. They provide a lot of warmth and are made from thicker materials.

What are the advantages of swaddling?

When the baby was inside the womb, it was used to the cozy surrounding where it was tight but safely held. When it’s born, it is expected that you as the parent would wish to provide it with the same comfortable environment. Swaddling helps to restrict the baby’s movement that allowing it to have a peaceful shut eye.

Swaddling is also helpful to the parent. When your child sleeps, you get some time to catch some too or even attend to other pressing matters. You too deserve some free time to apply a makeup or even delve into meditation/personal reflection.

How to swaddle newborn

Lay out a thin blanket that is at least long enough to wrap around your baby’s body 2 to 3 times. Spread the blanket out on a flat surface and lay the baby on the blanket (I find 4 feet by 4 feet to be a great size) with their head just off the edge of the long side in the middle.

Wrap the left side over their body while tucking their arms under their sides. Hold their arms down so they can’t sneak out! Then do the right side the same way wrapping their body up tightly. I mean really tight. Then fold the bottom of the blanket up and wrap it around them the same way.

It is like you are literally tying them up. This nicely simulates being in the womb, something they did enjoy. They need enough play to have circulation and to breath, but that is it! If your baby of 2 months or less can wiggle out in less than a minute go ahead and try it again, they weren’t swaddled.

Babies less than 2 months or so will not be able to wiggle out of a proper swaddling for hours! At three months or so our babies generally are able to wiggle out by the time morning comes.

Most parents I have seen trying to swaddle their babies aren’t doing it tight enough at all, they are just wrapping a blanket around their baby. I immediately suspect that parents aren’t wrapping the baby tight enough when they complain that swaddling just doesn’t work.

True it may not work for some babies, but if the kid can easily get out then you are just not doing it tight enough. Try to use blankets with Velcro, it makes it almost impossible for the baby to wiggle out.

I believe in being fair, if they can really wiggle out then it is time for the next stage of learning how to sleep on their own without being wrapped up. Ah, the next great adventure in life…

Swaddling is a beautiful thing and will bring you many sleep-filled nights, so I recommend you do it today!

For how long can swaddle be used?

A baby can be swaddled from birth all the way to when he is four months old. However, some kids can be swaddled up to when they are 9 months old. Basically, if your child can only sleep after being swaddled, then you shouldn’t stop.

However, if they start being uncomfortable, that’s an indication that you should stop. If your child has hip issues like hip dysplasia, you should not wrap them up in swaddles. Instead, you should talk to a pediatrician for help.

Are swaddle blankets safe?

Swaddle blankets are safe, and that explains why many people still prefer to wrap their kids. However, if done badly, swaddling can be cruel to the kid.

The swaddle should be tight enough to prevent the child from slipping out but gentle to avoid hurting the baby. The legs should be given ample room for movement.

Swaddling could be unsafe if you bought the blanket without checking the material makeup. Some blankets absorb too much heat faster and are not spongy enough to let it out quickly. This can result in your baby overheating and waking up in the middle of sleep.

Don’t swaddle your baby if he/she has hip problems as well. You can seek assistance from your pediatrician to advise you on hip-healthy swaddling. There are also medical videos online that can guide you on how to swaddle your baby’s soft hips.

Bad swaddling increases the chances of your kid developing SIDS. If you opt to swaddle your child, make sure he slips on his back and not the stomach or his/her sides. If he frequently escapes from the swaddle, then it’s probable that he is old enough for swaddling.

Swaddling should stop when your kid is two to three months old. Here are some recommendations given by The American Academy of Pediatrics to prevent SIDS.

  • Let the child sleep on its back
  • The sleeping surface should be firm
  • Keep soft items like pillows and bumper pads away
  • Keep your baby far from smoke/ smoking individuals
  • Don’t use products that purport to lower the risk of SIDS
  • Your child should not get too hot
  • Don’t use home cardiorespiratory monitors
  • Breastfeed your child adequately
  • Keep your child close but not in the same bed with you.
  • Your child should only have a diaper during swaddling
  • Don’t cover the kid’s head

One golden rule in swaddling: don’t overdo.

How to make swaddle blankets

If you are like most newlywed couples, then you know what it means to be frugal. There never seems to be a shortage of things that you need to buy for your family.

Having a child certainly isn’t cheap, so it’s important to save money wherever possible. If you haven’t bought your swaddling blanket yet, then keep reading to find out how you can make one yourself.

The first thing you need to do when making your swaddling blanket is to pick out your colors and thread. Be creative as this is your own unique masterpiece for your child, and they are only young once. After you have your colors picked out, you will then need to pick your fabric.

Baby fabric tends to be the most popular and practical, but the key is to make sure that it’s comfortable for the baby. When cutting your fabric, it should be 45 inches in width and length.

The next step is to lay your blanket out flat with the pattern facing the floor. Fold the edges of the blanket a quarter inch, and then fold them again a quarter inch, to hide the raw edges of the blanket. You can keep the blanket edges folded by securing it with pins.

After you have selected all of your colors and threads, you now can prep the sewing machine for the adventure. When setting the needle, make sure it’s a medium zigzag stitch.

Start sewing in the corner and work your way out around the folded edges of the blanket. Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and the end. You have now completed your blanket for your baby.

What are the best swaddle blankets in the market?

If you are just new to parenting, it can be challenging to figure which product is safe for your child-especially if all the items you come across have been praised vehemently. Here you need a third eye to single out the best fit.

Let’s have a look at several best baby blankets you can buy for your child.

Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle (4 Pack)

Aden + Anais blanket is soft, lightweight and versatile. It is a perfect companion for your kid from birth to several months old. Besides serving as a swaddle, it can as well be used as a sling, diaper, sunshade, a burp cloth, a nursing cover and a changing pad.

Swaddling is an enjoyable activity when you use Aden+Anais blanket due to its soft texture and size. However, it doesn’t have a Velcro fabric to assist you tighten up your wrap. So, you will need to devise a method to fasten up your swaddle wrap.

