The 5 Best Postpartum Girdles

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Pregnancy changes the way a woman’s body looks and feels. When a woman is pregnant, her skin will stretch, and the size of her belly will increase. This process leaves behind stretch marks and excess skin that is no longer tightened.

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The best postpartum girdle will reduce many of these issues and allow a woman to regain her body’s natural form faster.

Remember, these close-fitting garments should not be worn while pregnant. It’s only recommended that you wear a postpartum girdle immediately following pregnancy barring no complications. When you wear one of these girdles, you’ll:

  • Relieve bloating felt after pregnancy.
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Help skin regain elasticity.
  • Remove the appearance of stretch marks.

Post pregnancy girdles are the best way for new mothers to regain their form without having to worry about stretch marks or sagging skin. In fact, these girdles were once used after weight loss surgeries because they’re so effective at helping the skin retain elasticity and return back to its normal tightness.

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There are 5 main types of girdles to choose from:

1. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle

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A medical grade option perfect for after childbirth. Available in three sizes: corset, zipper and pull-up, there are a variety of options to choose from. Micro porous and breathable, the fabric used to make a Bellefit allows the skin to breathe while compressing the abdomen region to compress your belly size.

Spine support is offered as well through the unique design of the girdle.

Normally found in nude colors, this girdle will not look awkward underneath clothing, and there is even a bra and panties set offered to ensure all of your bits return back to their normal size.

2. Elastic Medical Grade

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Another option that is medical grade. Elastic postpartum corsets and girdles offer a variety of color options and are very tight fitting. Most people won’t know you’re wearing these girdles and they have a “sporty” look that you would find in a gym.

Sizes for elastic types vary from extra small to extra-large – anyone can wear them.

Worn daily, these girdles have been shown to reduce the excess skin and stretch marks associated with child birth and are comfortable to wear.  You will find these girdles in white, black, blue and a variety of other colors.

3. Gabrialla Support Girdles

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The optimal choice in pull up girdles. The Gabrialla does pull over the body, meaning that mothers that have has a natural birth find this girdle to be ideal. Anyone that has had a caesarian section to deliver their child will not want a postpartum girdle in the pull up style due to discomfort and immense pressure on the area.

If you have had a C-section, we recommend not trying this item until 2+ weeks after giving birth.

Made of cotton, nylon and elastic, these girdles provide compression for your abdominal region and legs while also offering breathability and comfort. Available in a number of sizes, the Gabrialla is one of the best options due to treating the abs, hips, legs and butt all with one girdle.

4. High Waist Abdominal Support


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Extra support for the back and abdomen is exactly what the high waist abdominal support girdle offers to wearers. This girdle is available in black and skin colors, and is the perfect option for any mother that has lower back pain.

If you have had a C-section, we highly recommend going with this girdle type for best results.

Available in different colors and sizes, you’ll want to wear this girdle as soon as it feels comfortable over the skin. Remember, you’ve just underwent a major surgery, so if the girdle hurts when wearing it, take it off until it’s tolerable to wear.

5. Leonisa Brief Panty

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The Leonisa Brief Panty is the last item on our list, and comes in nude and black shades. Sleek and very stylish, this panty looks more like a fancy set of lingerie than the best postpartum girdle. But, sexy is good – especially for a woman that has just given birth and wants to feel and look sexy once again.

Made from microfiber, this material has immense compression ability while allowing the skin to breathe. It’s also resistant to smells and bacteria.

The great shapewear from Leonisa provides one of the best aesthetically-pleasing girdles while also allowing for compression to help a woman regain her post-pregnancy body.

What’s the Best Postpartum Girdle for Me?

There are numerous manufacturers that make these girdles, and the right one for you will depend on your specific needs. If you’ve had a C-section, we recommend going with the high waist girdle type due to its immense comfort level.

If you’re still healing, you will want to discuss your girdle with your doctor to ensure it will not hinder the healing process.

Worn immediately after birth, you’ll find that within a few weeks, your figure will be restored, and you’ll have no stretched and sagging skin, or unsightly stretch marks.

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