Best 6 Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy is not a new phenomenon. Women have been getting pregnant and giving birth for many thousands of years, and it is almost a certainty that they have been trying for the same length of time to find ways of confirming their pregnancy in its early stages. The options of visiting a doctor or buying an over-the-counter pregnancy test from a pharmacy were not available to the ancestors of modern women. They relied on what is now called a DIY pregnancy test, and their traditional methods can still be used today. Read More

Rave Reviews – Double Umbrella Strollers

Many parents who have, or have had multiple children can attest to the challenges that they remember. Errands, play dates, and activities are exhausting to keep track of on their own, without having to worry about transportation and the actual logistics of traveling with multiple children.

Horror stories are sometimes heard coming from mothers who naively took their children into a grocery or clothing store, only to have their children embarrassingly run around the store, hiding, and possibly damaging expensive products. Parents of twins face even more challenges, as they cannot even count on age differences for added maturity in public.

Enter the double stroller – the mother’s way of rounding her children up, in her sight, and away from possible embarrassing situations.

A double stroller is an excellent method of walking transportation for parents and grandparents of twins, or multiple children. There are currently many designs and models to choose from, but the ultimate purchase decision should be based on individual needs and the needs of the child.

Any good quality stroller will provide two comfortable seats for passengers, but not all of them recline, come with storage, or accessories.

Made from a metal or aluminum skeleton, double strollers can have three sets of wheels on jogging designs, and four on umbrella style strollers. The leading wheel or wheels are often fastened to be able to swivel, but can also be locked for added security.

Seats should recline ideally and should be a good distance from the floor for the child’s height. Good strollers also usually come equipped with a safety harness, to help overly squirmy kids or those who cannot yet support themselves, from falling out.

Double strollers are commonly found in households with multiple children, as their added convenience easily outweighs any disadvantages. Being able to set the baby down while chasing a toddler, or allowing the children to nap while out of the house, allows mothers to accomplish many daily tasks that could otherwise be taken for granted.

Nowadays, options are not as limited as they once were, with varying styles and designs, features such as adjustable and individual canopies, underneath storage, leg rests, and reclining seats. For those looking to purchase a double stroller for their own convenience, there are many factors to consider.

Size and style are often important factors that women consider when choosing a new stroller. Many double strollers are large in size, but there are currently many lightweight, smaller, or combination designs available to choose from as well.

Parents and grandparents can choose to purchase a side by side model, or an incline, or back to front model. Every model and manufacturer provide varying features, so consumers should also be very familiar with how they will be using their stroller, and where.

Types of Double Strollers

Double strollers can come in one of two designs, generally, although combination strollers may be considered another category as they gain popularity. Side by side strollers looks like they sound, and have the two children sitting on each other’s side.

On an inline stroller, the seats are positioned one in front of the other. Combination strollers can be changed to suit up to twenty different seating preferences on some models.

All three styles come in varying designs. Cheap no frills models are available as well as full travel systems with all of the accessories.

Side-by-side double stroller models are the most commonly found in the marketplace, with more designs and styles to choose from than other types. They offer a consistent ride for both passengers, and easy maneuverability.

Many models have two canopies, though some only have one, so buyers should look at this feature before buying, and consider their needs. Some customers do not like that side-by-side stroller models do not allow for individual adjustment for passengers in many models.

Others find this style to be too wide, hard to navigate through narrow openings and doorways. Others claim that side-by-side models are heavy to lift, and store, however, this is a common complaint about every type of double stroller.

Inline models also come in a variety of styles and designs and may be considered to be more attractive than side-by-side models. The two seats on inline models can be level, or one can be raised above the other. The narrower width of these models allows them to fit in some spaces that a side-by-side would not, however, some customers find that the longer style makes for less maneuverability.

There is also rare consistency for passengers, with most models offering added features for only one of the two seats. These designs seem to assume that use is for two children of different ages, and does not seem to consider twins, children close in age, or very competitive or jealous children that want the same features as their siblings.

Combination and sit-and-stand models of double strollers are also available, and although these models are not usually sought after by parents of twins, parents of multiple children that are different ages often return very favorable reviews.

Additional Features

Although a side by side stroller is nice for passengers to have the same experiences and features, sometimes they are not feasible, or just not the style or design that is wanted. When looking to purchase a new stroller, however, it is important to also consider factors aside from seating position.

Many current double stroller designs have dual front wheels, equaling four total wheels in the front of the stroller. These strollers are called umbrella strollers, and they can often be found in lightweight models that fold and store easily.

Double jogger strollers are also available, but can be extremely heavy, and often do not have much storage. That said, jogger strollers are often thought to be easier to maneuver despite their weight.

Parents and grandparents buying a stroller for twins should also look into models that can accommodate two infant carriers, as not every double stroller can. Many people want to purchase an all in one travel system, regardless of how many children they have and their ages.

It may be more suitable, however, for some families to purchase two less expensive strollers that will serve different purposes in the following years. Other families may want to consider giving up some features for an overall better model of stroller.

Being able to accommodate two car seats means nothing if the user can’t steer the stroller, or has zero storage. Versatility should be considered for anyone who plans to use their stroller in various activities, rather than just walking. Some double stroller models can be used not only for jogging, but for hiking, biking, and even skiing.

In order to find a double stroller that suits specific individual needs, consumer should consider the ages and stages of the children that will be using the stroller. Parents of twins often require that their stroller is able to accommodate two infant car seats or carriers, but parents of multiple children of different ages can choose from many options.

If the older child does not need to recline or is happy standing, then a combination stroller may work. If both children will need to recline fully, then a side-by-side stroller may be the best choice. If only one car seat is needed, an inline stroller may be preferred simply on the basis of style.

Parents of children who are close in age or competitive, however, should watch that both children receive the same experiences and features to avoid jealousy or hurt feelings.Consumers should also consider how long they plan to travel for, and how frequently.