Its material make up is 100% cotton with an open weave for heat distribution. They come in several colors and sizes to cater to the needs of different kids. Go for the heavier version if you live in winter zones.

HALO SleepSack Swaddle

Do you find swaddling an impossible or time-consuming activity? If you do, then HALO SleepSack Swaddle is most probably your best choice.

This sack or pouch-like Halo blanket has a zipped opening and Velcro wings that make the swaddling process less arduous. The zip runs from the top to bottom making your diaper changing a 10-second activity. You don’t even have to touch the child’s arms during the process.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

This one is a perfect prison (in a good way) for those kids who continuously wiggle out from your best swaddling efforts. It has no Velcro or zipper therefore suitable for parents who dislike the sound they produce during the wrapping process. It also eliminates the errors inherent in other ordinary swaddling blankets.

The Miracle Blanket Swaddle is made of cotton for air circulation and has a pouch for tucking in your child’s legs. Its simplicity has made it a prized possession among many parents.

Many infants prefer this blanket for reasons no one seems to know-even the manufacturers! Some say they fit well and do not apply too much pressure on the kid hence providing a soothing climate. Anyway, whatever stuff is in their makeup, it seems to be working wonders.

The only setback with this miracle swaddle is that they cannot be used as actual blankets and it exists in one size only. Hence, it will surely outgrow your baby. However, it’s worth purchasing. After all, even good things have an end.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

If you are sleepy and have got no time for swaddling, Summer Infant SwaddleMe Original Swaddle makes everything lightning fast for you. It has a pouch for tucking the child’s legs and a Velcro fabric to fasten up its arms.

They also come in several different sizes making it simple for you to choose what fits your child. It’s made up of 100% cotton for maximum warmth.

The Velcro feature in this swaddle is essential if your toddler a wriggling mastermind. Once you fasten it, the little wonder boy (or girl) will remain that way until he/she falls asleep.

This Velcro swaddle comes in two sizes; small or medium and large. Do not rip off the label once you have bought it unless you are sure it fits your child. If it doesn’t, it will be easier to return it for a fitting size.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original is an innovative swaddle blanket that works quite different from other swaddles. It is suitable for kids who loathe having their hands held down or across the chest and legs put together.

Despite the “freestyle” position the kid is in, it still guarantees a comfortable sleep time. It has a zipper but no Velcro making it simple to use.

Woombie Original Baby Swaddle

If you love traditional-like infant swaddle, then Woombie swaddle would be convenient for your child. It has a single zipper running from top to bottom and no Velcro. It works perfectly fine for none-escapee artists.

Woombie mimics the exact conditions the kid was used to before bath. Therefore, it’s a sure bet that your kid will be cozy in it. It is tight but not too much to exert pressure on your child’s organs.

Changing the diapers at night is always inconveniencing, and Woombie has been designed with a zipper to make your work a little bit easier. It’s available in 4 different sizes, and all are made of cotton to ensure the baby is kept warm.

Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepSack is also one of the best baby blankets you can get for your child. It works in a similar fashion to HALO SleepSack Swaddle only that it doesn’t have the wings that wrap around the child’s arms.

This means, a child’s arms will be free in this zippered pouch. It guarantees a comfy sleep as your child adapts other sleeping patterns.

Halo SleepSack comes in two main material; cotton and polyester. The Cotton type is lighter and breathable making it a suitable accompaniment during warm months. The polyester type is heavier and warmer making it a must-have baby blanket during the winter months.

HALO SleepSack Winter Weight

Winter temperatures are unforgiving to kids. Normal blankets can serve well but they generally slip when a child turns and is likely to be exposed to the freezing air.

HALO SleepSack Winter Weight is a baby winter blanket that ensures he sleeps cozily throughout the night. They are equipped with a zipper for easy diaper changes. The generous sack design provides ample room for leg kicking without slipping off.

Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket

Ziggy Baby are Muslin swaddles with a soft texture and contain cotton as the only material. If you are a stylish parent, then you will love the cute designs and trendy patterns that this baby product comes with.

They fit well without exerting a lot of pressure on the child’s hip sides. You can also use it as a burp cloth or a nursing shield when you are feeding. Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket comes in 3-pack.

How many swaddle blankets do I need?

Having several infant swaddles is advantageous. You can have stylish ones, the more secure ones and several others to meet your kids growing demand.

You child might feel okay with the legs being tucked down today but a day will come when he/she needs the legs to spread out. Keeping a spare swaddle wrap is essential to ensure your little one sleeps cozily.

If you alternate regions from winter to summer-hit regions, it’s also advisable to keep several swaddle blankets for each region. Don’t use summer swaddlers in winter areas and vice versa. You child won’t be comfy enough to sleep.

Choosing what’s right for you and your baby

Each child is different so don’t expect your current toddler to feel comfortable in the previous kids swaddle blankets. Experiment with several different swaddles and see which makes him/her comfortable.

At times it’s okay to pick what makes your child look cute! Remember to pick a secure one for escapee artist; otherwise, you’ll be playing hide and seek with him.

To know the best products in the market, you can talk to your pediatrician to recommend to you the best products other parents are using. Advice from a close friend or a family member can also help to minimize the time you would wander around looking for the best swaddle blankets.

Swaddling benefits the child as much it benefits you. When your child’s sleep gets interrupted, yours too is affected. Swaddling doesn’t guarantee that your child won’t wake; it just takes care of your child waking up due to discomfort, cold or being startled.

Price comparison and reading online reviews are golden rules to observe when looking for the best swaddlers. There is a possibility you might save some bucks if you do your due diligence to look for durable yet not-so-pricey baby blankets.

Specialized online vendors always have a large selection of quality, designer blankets for swaddling to choose from. You can order at any time, pay securely, and before you know it, your baby too will be sleeping soundly through the night.

Important notes

  • It is normal for the kid to be uncomfortable in swaddles at the beginning. Give him/her a week to adjust to it.
  • Make sure you know what your kid prefers-either single or both arms out and legs spread out or tucked together.
  • Make sure the wrap doesn’t touch the child’s face as it can disrupt his/her sleep.

