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Giving Birth at Home: Is it Safe?

Considered the norm throughout most of human history and still the norm in many cultures, giving birth at home is a well-practiced tradition. Although, in modern times, as well as in movies and television shows, labor is usually depicted as occurring in a hospital surrounded by a team of medical professionals. However, as more women seek to take control over their labor, and medical practices, technology and other aspects of gynecology continue to improve, more and more women are broadening their expectations of labor and choosing home birth as an option.

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Birthing Methods: Different Philosophies

If Hollywood is to be believed, birth only occurs in one way: with the mother on her back, feet in the stirrups, and often times screaming obscenities at her husband. There might be some pantomimes of breathing exercises, but more often than not birth is only depicted with screaming and grunting. This is hilarious, until you are the one trying to push another human out of your body and your partner has no idea how to help or what to do. However, this is not how it needs to be! There are actually many different ways in which labor and delivery can occur from a medicine-free natural birth, to something known as hypno-birth, all the way to a planned cesarean procedure. These methods all use a variety of philosophies and focus on different parts of births, such as teaching women how to manage the pain of delivery or teaching them coping skills throughout the entire pregnancy.

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

When you become pregnant there are a lot of things to think of and decisions that need to be made. One topic that will come up is breastfeeding versus formula. This is an extremely important decision because this is what will be going into your newborn’s body and will assist your baby in growing. When making this decision it is important to look at all the benefits that breastfeeding provides both mom and baby.

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Water Birth: The Gentlest Way

Delivering your baby in a tub of warm water is often nicknamed “the gentlest of gentle births”. Throughout television, movies, and other popular culture, birth can be depicted as a horribly painful event that involves a lot of medication, screaming, and agony on behalf of the mother. In response to this often violent depiction of one of the most natural aspects of a woman’s life, many women are beginning to look for alternative birthing methods, especially those that appear gentler for both the mother and the baby. Choosing a water birth suits many of these women’s needs.

What exactly is a water birth?

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