Often, a less expensive stroller is appropriate for occasional trips to the grocery store or mall, but a lengthy day trip to the zoo or a vacation to another country may demand more features from the stroller. Long trips often also require that the child is able to lie down comfortably, has access to snacks or a drink, as well as storage space for toys and extra clothing.

Of course, budget is always a concern when planning to purchase anything new. Some double stroller models can be extremely expensive, so buyers should be sure that their purchase includes all the features that they love.

Alternately, many less expensive models offer good handling and storage, which may be all that is needed. Buyers should ensure that their choice in stroller is durable enough, however, to last at least a few years., and remember that they may not be able to resell a less expensive model.

Joovy Strollers

Joovy is a relatively new company that manufactures single, double, and triple strollers, as well as child’s toys, playards, and feeding accessories. Joovy strollers have a modern look that parents love, and durability and quality are always guaranteed. Favorite Joovy double stroller models include the Caboose Stand And Ride and the Scooter X2.

Maclaren Strollers

More than fifty years ago, Maclaren introduced their first Baby Buggy for sale. It was the size of an umbrella and folded with little effort for travel. Even at that time Maclaren’s strollers only weighed about ten pounds.

Today Maclaren maintains its popularity, introducing new designs for parents and grandparents regularly. Over the years, Maclaren has partnered with famous design labels such as Burberry, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and LaCoste.

Maclaren applies the basic ideas behind aeronautics to create revolutionary designs that set the industry standard for quality. Popular Maclaren double stroller models include their Twin Triumph and the Twin Techno. Both models offer plenty of storage and can fit easily through standard doorways.

Britax Strollers

For over seventy years Britax has been a leader in safety and innovation, gaining popularity in Europe before entering the North American market in the mid-nineties. Safety is the main concern at Britax, and their products undergo vigorous testing procedures at various facilities before being sent to retailers.

The company also works with the manufacturers of vehicles to ensure compliance with car seat regulations. They also provide excellent customer service to customers, always available for advice in regards to the safety features and installation of their products.

Their current double stroller model, the B-AGILE Double, offers many features, including a lightweight frame with height adjustable handle and easy fold system, a narrow width, to accommodate standard size doorways, a large under seat storage area as well as two additional storage pockets behind the seats, and all wheel suspension that ensures maximum maneuverability.

This stroller will accommodate Britax Click & Go infant car seats, and come with the necessary equipment to fasten them securely.

Chicco Strollers

Chicco is the most popular brand of stroller manufacturer in Europe and has been for more than fifty years. Chicco, pronounced ‘kee-ko’, not only produces baby products, but also needles and thermometers, as part of their mission towards personal wellness.

Now, Chicco brand strollers are available in more than one hundred and twenty countries, worldwide.

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller allows buyers to customize their travel system, as it accommodates up to two matching Chicco car seats. The rear seat reclines fully on this inline model stroller, allowing for a car seat or bassinet, while the front seat folds forward for the second infant carrier.

This model boasts a one handed fold system and secure storage latch, as well as plenty of storage, however, the seats are only recommended to accommodate children up to forty pounds.

The Most Lightweight Double Stroller

Zoe may have made the best travel stroller in existence with the XL2 Deluxe Double Lightweight Twin Umbrella Stroller System.

The entire stroller weighs only about sixteen pounds but has ample storage, separate four-panel canopies with peek-a-boo windows, seat comfort pads, and a secure harness strap system. The frame is made of aluminum, which allows for extended durability while keeping the weight to an absolute minimum.

There is an easy to use folding system, and the entire stroller folds up to be extremely compact. Each child has a cup holder on this model, and the two children share a snack tray. There is also a parent cup holder and a belly bar for added security.

Real customer reviews love the lightweight design and the ease of use in folding. They also love its easy steering and maneuverability, while still providing plenty of storage.

The Cheapest Double Stroller

Aside from the obvious, very inexpensive, and flimsy options, there are many double stroller models that are both durable and less expensive. This model made by Delta Children comes highly rated by real customers. It has individual canopies, foot rests, and a parent cup holder.

There is also storage for some small items on the back of each seat. This model is not as wide as some other double stroller models, making is less awkward to maneuver in public places. In fact, at only 29 inches wide, this may be the smallest and most compact double stroller available. Users love the reasonable price, too.

The Best Sit To Stand Double Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller maintains a very reasonable price, considering its many features. Children can choose to sit in the front and rear seats or one child can stand on the rear platform, which is a handy feature for parents with much older children who only sometimes tire of walking.

This stroller design offers a one-handed fold system, a removable tray with cup holder for the children, and a covered parent tray with two cup holders, in addition to plenty of storage. This model also accepts two infant car seats which may make this model the ideal choice for expectant mothers of twins.

Final Thoughts

Although these products may seem to be very similar, they have individual features that separate one model from the rest. Those who wish to purchase a double stroller model, whether out of convenience or necessity, need to decide what they will be using the stroller for, where they will be going and for how long.

They should take into account the number of children they have, and their ages and sizes as well. Some big, tall or older children have a hard time in strollers due to feet dragging, or lack of leg room.

Some models and manufacturers keep this in mind, however, and stroller designs are available that accommodate even the oldest and tallest children.

Prospective customers should take the time to look at several models of double stroller that they feel look good, and then compare the features that they hold important.

  • Handlebar Height
  • Ease of Steering
  • Folding System
  • Cup Holders
  • Snack Trays
  • Storage
  • Product Dimensions
  • Product Weight
  • Weight Restrictions for Each Seat

Consumers should also consider the weight restrictions for each of the stroller’s individual seats, especially if they have big, tall, or older children. Parents of twins may want a stroller that can accommodate two car seats, while other parents may want their children to have the option to sit or stand.