Parting words

As a reminder, you should stop swaddling under the following conditions:

  1. When you kid starts rolling onto his/her stomach
  2. When you baby has soft/swollen hips or hip dysplasia
  3. When you child doesn’t sleep well in swaddles. It is an indication that they are making him/her uncomfortable.

Happy swaddling!

Best Playmats For Babies

Having a kid is one of the blessings of becoming a parent. When that sweet little cutie comes along, it will need to play and lie around. As a parent, it is vital to ensure your kid enjoys the benefits of a safe and comfy home.

If you are out and about looking for the best playmats for babies, you are in the right place. We will review for you some of the best, comfortable and safest baby play gyms that you can procure for your child.

Why would your kid need a baby play gym?

When you child starts to spend more time awake, he will get bored and probably start crying. At times he might need to be carried around and refuse to be put down.

This is the perfect time to look for an infant play mat. This could be anything from a bouncy chair, or an advanced Moses basket with music, toys or mirrors-don’t worry, most of these fixtures are safe for your baby.

Tummy time mats are designed to keep your kid(s) busy and give you ample time to attend to other chores. These play mats stimulate your kid to play around thus enhancing faster mental and physical development. Once your child becomes responsive to external stimuli (which starts at about 3 weeks old) it’s okay to introduce baby play mats to them for faster development of their motor skills.

However, the best time when kids can enjoy play gyms is when they are three months old. Let’s have a look at some of the outstanding baby activity mats.

Best playmats for babies

The Musical Pick

Examples of musical pick playmats include Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano, Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights, Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights and Goolsky Baby Play Piano Gym, Activity Toys with Flashing Lights.

Most of these baby activity mats are designed to keep your child busy while sitting or on his tummy. They are made up of Pianos, lights and other removable fixtures that dangle upon the baby’s movement. Some devices can play the musical notes for even 20 minutes upon a single kick by the kid.

Even if you kid is a fussy one, the musical tummy time mat can get him to quiet down and start kicking the detachables. There are three ways a kid can enjoy the musical pick play mats: during tummy time, lay and play and take-along.

Imagine how much chores you would have completed or how much you would have rested as your kids enjoy the play gym. Nevertheless, there is one thing you need to know; even the best playmats for babies do not have ample space for your kid to roll over from one place to another.

If you want your child to have the best exercise and be entertained as well, you might want to get him/her a musical pick play gym. Its versatility stimulates both his/her mental and motor skills development. You will need to replace the batteries (Mostly 3 AA type) often.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of some of the activity gyms in this category

1. Goolsky Baby Play Piano Gym, Activity Toys with Flashing Lights


  • Offers four ways a kid can play i.e. tummy time, sit and play, lay and play and take along.
  • Its equipped with a that can help lull the baby
  • Its mat is soft and comfy
  • The baby gets rewarded with music when he/she kicks the keys
  • It’s made of pure cotton cloth

2. Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym


  • Has five toys and a mirror to entertain your kid
  • Rewards a kid with music when he/she hits the piano keys
  • Plays music for up to 15 minutes
  • Has several toys including elephant clackers, a hippo teether, rollerball frog and many others
  • Has 4-ways to play; tummy time, sit and play, lay and play and take along.

The Versatile Pick

The versatile pick is composed of several baby jungle gyms. The common ones include Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym and Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy. These two (and several others) versatile pick play gyms are packed with over 15 fun activities for your kid to indulge in.

It’s also equipped with soft mats that offer your kid a soft landing as he tries to reach for the plush dangling toys. The removable arches as well make the diaper changing process less strenuous. The versatile pick is preferred by many parents because of its subtle design and colors.

What you need to keep in mind

The versatile pick baby play gyms have removable/interchangeable characters. This allows you, as a parent to attach a different device like animal toys that suits your kid’s desires. This gives your kid a chance to focus, have a feel of different textures, and learn to shake and crinkle stuff.

Skip Hop is costlier than other play gyms in this category and doesn’t have mechanized sounds or light. Nevertheless, it’s still the best if you want your baby’s coordination and grabbing of things to improve. Any kid from birth and up can find it entertaining.

The budget buy

This group represents some of the cheapest yet the best playmats for babies. Not all of us have the same financial capacity, but that should not limit us from buying playing mats for our kids. Remember cheap doesn’t necessarily translate to inefficient.

It’s just a matter of complexity. The budget buy playmats may not have many mobile devices attached to them, but with a little imagination, you can still add some fixtures to give you baby enough stuff to play with.

One of the best tummy time mats in this group is the IKEA Leka Baby Gym. Besides being cheap, it still provides your kid with a soft play place with additional 3-4 plush play toys to entertain your child. It can be used right from birth and doesn’t require any batteries.

Other playmats that can belong to either the budget buy, the versatile pick or the musical pick include;

  • Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat

This mat is cheap but still excellent in giving your child a perfect tummy time activity. Its water play mat is made up of 5 ocean pals that your kid can move around for tactile and visual fun.

It serves to improve your baby’s motor skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities. It’s also great for sensory stimulation. It’s suitable for kids aged 6 months and above.

  • Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym

Fisher Price 3-in-1 Activity Gym is considered one of the lower end but best baby play gyms you can buy for your kid. They have five attachable toys, 2 soft overhead arches that can fold easily, and take-along music toys that produce fun sounds for quite a long duration. Its soft padded mat can be easily cleaned with a washing machine.

  • Fisher-Price Baby’s Bandstand Play Gym

This musical play mat grows with your baby. It’s equipped with four attachable toys that produce musical tones when the baby kicks it. Its electronic attachments can be removed during machine washing. It also comes in cool design and subtle colors that can excite your kid’s emotion.

The Stylish Mat

Stylish mats are top picks for many parents that wish for something that is a bit out of the norms. These mats usually come with a tummy time pillow, dangling toys, and a mirror. They also come in several themes-like fashionista pink, baby animals and vintage boys.

This gives you an opportunity to choose the design, color or the style you like most. Common example in this group is the Infantino Square Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat. They also don’t use batteries.

