Author - Amanda

How to Grill Tuna Steaks

If there’s one thing that reminds me the most of summertime, it’s tuna. At this time of year, I’m all about embracing the season and stuffing our bellies full of local seasonal produce, like squash. However, sometimes you just want a taste of July, right? Sometimes you just desire a little freshness that isn’t so warm and cinnamon-laden, and that’s okay. Freshness, summertime, and the sea. Tuna embodies all of those things. Read More

Bleeding After Sex

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Thus, seeing spotting after sex would bring tension to the moment. Spotting is normally considered alarming when it occurs and the woman is not menstruating (it’s not that time of the month). Different studies and research have determined that there are several reasons for this condition. The condition should not be neglected. Instead, an appointment should be scheduled with your health care provider, the sooner the better. Read More