Most of the choices that customers have in terms of double strollers available today are affordable, considering that this is a product that will be used possibly for many years into the future. Additionally, some of the more expensive models offer accessories or features that may not be needed.

Weight may not be a factor to consider if the stroller will only be used for short and infrequent day trips, however, would be a very important factor for anyone who travels often.

The best advice when looking to buy a double stroller applies to any other purchase. Real customer reviews are often the best source of information that may not be available from sellers or the manufacturer.

Real reviews outline product flaws and unnecessary features, while highlighting the best and most useful features. Every double stroller highlighted in this article comes highly recommended from real users, so buyers can rest assured that the best choices in each category are those of the majority and not one individual person.

Double Jogging Stroller Review

Perhaps you were one of the lucky women who ended up with twins or maybe you just have children that are close enough in age where they are both small enough to fit into a stroller. Either way, the best type of stroller for you to get is a double stroller to help you transport both of your children.

There are different types of double strollers; whether it is the side-by-side seating versus tandem strollers, or the added features that a stroller will have.  Now double the children means double the stuff, so when looking for a double stroller one of the features you want to pay attention to is the cargo space that is located below the seating.

In today’s society a lot of women are very active and try to make time for exercising. Of course when you have a child it is a little hard to keep up with your fitness when you are constantly bogged down with children.

If you have more than one child, but want to keep up with your fitness the best thing to do is buy a double jogger stroller. These strollers will make running easy and fun for both you and your kid.

Difference between regular stroller and jogging stroller

You may be thinking what differentiates a regular stroller from a jogging stroller? Jogger strollers have frames that are designed with speed in mind. While you are jogging you will reach a higher speed than if you were just going for a leisurely walk or a stroll.

Jogging strollers are typically wider, have more leg room for your strides, and have one front wheel for better control. For safety you will find that a jogger stroller has a hand strap, in case you can’t keep up with your strollers speed.

Another safety feature is the hand break, for when you need to suddenly stop your stroller.  But there is so much more to jogging strollers.

Pneumatic rubber tires

Jogging strollers typically have larger wheels in the back and a smaller wheel in the front. When larger wheels ride over bumps they take on less stress and also requires less pushing effort.

Suspension systems

To help avoid any stress or impact from bumps in the road or rougher terrain, most jogging strollers have a shock system on every wheel. These shock systems kind of work like the shocks in a car and will guarantee that your children will have a smoother ride than in regular strollers.

Front Wheels

Regular strollers have spinning wheels, so if you try and run with a regular stroller, most likely your stroller will have no control. But with a fixed front wheel, or even just one swivel wheel in the front, you will be able to control the steering on the stroller a lot easier.

Reclined angle seat

To ensure safety of your child while they are running all jogger strollers have a seat belt fastening system. But that is not the only thing that makes a jogging stroller safe. If the seats are in an angled reclining position it can help keep your child back and protected from being thwarted forward when you take sudden stops.

Plus, seats that recline will be more comfortable for your child, especially if they are tired and want to nap. Some strollers have independent reclining systems, so each seat can have their own position.

What to look for in double jogging strollers

Other than the specifications that make a double jogging stroller different from a jogging stroller, there are unique features you can find on jogging strollers that can make your exercising a little more enjoyable.

Five-point harness

While not all double jogging strollers have a five-point harness seat belt to keep your child safe, the best type of jogging strollers will have these. If you are forced to make sudden stops for any reason you will feel better knowing your child is safely fastened into the seat.

Parking Break

Just like a car, a stroller can run away from you. Anytime you have a jogging stroller you want to make sure it is accompanied with a parking break. Before letting your hands off of your stroller you should engage the parking break to ensure that the stroller and your child is safe.

Cup Holders

As you might suspect, having ability to access a water bottle while exercising can be very comforting, but if you don’t have anywhere to put it then it could be difficult to exercise and stay hydrated. That is why it is important to find a double jogger stroller that is equipped with a parent cup holder.

Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

There are many options when it comes to buying the best double jogger. When looking through the different features it can be hard to pinpoint which stroller is the best for you.

Or, it can be a little overwhelming which is the best one on the market to purchase. We have tried to narrow down the best double jogging strollers for you so you can weigh the pros and cons yourself.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This double jogging stroller is perfect for children that are a little larger and older. The soft padded seats are large and can fit two children up to 50 pounds each, meaning the weight limit for this stroller is 100 pounds.

The seats are also angled in a reclining position offer a safer ride for the children, to keep them from jutting forward when surprised with sudden stops. The larger wheels in the back of the stroller, and the front smaller wheel are all locked in a frontward facing position to make it easier to control the stroller in the direction that you want.

Other features of this stroller is that it comes with a cup holder and a tray for easy storage of your cell phone, water, and keys.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat

A little different than other strollers, the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second seat has two seats but one in front of the other, instead of them sitting side by side. This stroller is so versatile that you can have 16 different seating combinations to fit your needs; these combinations include adaptability for car seats, regular seats, bassinets seats, a mixture of different seats and so much more.

Although this stroller has two front wheels, instead of the locked one wheel, it still has easy maneuverability and control. The Quick-Fold Technology makes it easy for you to fold it up in one swift movement. Featuring adjustable handlebars and a large basket for bags, this jogging stroller is perfect for a growing family.

Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

This Bob double jogging Stroller is perfect for a family with multiple children and who likes to exercise anywhere. With a swivel from wheel, the stroller can be maneuvered easily, plus the locks on the wheels helps the stroller ride over rough terrains. There is also an adjustable suspension system, which reduces the impact when going over bumps, allowing the child to experience a smooth ride.

The adjustable handlebar has nine different positions for a parent of any height. This stroller is ideal to take on family vacations, especially to the beach, because the wheels are able to grip to the fine sand. Plus it features a large cargo basket that can hold all of your materials and equipment that you may need.