The Precious Pick

The precious pick infant gyms and mats are a bit costly, but the price is always worth it. They have a fabulous marine environment with sea creatures surrounding it. They provide an impeccable environment that stimulates a child to play and learn new skills.

However, most of the mats in this group should come as additional and not the main play thing. An example of a mat in this category is the Land of Nod Be on the Sea Activity Floor Mat.

Other incredible picks include;

  • Mamas & Papas Octopus Playmat and Gym

There are some kids who find it less fun to engage in tummy time activity which is largely recommended by pediatrics as it strengthens the arm and back muscles. The slopping/sliding octopus face supports the child’s head and chest making him comfortable on his back as he dangles toys.

Its interactive features also ensure complete development of a child’s senses like sight, sound, touch among others. It’s suitable from birth and you only need to wash its external surface only.

  • Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat & Gym

Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat & Gym’s main function is centered around improving a child’s key senses; sight, sound and touch. It’s equipped with touch pads, plush toys, removable hanging teether toys, magic card pack for music, a movable mirror and arch tummy time cushion. The musical card pack is mp3 compatible.

Hence, you can add your own music to the existing collection. Most of the toys on this playmat can be replaced with what your child likes. Additionally, changing the toys frequently helps the kid learn different textures, designs, and colors.

  • 36pc ABC Playmat Eva Foam

There are those parents who wish their child to be bright right a few months from the birthday. If you are such a parent, then getting your kid a 36pc ABC Playmat Eva Foam will help to stimulate his/her cognitive ability.

36pc ABC Playmat Eva Foam is made up of an electronic baby keyboard, animal refrigerator, and Puzzle Egg. The puzzles are simple to demystify thus allowing your child to have fun while learning.

This can gain you some free minutes to attend to other pressing issues or continue with your novel-even mothers deserve free time to read their favorite books or catch up with some latest TV shows.

36pc ABC Playmat Eva Foam can go hand in hand with Baby Care Play Mat as the latter is also equipped with bold letters and numbers that help kids develop their cognitive skills early. Their surface is stuffed with soft materials that provide a soft landing, rolling or tumbling.

Other advantages of 36pc ABC Playmat Eva Foam & Baby Care Play Mat

  • They are great floor insulators
  • They are easy to clean( wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth)
  • Hygienic and safe
  • They are the best for stimulating a child’s cognitive growth.
  • Children’s Water Play Mat

This is one of the simplest and cheapest playmats you can grab for your toddler. Fill it with water and let your toddler jump on its squishy surface for ultimate entertainment. The make believe sea creatures in the playmat’s pond makes kids feel enthusiastic about tending to their own aquatic animals.

  • Pad Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cozy Inflatable Seat Play Mat

Unlike many other baby activity mats, Pad Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cozy Inflatable Seat Play Mat is a unique mat that combines a play environment and a soft resting area for your kid to play and rest. The ability to fold into a nest makes it perfect for many kids.

Some are fitted with ponies and detachable toys for entertainment and learning. It’s durable and easy to use. No battery required.

Advanced forms of this play mat come with a play nest and an inflatable ring for rest during playtime. An example of such an advanced play mat is the NEW Baby Inflatable Seat Baby Play Mat Game Pad Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy.

  • Tiny Love Super Mat

Tiny Love Super Mat has an extra-large cushion mat that provides adequate space for the toddler to play or crawl around. The mat sections are painted in different colors and textures to give a child much to explore. It’s easy to wash and can still be used as a picnic blanket.

  • Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym

This is one of the play mat gyms that adjusts to your child’s developmental needs. It has all the features of the Tiny Love Super Mat and additional seven adorable toys, electronic light, sliding arches, music and seven melodies. This play mat provides your child with plenty of fun and educational activities to do.

The movable arches make it possible for the parent to spend some time with the kid while in the infant play mat. The easy adjustability of arches makes Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym the best travel companion as it can be folded and stored easily.

Developmental advantages of using the best playmats for babies

Best boy playmats and baby girl playmats provide kids with many advantages apart from entertainment. Most parents buy them in order to keep the kids busy while they do other things but that’s never the case.

As far as you might be inclined to believe that your toddler is too young to grasp any concept, baby activity mats work wonders in unlocking and improving their cognitive and motor skills.

Occupational therapists recommend the use of play gyms and floor mats a few months from birth up until the crawling stage. However, some kids find them fun and continue to use them beyond that stage.

So why are they so great?

Cognitive benefits

At about 4 months or 6 weeks, a child learns through the cause and effect mechanism. When they hit something accidentally and it produces the desired effect, they are likely to repeat the procedure. This is termed as “primary circular reactions.”

At 4-8 months, the child intentionally repeats the action because it’s fun. This is called “secondary circular reactions.” Secondary actions involve kicking or grabbing the toys so they can produce sound. Through the cause and effect, logic begins to creep in and they will repeat their actions time and time again seeking enjoyment.

Visual perception benefits

Babies are born short-sighted and in order to develop their visual skills, many baby play mat manufactures make play gyms with highly contrasting colors. The dangling dolls also come in bright colors to help the kids have a clear picture of what they are grabbing.

Motor skills benefits

Baby play gyms are the best in improving a child’s motor skills. The dangling dolls encourage the kid to stretch its arms and muscles-which is also a perfect form of exercise. These motions help the child to develop their tummy muscles as well.

Self-awareness benefits

Most baby gyms nowadays are fitted with mirrors. This gives toddlers a chance to look themselves in the mirror, laugh at their image or pat it. Continuous practicing makes them aware about themselves. Besides all the aforementioned benefits, infant play mat or gyms are great because:

  • They are easy to wash
  • They are portable
  • They confine your kid in a safe place even in a disorganized place
  • Easy to customize by adding new toys or arches
  • They are fun for kids
  • You can replace/remove what you don’t like

Making a choice

A baby floor mat, tummy mat or activity gym (whatever you call it) is an essential item to have the moment your child starts to respond to the stimulus environment. Whatever your choice is, it should be based on the price range and the style/design that you think will intrigue your child.