Chicco Cortina Together Stroller

This Chicco tandem stroller is great for a family with multiple children, especially if the children are not the same age. Although not a Chicco jogger stroller, since Chicco discontinued their double jogger, it is a great addition to this list because of the features it has just as a double stroller.

Versatile and able to have different types of seating, plus it is adaptable for the Chicco Keyfit or Keyfit 30 car seat, this stroller can last for many years. A huge closeable storage basket under the seats allows for double the stuff for your children.

There are cup holders for both children and two up top for the parent, plus a small closeable tray compartment in between the cup holders for keys or phones. Not the mention the height adjustable handlebars, with extra padding for the parents comfort.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

Rated the best double running stroller on the market for all of its features, durability, and style, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is one double jogging stroller you can pass up. Although a little pricey, you will get what you paid for with this stroller.

The wheels on this stroller make it easy to drive on all different types of terrain, great for taking on family vacations to the beach or on a rocky path in through a wooded area. The seats on this stroller have the ability to recline back fully, and they both recline independently; so if one child is asleep while the other is awake they will both be happy with their seating situations.

The dual canopy systems that fold independently have peek-a-boo windows on the top and great ventilation to keep your children cool on a warm day. Plus, these canopy extend relatively long, so the shade is greater on the Summit X3 than on most other strollers.

Unfortunately, the one downside of this great double jogging stroller is the fact that it does not come with a parent cup holder or tray area for keys or phone; but you can buy an attachable to add onto this great running stroller.

InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

The InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger is a lightweight double jogger stroller that features side by side by side seating for your children. Weighing only 30.2 pounds, this is the lightest double jogger stroller on the market.

Made by Schwinn, this double jogger stroller is not compatible with any type of car seat, and although it can handle up to 100 pounds, the height of the stroller might have your children out of it by the age of 3. With adjustable handle bars and a hand break, this stroller is perfect for taking your children for a jog.

Plus a double cup holder and mounted speakers for an MP3 player, so you and your children can enjoy music while exercising.

Overall, all of these strollers are great for jogging, with the exception of the Chicco. But, the Chicco has so many great features as a double stroller it was hard to not list it.  If you want the best double jogger stroller go with the Summit X3.

Even though it does not feature the highly desirable cup holder for the parents; its comfort and safety for your child is something you cannot compare. The dual independent canopy system provides extra shade from harmful UV rays, as well as ventilation for warmer days. The reclining seats are support by themselves allows for one child to sit up while another one is resting.

With a five-point harness system for both children, they will be securely strapped in so you won’t have to worry about them trying to climb out while you are running, or falling out if you have to stop suddenly with the hand breaks.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still want the best features of a double jogging stroller your pick would be the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller. This stroller is the best bang for your buck. With adjustable handlebars, a large cargo basket under the seating system and cup holders for the parents, it has all the necessities and so much more.

The seats are already angled in a reclining position so your children can be safe, comfortable, and seated backwards while you are running. Plus, the five point harness seatbelt keeps them fastened in well to provide them with safety. You’ll find that this stroller is great for smoother terrains and can last for many years.

Cervical Pillows

A cervical pillow can be used for many reasons. Some people may find that a cervical fits their sleeping style best or that the comfort of a cervical pillows is that of a cloud. Other people might find that they have to use a cervical pillow because they suffer neck or back pain, normally caused by a cervical hypolordosis (a less than normal curvature of the sine).

While it may appear that cervical pillows are a small niche of pillows, there is still a wide variety of these pillow types. There are traction cervical pillows, D-core cervical pillows, and tri-core cervical pillows.

Cervical Pillow Types


The D-Core pillow has a head cradle area in the center of it that is shaped like a D. The neck support below the D is to help restore the natural curvature of the neck and upper spine.


A cervical traction pillow doesn’t feature a head cradle, but instead it provides ergonomic support. One side of the pillow is the support side, the other is traction side.

With the Traction “V” on the top of the pillow it is supposed to help support your head so you don’t have to support all of your head weight while you are sleeping. They are engineered to help improve posture and relieve back and neck pain.


A Tri-Core cervical pillow is like the D-core, but this one features a head cradle in the shape of a trapezoid, dead center of the pillow. On each side there are padded areas built for side sleeping. Also, there are two different sized neck supports, one side is large the other side is small; to be able to fit your comfort needs.

Sleeping Positions

Deciding what type of pillow you would want depends heavily on how you sleep; whether it is on your back, side, or stomach. Determining your sleeping position will help you figure out what cervical pillow you need.

Back sleepers

People who sleep on their backs need thinner pillows so their heads are not elevated too much. Also, some pillows that are great for back sleepers are ones that have extra padding at the bottom half of the pillow to support the neck.

Side Sleepers

People who sleep on their sides are more likely to need a firmer pillow; one that will fill the area between the ear and the outside of the shoulder.

Stomach Sleepers

Although it is not suggested that you sleep on your stomach, if you do, you will most likely need a very thin pillow, or perhaps no pillow at all.

Pillow Filling

Pillows have many different types of fillings. The different types of fillings can provide different comfort levels. They also give the pillow different textures and determine how long the pillows will last.

  • Memory Foam: Known for reducing pressure points because they form to the shape of your body.
  • Fiber Pillows: The cheapest filling that is found in pillows is fiber. Unfortunately fiber can wear down easily.
  • Down/Feather Pillows: Terrible for people with allergies, down pillows are the most popular filling because you can move the stuffing around to provide support wherever you need it.

Cervical Pillow Reviews

Each cervical pillow is made differently, and deciding which cervical pillow is best for you can be a little hard at first. Unsure about whether you need a tri-core, D-core, or traction pillow is determined on where you think you are having the most pain.

Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper there are certain types of pillows you should steer away from. Feather/down pillows are soft but they lack the height support that would help with relieving neck or upper spike pain.

Also, polyester pillows, these tend to shift and wear out easily, creating a hollow spot that can cause more problems than fix. Sticking with latex, buck wheat, or memory foam is the best option for side sleepers.

SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

This contour styled, orthopedic cervical pillow for side sleepers provides the support that their neck needs to prevent any pain in the morning. The microbeads in this pillow will not clump up or shift, and they are hypo-allergenic great for people who suffer from allergies.

The Iso-Cool beads that are in this pillow helps absorb any heat keeping you cool throughout the night. And although they are a little pricey, these pillows come with a 15 year warranty, so you can replace the pillow whenever needed.

MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

The MyPillow is almost a customizable pillow that will fit your needs specifically. One of the best cervical pillows for neck pain, these pillows are created to suit you based off of your size. It is available in four different loft levels, which is the height of the pillow, and it uses your shirt size to determine which pillow will fit you the best.

Made with a poly-blend filling, this pillow has ventilation that will keep you cool at night. The poly-blend filling allows you to form the pillow to your body, even if you change sleeping positions throughout the night.

Arch4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

This Arch4Life Traction neck pillow is the best neck pillow for sleeping. It is engineered to help and support any sleeper who normally has neck pain when they wake up.

Neck pain can cause more problems than discomfort behind your head, overtime it can lead to numbness, headaches, fatigue, or even lower back pain. With a recessed center and plumped up comfortable sides, this pillow will support your neck and have you waking up on the right side of the bed.

Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper you want to find a pillow that is firm, so your head is not resting too far back, and a little high. Normally back sleepers are known for snoring because of the position of their sinuses, so you want your head to be somewhat elevated. But not too elevated that it increases your neck pain.

J’s Sleep Solution

This chiropractic pillow was engineered by Dr. Grunstein, a leading chiropractic physician in the country. The structure of this pillow allows for you neck to be supported and your head to not fall back too far, you don’t want your head lower than your neck or it will put strain on your neck.

Made with a polyester down alternative fiber, it keeps its shape and support, but still provides you with the comfort of a down/feather pillow. Featured with a 233 thread count 100% cotton pillow case, this pillow is soft and cuddly, and perfect for back sleepers.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Made by Coop Home Goods, this pillow allows you to have the flexibility, support, and comfort that your neck needs while sleeping on your back. This cervical support pillow is created with a shredded memory foam filling, allowing you to be able to position it anyway you need to for maximum comfort. Because the memory foam in this pillow is shredded, the airflow between the pieces keeps the pillow cool during the night.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutica Pillows are a little different than most cervical support pillows or really any other pillow you can find. Although these pillows may look uncomfortable at first, because of their design, they are actually the best cervical spine pillow to help provide the support you need to prevent neck and spine pain. The design of this pillow has a wedge extension to help support your upper back and a cervical contour right at the curve of your neck; the center cavity for your head gives you comfort and support for back sleepers.

Also, this pillow has raised side panels to accommodate for shoulder height for side sleepers. This pillow is created as “training wheels” in a way, it is to help stomach sleepers’ transition to sleeping on their back or their side.

Stomach Sleepers

Although it is not suggested that you sleep on your stomach, sometimes you can’t control how you sleep. So you need to know what pillow would work best for you.

You want to steer away from tall pillows, these types of pillows will push your head up and create a tension between your neck and upper spine, which will cause all day pain. No stomach sleeper pillows are really “cervical pillows” because they don’t provide support for your neck, but they do provide a flatness so you can avoid neck pain.

Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Form Pillow

The thinness of this ultra slim sleeper memory form pillow is perfect for a stomach sleeper because you won’t have the feeling that your head is higher than your neck. Most stomach sleepers sleep with one arm under their head, the slim profile of this pillow makes this possible, without added extra elevation that could push your head out of alignment with your spine. The memory form pillow does not lose its shape and will allow you to have a good night’s rest.

The Pancake Pillow

This is the best pillow for stomach sleepers who want to have it customizable to their own shape. The inside of this pillow is made up of six microfiber sections that can be removed piece by piece to provide you with the comfort and height level you need.

The microfibers inside of these “pancakes” add support and an airy feeling that will keep you cool throughout the night. Not only is this a great pillow to buy for stomach sleepers, but a nice one to have for guest bedrooms since it is customizable.

Other Cervical Pillows

While it may seem ideal to always have your large pillow with you wherever you go, if you are going on vacation or traveling for business. But sometimes lugging around a huge pillow is not ideal.

If that is the case you will need to have a smaller version of your pillow that will help with neck support and comfort. Luckily, there are a couple of travel friendly pillows created to help relieve pain, even on the go.

HengJia Prieum

A smaller cervical pillow, the HengJia preium pillow fits perfectly behind your head to support your upper spine, neck, and head. With the curvature of the pillow it provides a resting area for the curve of your head. The deep contoured channel for your neck is made with high quality remedy memory foam and helps reduce stiffness and pain.

This pillow will never lose its shape and is machine washable. This smaller size is perfect to carry on any plane ride so you don’t have to sleep with your head limp resting on your chest.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Another great travel cervical pillow is the Cabeau Evolution pillow. It comes in many different styles and colors so you can travel in luxury. But the memory foam and ergonomic design helps keep your neck supported when catching some sleep eye on the fly.

The flat design on the back of the pillow is designed to keep you head at a natural position and will not push it forward. It also has 360 degree support, to help keep your head from falling over and causing more neck pain.


Overall, deciding what cervical pillow is best for you, it is important to know what your sleeping position is. Getting a pillow that doesn’t support your head and neck correctly because you don’t know how you sleep can cause more damage than fix.

Another thing to consider is buying your pillow in person. Most mattress stores sell pillows and will allow you to “try them on” to make sure that they are the perfect comfort level and support that you need.