Online baby play mat reviews should assist you to get the best playmat. Help you kids explore more around them by getting them one (or several) of the above listed best playmats for babies.

Best Exersaucers For Kids

Baby activity centers also known as exersaucers are vital activity centers that give your child fun while providing you with some free time to shower, dress up, empty the trash can among other chores. Parenting can be quite tricky, and if your kid is a fussy one, you might end up spending the entire day with him/her and neglect other adulthood responsibilities.

Picking the best baby activity center can be daunting. The internet is literally filled with everything from the good, the bad and the ugly. With your busy lifestyle attending to your baby, it might be a bit tricky to know the best exersaucer in the market.

That’s why in this article, we have gone a notch higher to isolate for you the best exersaucers in the market for your child’s whole-body development.

Before you pick an activity center for your toddler, it essential that you take some time to read reviews of each of them and talk to friends and relatives to get better insights on what you should buy. Do not leave any stone unturned-it’s the only way to making the best decision.

Why do you need activity station for babies?

Baby activity centers are there for two core reasons: entertainment and development. When your child is several months old, they are always driven to start exploring their five senses. While it’s possible for you to help them explore these senses, you can’t fully manage.

The task is demanding, and by the end of the day, you will miss out on something. Activity centers should help you where you can’t.

Baby Exersaucer Age

This is a common question among many parents. There is one main factor that can tell you when your child could benefit from an exersaucer: height i.e. if your kid’s legs can touch the ground while in the activity center, he can benefit from it.

Generally, a child should be in the sitting stage to fully enjoy activity centers, preferably 4-6 months and up. They can enjoy them for up to 24 months.

Important feature to look out for

Assembling time

Some exersaucers have many intricate parts and you may find yourself talking more than an hour to assemble it. Therefore, if you don’t want to find yourself in such a mess, try to pick out an item you can easily assemble. Additionally, it’s always good to buy one with a guide or have the seller show you how it’s assembled.


The safety of your child is key. Hence, the activity center you choose for your child should have a sturdy frame, a soft seat cushion and have no sharp protruding edges that can hurt your child.

Thoroughly scrutinize the whole exersaucer to ensure its inner hardware is intact and it’s not likely to break down any time soon.

Don’t eat that!

At 4-6 months you know what you child cherishes most-putting everything in its mouth, including their own fingers! So, if the exersaucer you are buying is made up of dolls and other dangling items, you need to ensure they are not too small to get swallowed up.

What does your child want?

Some babies are born choosy (you probably were too) and they’ll only quiet down when they are given what they like. In such a scenario, it is better to let your kid taste several activity centers to know which one he/she likes most.

There is no point in investing in an activity center that doesn’t serve its purpose. Get your kid what appears to entertain him/her the most.


Is the item you are buying tested and certified by the quality assurance association? It’s not a legal requirement that all exersaucers pass through standardization test, but it’s essential you choose a product that is safe for your child.

Don’t gamble with your child’s safety. If you opt to buy those without a standardization mark, make sure a person you trust briefs you on their quality and safety first.

Mobile or Immobile?

Lastly, you should know that baby activity centers can either be mobile or immobile. The best option should be the immobile one. This guarantees that you will get your child where you left him/her.

Kids have an exceptional ability to land in hazardous zones and they are likely to knock themselves into the walls and hanging items if you put them in mobile exersaucers.

Now that you know the importance of baby activity centers and the essential features to look out for, why don’t we delve into some of the best baby activity centers you can get for your child?

What are some of the best baby activity center?

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea, Party

Are you looking for an exersaucer with intricate parts but still affordable? Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea, Party is the best choice, then.

It is composed of age-appropriate toys that can provide your kid with complete fun and entertainment while helping him develop all his senses. The fabulous colors and themes on it are strong enough to stimulate any kid to have fun.

Product details

  • Evenflo is made up of several dolls that a kid can kick or spin for exercise and motor skill development (both gross and fine motor skills).
  • Its height can be adjusted. Therefore, as your baby grows, he can still enjoy his favorite exersaucer.
  • Provides a safe fun and learning environment
  • It’s easy to wash-you can wash the toys and seat pads separately and attach them back
  • Provides adequate physical exercise to the child.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center offers your child a wide range of fun activities. Its ability to rotate in 360 degrees makes it possible for the child to explore all the toys on it with the need for you to reposition him.

It can also be adjusted into three different positions. This means, you child will grow with it and you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon.

The piano on Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center has several classical music, sounds and languages that your kid can enjoy. It’s also equipped with a mirror to help the child grasp the concept of reflection as well as self-awareness.

Additional product details

  • Has an electronic Baby Neptune toy that activates the sound
  • Has a total of seven toys: starfish bead chaser, octopus popper, mesh toy bar, crab, orca spinner, fish teething stalk and a few other sea creatures.
  • Made of plastic and soft pads-this makes them safer and easier to wash.

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

The lavish design of Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo makes it one of the best baby activity centers you can have for your kid. The dolls, sounds and music on it entertains and educates your child.

Like a few others, Fisher-price can as well be adjusted as your child grows. The plastic material and soft pads in its makeup makes it safer for your child. It is easy to clean.

Additional features

  • Has lights and sounds that are activated when a kid jumps up and down.
  • The seat turns at 360 degrees allowing a child to explore all the toys on the equipment
  • Lights and sounds can be turned off when your child starts to sleep or doesn’t need them.
  • No doorway required
  • Colorful toys that stimulate the baby to touch them.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun, Life in the Amazon

Many fabulous parents prefer Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun, Life in the Amazon (aka Evenflo 3 in 1 exersaucer) for two main reasons; it’s durable and versatile. It is triple fun because a child can benefit from it in three developmental stages.

Stage one

For newborns below four months, this exersaurcer is equipped with a soft-padded play mat that your kid can spend some tummy time on. You can add some dolls on the play mat to improve the child’s play experience.

Stage two

Above four months, you can put your kid in the exersaucer and have he /she enjoy kicking and playing with all the age-appropriate toys on it. Its music is soft and doesn’t annoy like that of other models. It can be adjusted into 3- height positions, thus will still support your kid as he/she grows.