The best cervical pillow would be the Arch4Life Cervical Linear Traction pillow. Although listed under cervical pillows for side sleepers, this pillow can help support and reduce neck pain for both side and back sleepers.

With the recessed center, this pillow will provide a cradle for your head, but the side and neck support will also keep you well rested and pain free.

Best Swaddle Blankets For Babies

Swaddling has been around for centuries. Even today, it still is one of the most effective techniques to comfort a young infant, and help it to sleep more peaceful. To be successful, parents will not only have to learn how to properly wrap their child but also what separates swaddling blankets from ordinary baby covers.

Although they may look alike, there is quite a difference between regular baby blankets and the famous swaddle blankets:

What are swaddle blankets?

Swaddle blankets are rectangular pieces of soft and stretchable material used to snugly wrap up kids for a comfortable sleep. In olden days, soft pieces of clothes were knit up into swaddle blankets.

Swaddles didn’t start yesterday; they have been around for quite some time. Even though swaddling is a matter of choice, many pediatric associations recommend that parents should continue to provide their kids with a “womb” climate through swaddles.

What is the difference between swaddle and ordinary baby blankets?

  • Their design tends to be square or rectangular. They are oversized to allow parents to wrap the baby multiple times, tucking it in neatly. Baby blankets, on the other hand, have no set shape or size.
  • Their specifically designed materials will stretch and prevent overheating. Because the baby’s skin has to breathe and the child’s temperature needs to be regulated, the materials have to allow a certain amount of air flow. The materials are light, and as to be expected, are sold in various patterns and designs.
  • Swaddling blankets are also slightly larger than the standard blanket. The bigger ones measure 48×48 inches while smaller ones are 40×40 inches. Some swaddles can even serve as blankets.

Parents want their infant to be safely wrapped. Recreating the mother’s womb, swaddle blankets should not allow the child to move. They should be lightweight, stretchable, and made from breathable materials.

Typically, generic baby blankets do not have those features. They provide a lot of warmth and are made from thicker materials.

What are the advantages of swaddling?

When the baby was inside the womb, it was used to the cozy surrounding where it was tight but safely held. When it’s born, it is expected that you as the parent would wish to provide it with the same comfortable environment. Swaddling helps to restrict the baby’s movement that allowing it to have a peaceful shut eye.

Swaddling is also helpful to the parent. When your child sleeps, you get some time to catch some too or even attend to other pressing matters. You too deserve some free time to apply a makeup or even delve into meditation/personal reflection.

How to swaddle newborn

Lay out a thin blanket that is at least long enough to wrap around your baby’s body 2 to 3 times. Spread the blanket out on a flat surface and lay the baby on the blanket (I find 4 feet by 4 feet to be a great size) with their head just off the edge of the long side in the middle.

Wrap the left side over their body while tucking their arms under their sides. Hold their arms down so they can’t sneak out! Then do the right side the same way wrapping their body up tightly. I mean really tight. Then fold the bottom of the blanket up and wrap it around them the same way.

It is like you are literally tying them up. This nicely simulates being in the womb, something they did enjoy. They need enough play to have circulation and to breath, but that is it! If your baby of 2 months or less can wiggle out in less than a minute go ahead and try it again, they weren’t swaddled.

Babies less than 2 months or so will not be able to wiggle out of a proper swaddling for hours! At three months or so our babies generally are able to wiggle out by the time morning comes.

Most parents I have seen trying to swaddle their babies aren’t doing it tight enough at all, they are just wrapping a blanket around their baby. I immediately suspect that parents aren’t wrapping the baby tight enough when they complain that swaddling just doesn’t work.

True it may not work for some babies, but if the kid can easily get out then you are just not doing it tight enough. Try to use blankets with Velcro, it makes it almost impossible for the baby to wiggle out.

I believe in being fair, if they can really wiggle out then it is time for the next stage of learning how to sleep on their own without being wrapped up. Ah, the next great adventure in life…

Swaddling is a beautiful thing and will bring you many sleep-filled nights, so I recommend you do it today!

For how long can swaddle be used?

A baby can be swaddled from birth all the way to when he is four months old. However, some kids can be swaddled up to when they are 9 months old. Basically, if your child can only sleep after being swaddled, then you shouldn’t stop.

However, if they start being uncomfortable, that’s an indication that you should stop. If your child has hip issues like hip dysplasia, you should not wrap them up in swaddles. Instead, you should talk to a pediatrician for help.

Are swaddle blankets safe?

Swaddle blankets are safe, and that explains why many people still prefer to wrap their kids. However, if done badly, swaddling can be cruel to the kid.

The swaddle should be tight enough to prevent the child from slipping out but gentle to avoid hurting the baby. The legs should be given ample room for movement.

Swaddling could be unsafe if you bought the blanket without checking the material makeup. Some blankets absorb too much heat faster and are not spongy enough to let it out quickly. This can result in your baby overheating and waking up in the middle of sleep.

Don’t swaddle your baby if he/she has hip problems as well. You can seek assistance from your pediatrician to advise you on hip-healthy swaddling. There are also medical videos online that can guide you on how to swaddle your baby’s soft hips.

Bad swaddling increases the chances of your kid developing SIDS. If you opt to swaddle your child, make sure he slips on his back and not the stomach or his/her sides. If he frequently escapes from the swaddle, then it’s probable that he is old enough for swaddling.

Swaddling should stop when your kid is two to three months old. Here are some recommendations given by The American Academy of Pediatrics to prevent SIDS.

  • Let the child sleep on its back
  • The sleeping surface should be firm
  • Keep soft items like pillows and bumper pads away
  • Keep your baby far from smoke/ smoking individuals
  • Don’t use products that purport to lower the risk of SIDS
  • Your child should not get too hot
  • Don’t use home cardiorespiratory monitors
  • Breastfeed your child adequately
  • Keep your child close but not in the same bed with you.
  • Your child should only have a diaper during swaddling
  • Don’t cover the kid’s head

One golden rule in swaddling: don’t overdo.