Stage three

When you child starts to walk (at 8 months and higher) Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun, Life in the Amazon can be converted into an activity table and all the toys put on it for the kid to toss them around. This model uses nine triple A batteries.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

The main purpose of this exersaucer jumper is to strengthen a child’s motor skills and develop their neck, back and leg muscles through spinning, rocking and jumping. Like other models, this exersaucer can be adjusted into 3 positions to support a smaller or bigger child.

Additional features

  • Has a soft landing pad at its base to encourage the baby to jump
  • Has safe and colorful age-appropriate toys that give a child a fantastic play time
  • Its equipped with melodic tunes to keep the child enchanted while you do other things
  • The toys are different to give a child different learning experiences.
  • It uses six triple A batteries.

Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce

Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce is a pink colored exersaurcer with eclectic toys designed for the girl child. It doesn’t have music and light; hence, no batteries are needed.

Despite its simplicity, it still works as perfect as other activity saucers. It turns at 360 degrees allowing your baby girl to access all the toys on the activity saurcer without the need to be repositioned.

Additional features

  • It has 12 plush colored toys (and characters) for an extensive learning experience.
  • Has one bounce pad and adjustable height positions
  • It is one of the models parents find it easy to assemble (takes less than 10 minutes)
  • Composed of plastic parts hence easy to dust off. The seat pad can be washed by a washer machine.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This intricate Fisher price baby jumper offers plenty of stimulating toys with sounds, lights and music to keep any child glued on it. It provides a kid with a safe and cozy place for sitting, playing and jumping.

The sit can turn at 360 degrees to enable the little one play in any direction he/she wants. No matter how strong your child plays or kicks at it, its sturdy construction keeps it in balance.

The interactive toys and activities provided by this Jumperoo help the kid develop his/her motor and cognitive skills at a faster pace. The attractive nature of its toys improves the visual perception of the kid. With this exersaucer, you can easily regulate the volume of the sounds to the level preferred by the kid.

Additional features

  • Three height adjustments for extensive use
  • The dolls include bobbling elephants, hanging parrot, a swinging monkey, spinning bead ball, a tiger, lizard and a few other cute graphics
  • Has a motion sensor that turns the music on when the baby kicks.
  • Requires three double A batteries

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano

If you baby cherishes anything musical, then perhaps you (and the baby) could benefit a great deal from this piano exersaucer. It is a well-crafted musical piece that spins out jingles whenever the child strikes at (or steps on) its key tones.

One of the best things about this activity saucer is its chair. It can spin around and move back and forth giving a child an exclusively great play time with both the toys and the piano.

The chair in this exersaurcer can be removed to give a child enough space to walk around and enjoy the musical sound produced. It also supports brother/sister bonding as a small child can be placed in the seat while the bigger child enjoys it from outside.

Most Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano are sturdy because they are walk-in exersaucers.

By rewarding the child with musical tones every time he/she steps on the piano keys, Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano motivates the young ones to exercise their legs and fully develop their motor skills. The creative juices are also stimulated as your child learns to step on the piano keys differently to come up with a coordinated sound. This wonderful sturdy piece can still entertain your child well beyond the toddler stage.

Mega Splash Evenflo Exersaucer

The Mega Splash Evenflo Exersaucers are also excellent activity saucers you can buy for your kid to stimulate or hasten their growth process. The plenty plush toys on them help the child develop their fine and gross motor skills, cause and effect learning, object exploration and tactile development.

They are also efficient in helping the child exercise their entire body muscles during rocking, bouncing and spinning processes.

The music tones and its three-position height adjustment are also a great addition to most Mega Splash Evenflo Exersaucers. The toys are detachable; that means, you can mix them up or replace them with something else for extensive learning.

Above all, it takes only a couple of minutes to assemble them up. Let’s have a look at a few Mega Splash Evenflo Exersaucers and their product features.

1. Evenflo – ExerSaucer Activity Center, Mega Splash

  • It’s made up of Disney characters like Pretty Princess
  • The activity jumper has cute critter
  • It has a 3-height adjustment ability
  • The seat pad can be washed with a machine.

2. Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer

  • Has several interchangeable colored toys
  • Promotes rocking, bouncing and spinning
  • Has three height adjustments and its seat pad is machine washable
  • Its beach-themed.

3. Evenflo ExerSaucer Activity Center, Mega Splash with Bright Colors And Many Varying Textures

This one has been designed with rich and deep colors to get any kid attached to it. The toys are removable and have different textures to improve a child’s learning experience.

ExerSaucer Bouncing Barnyard Saucer

ExerSaucer Bouncing Barnyard Saucer is also one the exciting, educational and entertaining activity center you can get for your kid. It may not have the ability to turn at 360 degrees but still offers your child the best neck, back and leg muscle exercises mandatory for healthy growth.

It consists of up to 12 different learning activities. It has additional space for extra toys, and still the existing ones are detachable to create room for new toys. Like other exersaucers, it too has a 3-height adjustable feature for long term use.

Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center – Forest Friends

Oribel PortaPlay is also one of the best baby activity centers many parents buy for their young ones. This jungle play station can be converted into a table for more fun.

Its legs can be adjusted depending with the child’s height. It’s a perfect item that sees your kid through a few years of kindergarten classes.

Parting words

Parental responsibilities are never simple. But whenever a new individual is added to the family, your heart bursts with joy and excitement as you look forward to making sure your child gets the best of the best.

Getting an activity saucer for your kids will help them develop their cognitive and motor skills faster than other kids. Make it a habit of reading online exersaucer reviews before making your final purchase.

5 Best Pack and Play (yard) 2017 – Rated & Reviewed by 100 Moms


Pack and plays or playards, also known as playpens in the past, provide a safe space for your baby or toddler to play when you need kid-free time to cook dinner, get ready for work, or take a bathroom break. They evolved from an original concept of a portable playpen for babies to tots. Today, however, the pack and play styles not only serve as portable playpens but may also be used for sleeping, as changing stations, and as bassinets. Pack and plays come with many different add-ons, such as hanging toys, pockets to hold diapers and spare clothes, and even rocking seats and mp3 players. In fact, there are so many different types and options on the market that parents might have a hard time deciding which one to buy for their child. Hopefully, this guide will make your choice easier!

When do you need a pack and play?

Most playards can be used from the newborn stage up until three years old. When your child reaches 35 inches tall or can climb out, consider your playard’s tour of duty done.

Which playard is best?

Try to figure out what you want most out of a pack and play before adding one to your registry. If you plan to travel with it – whether day trips or weekenders – you’ll want to look for one that is lightweight and easy to fold up. On the other hand, if you would prefer a playard you can also use as a bassinet and diaper changing station, look for souped up models that are both practical and attractive .


There are two types of pack and play on the market: basic and deluxe.


A basic pack and play is lightweight and won’t have any extras such as a mobile or changing station. Most playards are designed for portability – to fit through a door, be moved from one room to another, or folded up to fit in the trunk of your car. They are mainly rectangular, usually 28 by 40 inches.


The deluxe type often comes with a bassinet and a changing station, plus toy bars, music, and canopies. You will find a lot of add-on features at the higher end of the price spectrum. The bassinet’s maximum weight capacity is 15 pounds and the changing table’s weight capacity is 25 pounds. This class of playard may include a vibrating mattress, electronic mobile, canopy, console with music, and night light. Manufacturers recommend using these pack and plays only with children under 35 inches tall.

If you expect to frequently move your play yard from room to room, check its dimensions before you buy. A lot of interior doorways are only 30 inches wide, which is no problem for the 28-inch width of most basic models. On the other hand, many deluxe types are wider. Keep in mind that if you want to move a deluxe model around inside the house, you may have to fold it.



Bassinets and changing-table inserts are pretty useful features. We have to warn you, though: never leave your child unattended within those devices in any model of playard. Your baby may be content to sleep in its bassinet insert, but the safest sleeping is in a full-sized crib. Once your baby begins moving around, he could fall out of a bassinet, either into the playard or onto the floor, and that could cause serious injury. However, a bassinet can provide a nice place for newborns to nap. You should look for a bassinet that securely fastens to the playard in a way that prevents older children from dislodging or tampering with it, especially if you have other kids in the home or plan to use the bassinet for your next baby.


Playards from most manufacturers are designed to move. They usually roll on wheels and fold easily and compactly into their own totes, which resemble short golf bags (although less rugged), making them ideal for trips or jaunts to Grandma’s. A model that fits into its travel bag with its wheels exposed can make moving through a busy place like an airport a lot easier.

Changing Station

Some changing stations attach to the longer top rail of the playard, and you have to remove them to get them out of the way. On the other hand, there are some that simply rest on the long rails and are hinged at one shorter side rail. These changing stations can be flipped over the rail to hang at the outer side of the playard. Our recommendation is to remove the changing table when not in use so it is out of reach of your baby and any other children. Additionally, it is always better to have an active means of attachment to the frame – that is, you have to click, snap, button, or strap a changing table or bassinet into place rather than just have it resting on a frame. Or you might want to skip the expense of a changing table attachment in favor of a safe, inexpensive changing mat that you can use on the floor. If you do use a changing table attachment, always keep your hand on your baby and use the safety straps. In order to avoid potentially fatal entrapment between the station and the yard’s top rail, never put your baby in a playard that has the changing table in place. By removing the table you are avoiding the possibility of entrapment by any loop from the changing table restraint strap (although no loops should be present in a playard that meets ASTM International safety standards). In any case, cease using the changing table insert when your child reaches the manufacturer’s weight limit, which may be anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds.


If you’ll be traveling a lot with your baby, you’ll need a playard that folds and reassembles easily.

Wheels or Casters

A pack and play with a pair of lockable wheels or swivel casters on one end will be much easier to move. For safety’s sake, make sure the wheels lock. Some designs can be rolled when folded, and that is definitely a plus.


Some playard models provide storage for toys and other baby items in zippered side pockets, fabric shelves, hook-on fabric storage pouches, and small clip-on parent-organizer bags. These features aren’t strictly necessary, but if you think you’ll use them, look for storage that is big enough to actually hold something. Storage compartments must be attached or built into the outside of the playard, so they’re out of your baby’s reach.

Toys, Music, Lights

Some pack and plays feature a mobile with suspended toys or a detachable baby gym that can also be used with the bassinet mattress on the floor as a separate play mat for tummy time. These are a bonus, because they are entertainment centers with music, soothing sounds, and lights. But they do increase the price – and the weight, which will make it more difficult to pack up the playard for storage or travel. These features mainly require C or AA batteries (not included). If you intend to use your playard as just a portable nursery, toys may not be necessary. On the other hand, if you use a playard as a mobile activity center, toys and sound effects can be very helpful.


A lot of pack and plays with bassinets have a canopy to shade your baby from harsh light. Some canopies have attached toys that act as a mobile. You can remove the canopy when you are no longer using the bassinet. We believe canopies are an unnecessary expense; you should never put your pack and play in direct sunlight anyway, because babies can easily burn or become overheated.


Top rated 5 pack and play reviews 2016-2017

Graco Pack ‘n Play Reversible Napper and Changer

The Graco Pack ‘n Play Reversible Napper and Changer is a multi-tasker whose functions grow with your child. This model includes a napper (a cozy bassinet elevated above the playpen structure) that when flipped over becomes a wipe-clean changing station. Then you can transition your baby to the full-size bassinet complete with a toy bar and plushies overhead. When your little one starts to move around, remove the mattress and – voila – you have a playard that can be used as a safe play spot and for naps through toddlerhood.


4moms breeze Playard

If you want a pack and play that is easy to set up and break down, the 4moms breeze is exactly what you need. Just push down on the center and the four legs spread and pop out. Once it comes time to put it away, pull up on the center and everything folds back into place to pack back into a travel bag. It also comes with a removable bassinet mattress and a portable changing pad. However, while opening up this playard is simple, carrying it around can be tiresome. At 30 pounds, this is the heaviest play and pack on our list.


Nuna Sena Travel Crib

The Nuna Sena Travel Crib is a Dutch-designed pack and play that will fit right into a modern home. It has a one-hand folding system that makes for an easy setup, especially since the upper cot folds with the frame. The cushy quilted mattress transforms this model into a bassinet for your baby and then later into a dreamy napping spot for your toddler. You can find this model in several beautiful colors: red, black, gray, navy and khaki.

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

You won’t get muscle fatigue carting around this super-practical yard that can be opened with one sweeping movement. One more great thing is that the materials are easily removable and washable – just unzip the top to remove and wash it. The pack and play rests directly on the floor, and its mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps the lightweight playard firmly planted. In contrast to most other playards included in our top picks, the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light does not include a bassinet feature.

Lotus Travel Crib

The Lotus Travel Crib is a super-light playard that folds up into a backpack case so your arms are still free to hold your little one and a diaper bag. Unlike the other pack and play models in our list, this one features a zippered side door so you can lie down with your baby to nurse or cuddle him to sleep and then creep away once he’s in dreamland. The open side door also enables babies and toddlers go in and out of their special place when you want them to, which makes this playard more like a play fort. When you get the hang of it, the Lotus Travel Crib sets up in 15 seconds and the extra-long mattress lies flat on the floor. This playard can be converted into a bassinet, but this requires an additional kit.

Extra info

1. What should you consider when buying a pack and play?

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before making the final choice.

2. Do you need it for a newborn infant?

If you are soon to have a baby, you will want to purchase a pack and play that also comes with a bassinet. The deluxe models come with bassinets that are easily removed once the baby is bigger, and you’ll have the toddler playpen to use once the baby outgrows the bassinet.

3. Do you need a pack and play for a toddler?

If your kid has already passed the infant stage, you will just need a basic playard without the added bassinet and changing table.

4. Is the playard safe?

Playards are usually manufactured to comply with specific safety guidelines. Regardless of that, it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer to be sure they followed the specific safety guidelines set by the government.

5. Do you have a limited budget?

We are aware that price is often a consideration when it comes to choosing a playard. If your funds are limited, choose a less expensive playard. You may have to give up some features to make the purchase fit inside your budget, but even the most basic pack and plays can be very useful.

6. Is it easy to set up or take down?

Most playards are designed to be easy to set up and take down. Some of them even have a push-button release that makes them easier to fold up. Do you want wheels or legs that fold up into the unit so they don’t protrude? Make sure your choice folds down or sets up easily.

7. Do you have a small living space?

If your home or apartment is small, you will definitely want to try to find one of the smaller models to help you save space. Larger units are nice, but not if you’re always tripping over them! Just choose a smaller playard that will meet your needs without taking up too much of your living space.

8. How much does the playard weigh?

It is important to consider the weight, especially when you are going to be traveling with it in tow. Fortunately, most playards are designed to be light weight and easy to carry around with you. But it’s always good to check the weight just to ensure you choose one that is light enough to transport.

9. Are the materials used in construction organic and non-toxic to children?

This is also a very important thing to check before making that final purchase. What you need to find is a statement by the manufacturer that tells you what they used to build the unit. This information also needs to confirm that the pack and play is non-toxic and not harmful for children.

10. Do you want it to have wheels?

You can find a lot of playards that have wheels so they are easy to push around the house. Most of them also fold up nicely for taking with you on a trip. But if you plan on keeping yours in one spot in your house, you can save a little money by purchasing a model without wheels.

11. Do you want the educational advantage of toys?

Most pack and plays have a toy bar or other special features designed to stimulate or educate your baby. A few of the top playards have a toy bar that is soft and colorful. This supposedly helps teach the baby to focus, reach for things and make associations. If you want this for your child, make sure to pick a pack and play that includes it.

12. Do you need more storage?

Some of the latest models on the market have extra storage units available. If you are not traveling much and are keeping the pack and play in one location most of the time, then you might benefit from having a convenient storage option.

13. Will you use it for traveling?

If you are planning to use your playard while traveling, buy the most compact and easily portable model you can find. It will need to fold up as small as possible and have a carrying case of some sort. That will let you take it wherever you are going, whether by car, plane or other mode of transportation.

14. Do you need other extra features?

Some higher-end deluxe models have special features that might be considered as just extras. For example, there are some models that include a vibration feature, which can be calming for the baby. There are also models able to play music or sounds of nature for your baby to help him relax and sleep.

15. How to use a playard properly and safely?

  1. Read and follow all safety precautions in the owner’s manual and on the playard. Keep your owner’s manual for future reference.
  2. We also recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly. Double check that all latching features and hinges on the playard are in place and secure. Before using a playard, confirm that all top rails and the center floor are locked in position; the floor pad should also be in place. Don’t ever let your baby in a playard with the sides down.
  3. In some models, the safety straps on the changing station insert can be a strangulation hazard if they form a loop beneath the changing table. This is another reason to remove the changing table when your baby is in the playpen portion of the playard. Because of the danger of strangulation and entrapment, always check to be sure that your baby can’t push down on the bassinet or changing table insert. One more thing to be careful about is that changing table straps should be sewn down or otherwise securely fastened to the changing table surface, so that they cannot form a loop.
  4. It is good idea to remove the bassinet and the changing station entirely, or if you have a hinged changing station, at least be sure to flip it to the outside when your baby is playing in the playard. There is some danger that the baby’s neck could become trapped between the side rail and the bassinet or changing station. Children have died in playards when that has happened. Also don’t forget that another child can flip a hinged bassinet back onto the playard while your baby is inside.
  5. Once your baby can pull up to a standing position, you should remove large toys and other objects that could serve as step stools for climbing out of the playard. If you see that your little one is a skilled climber in general, stop using the playard.
  6. When using a bassinet, place your baby to sleep on her back, as you would in a full-sized crib. If you are using a playard’s changing table, don’t forget to keep a hand on your baby and use the safety harness.