How to make swaddle blankets

If you are like most newlywed couples, then you know what it means to be frugal. There never seems to be a shortage of things that you need to buy for your family.

Having a child certainly isn’t cheap, so it’s important to save money wherever possible. If you haven’t bought your swaddling blanket yet, then keep reading to find out how you can make one yourself.

The first thing you need to do when making your swaddling blanket is to pick out your colors and thread. Be creative as this is your own unique masterpiece for your child, and they are only young once. After you have your colors picked out, you will then need to pick your fabric.

Baby fabric tends to be the most popular and practical, but the key is to make sure that it’s comfortable for the baby. When cutting your fabric, it should be 45 inches in width and length.

The next step is to lay your blanket out flat with the pattern facing the floor. Fold the edges of the blanket a quarter inch, and then fold them again a quarter inch, to hide the raw edges of the blanket. You can keep the blanket edges folded by securing it with pins.

After you have selected all of your colors and threads, you now can prep the sewing machine for the adventure. When setting the needle, make sure it’s a medium zigzag stitch.

Start sewing in the corner and work your way out around the folded edges of the blanket. Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and the end. You have now completed your blanket for your baby.

What are the best swaddle blankets in the market?

If you are just new to parenting, it can be challenging to figure which product is safe for your child-especially if all the items you come across have been praised vehemently. Here you need a third eye to single out the best fit.

Let’s have a look at several best baby blankets you can buy for your child.

Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle (4 Pack)

Aden + Anais blanket is soft, lightweight and versatile. It is a perfect companion for your kid from birth to several months old. Besides serving as a swaddle, it can as well be used as a sling, diaper, sunshade, a burp cloth, a nursing cover and a changing pad.

Swaddling is an enjoyable activity when you use Aden+Anais blanket due to its soft texture and size. However, it doesn’t have a Velcro fabric to assist you tighten up your wrap. So, you will need to devise a method to fasten up your swaddle wrap.

Its material make up is 100% cotton with an open weave for heat distribution. They come in several colors and sizes to cater to the needs of different kids. Go for the heavier version if you live in winter zones.

HALO SleepSack Swaddle

Do you find swaddling an impossible or time-consuming activity? If you do, then HALO SleepSack Swaddle is most probably your best choice.

This sack or pouch-like Halo blanket has a zipped opening and Velcro wings that make the swaddling process less arduous. The zip runs from the top to bottom making your diaper changing a 10-second activity. You don’t even have to touch the child’s arms during the process.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

This one is a perfect prison (in a good way) for those kids who continuously wiggle out from your best swaddling efforts. It has no Velcro or zipper therefore suitable for parents who dislike the sound they produce during the wrapping process. It also eliminates the errors inherent in other ordinary swaddling blankets.

The Miracle Blanket Swaddle is made of cotton for air circulation and has a pouch for tucking in your child’s legs. Its simplicity has made it a prized possession among many parents.

Many infants prefer this blanket for reasons no one seems to know-even the manufacturers! Some say they fit well and do not apply too much pressure on the kid hence providing a soothing climate. Anyway, whatever stuff is in their makeup, it seems to be working wonders.

The only setback with this miracle swaddle is that they cannot be used as actual blankets and it exists in one size only. Hence, it will surely outgrow your baby. However, it’s worth purchasing. After all, even good things have an end.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

If you are sleepy and have got no time for swaddling, Summer Infant SwaddleMe Original Swaddle makes everything lightning fast for you. It has a pouch for tucking the child’s legs and a Velcro fabric to fasten up its arms.

They also come in several different sizes making it simple for you to choose what fits your child. It’s made up of 100% cotton for maximum warmth.

The Velcro feature in this swaddle is essential if your toddler a wriggling mastermind. Once you fasten it, the little wonder boy (or girl) will remain that way until he/she falls asleep.

This Velcro swaddle comes in two sizes; small or medium and large. Do not rip off the label once you have bought it unless you are sure it fits your child. If it doesn’t, it will be easier to return it for a fitting size.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original is an innovative swaddle blanket that works quite different from other swaddles. It is suitable for kids who loathe having their hands held down or across the chest and legs put together.

Despite the “freestyle” position the kid is in, it still guarantees a comfortable sleep time. It has a zipper but no Velcro making it simple to use.

Woombie Original Baby Swaddle

If you love traditional-like infant swaddle, then Woombie swaddle would be convenient for your child. It has a single zipper running from top to bottom and no Velcro. It works perfectly fine for none-escapee artists.

Woombie mimics the exact conditions the kid was used to before bath. Therefore, it’s a sure bet that your kid will be cozy in it. It is tight but not too much to exert pressure on your child’s organs.

Changing the diapers at night is always inconveniencing, and Woombie has been designed with a zipper to make your work a little bit easier. It’s available in 4 different sizes, and all are made of cotton to ensure the baby is kept warm.

Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepSack is also one of the best baby blankets you can get for your child. It works in a similar fashion to HALO SleepSack Swaddle only that it doesn’t have the wings that wrap around the child’s arms.

This means, a child’s arms will be free in this zippered pouch. It guarantees a comfy sleep as your child adapts other sleeping patterns.

Halo SleepSack comes in two main material; cotton and polyester. The Cotton type is lighter and breathable making it a suitable accompaniment during warm months. The polyester type is heavier and warmer making it a must-have baby blanket during the winter months.

HALO SleepSack Winter Weight

Winter temperatures are unforgiving to kids. Normal blankets can serve well but they generally slip when a child turns and is likely to be exposed to the freezing air.

HALO SleepSack Winter Weight is a baby winter blanket that ensures he sleeps cozily throughout the night. They are equipped with a zipper for easy diaper changes. The generous sack design provides ample room for leg kicking without slipping off.

Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket

Ziggy Baby are Muslin swaddles with a soft texture and contain cotton as the only material. If you are a stylish parent, then you will love the cute designs and trendy patterns that this baby product comes with.

They fit well without exerting a lot of pressure on the child’s hip sides. You can also use it as a burp cloth or a nursing shield when you are feeding. Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket comes in 3-pack.

How many swaddle blankets do I need?

Having several infant swaddles is advantageous. You can have stylish ones, the more secure ones and several others to meet your kids growing demand.

You child might feel okay with the legs being tucked down today but a day will come when he/she needs the legs to spread out. Keeping a spare swaddle wrap is essential to ensure your little one sleeps cozily.

If you alternate regions from winter to summer-hit regions, it’s also advisable to keep several swaddle blankets for each region. Don’t use summer swaddlers in winter areas and vice versa. You child won’t be comfy enough to sleep.

Choosing what’s right for you and your baby

Each child is different so don’t expect your current toddler to feel comfortable in the previous kids swaddle blankets. Experiment with several different swaddles and see which makes him/her comfortable.

At times it’s okay to pick what makes your child look cute! Remember to pick a secure one for escapee artist; otherwise, you’ll be playing hide and seek with him.

To know the best products in the market, you can talk to your pediatrician to recommend to you the best products other parents are using. Advice from a close friend or a family member can also help to minimize the time you would wander around looking for the best swaddle blankets.

Swaddling benefits the child as much it benefits you. When your child’s sleep gets interrupted, yours too is affected. Swaddling doesn’t guarantee that your child won’t wake; it just takes care of your child waking up due to discomfort, cold or being startled.

Price comparison and reading online reviews are golden rules to observe when looking for the best swaddlers. There is a possibility you might save some bucks if you do your due diligence to look for durable yet not-so-pricey baby blankets.

Specialized online vendors always have a large selection of quality, designer blankets for swaddling to choose from. You can order at any time, pay securely, and before you know it, your baby too will be sleeping soundly through the night.

Important notes

  • It is normal for the kid to be uncomfortable in swaddles at the beginning. Give him/her a week to adjust to it.
  • Make sure you know what your kid prefers-either single or both arms out and legs spread out or tucked together.
  • Make sure the wrap doesn’t touch the child’s face as it can disrupt his/her sleep.

Parting words

As a reminder, you should stop swaddling under the following conditions:

  1. When you kid starts rolling onto his/her stomach
  2. When you baby has soft/swollen hips or hip dysplasia
  3. When you child doesn’t sleep well in swaddles. It is an indication that they are making him/her uncomfortable.

Happy swaddling!

Best Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy can bring so many new discomforts. The early days are often spent exhausted and nauseous, though some women report feeling their healthiest at this time.

Most women, however, feel some sort of discomfort while carrying a child, particularly at the time when their belly begins to expand and they find themselves not able to comfortably sit or lay down as they could before.

During pregnancy, a woman can gain anywhere from a few pounds to over a hundred. This extra weight puts pressure on the spine, causing lower back pain for pregnant women. In addition to this, pregnant women often suffer from unexplained sciatica, heartburn, indigestion, general discomfort, and the dreaded ‘rib kick’.

Often pregnant women find themselves sleepless at night, not only due to the discomfort associated with their changing body but also because of the anxiousness of expecting a child. The tossing and turning that accompanies these disturbed sleep patterns often result in less sleep for other members of the family, and tired mornings can cause unexpected arguments, with pregnancy hormones flying.

Even the smallest bellies can cause an uncomfortable, bloated feeling, in addition to possible problems with sciatica and back pain. Many women spend their time while pregnant searching for solutions that will help to make their pregnancy more comfortable.

Heat packs and topical creams may help, and some women find comfort in professional massage, however, these solutions do nothing to prevent tossing and turning at night. This is not only disturbing for pregnant women but their partners as well, if they are easily disturbed by their partner’s movement in bed.

Pillows have been used to enhance comfort since the times of ancient Mesopotamia, around 7000 BCE. The first pillows were hard, and often fabricated from stone. The first pillows were meant to keep the head elevated while sleeping, avoiding bugs crawling onto the face.

Some hold the belief that it was the Egyptians who took this design and changed it to suit their royal and lush way of life. The Egyptians softer pillows were not commonly used, and considered to be a luxury.

Since the Industrial Revolution, pillows have become a commonly found item in North American bedrooms. They adorn beds and couches. Some are used for comfort, some strictly for decoration.

Pillows used in pregnancy usually serve two purposes – comfort for sleeping pregnant women, and also support for women when feeding their child after birth.

A pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow may not be considered a necessity, however, current designs are making purchasing a maternity pillow a more popular choice among women. Depending on the discomfort, the pillow can be used between the legs or under the belly, while sitting or lying down.

Pregnancy or maternity pillows differ from traditional body pillows because they are designed to cradle a woman’s unique shape in pregnancy.

Some women try to use regular pillows to enhance their sleep comfort at night, however, many women find that the pillows move around, causing the pregnant woman to awake in the night to reposition the pillows. Regular pillows also do not curve to the shape of a woman, conforming to her body for ultimate comfort, as a maternity pillow will.

Many women try to alleviate their discomfort in other ways in the early stages of pregnancy, but most find that a maternity or pregnancy pillow is a necessity. Of course, there are women who continue to childbirth without using a maternity pillow, but other women feel they are an absolutely necessary part of pregnancy.

Investing in a pregnancy pillow is a decision that few women regret after giving birth. In first pregnancies, particularly, those last undisturbed nights are held at a high value, and pregnant women should get the most out of these nights as they can.

Pregnancy and maternity pillows currently are available in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. There is also a variety of choices in material and filling, making each woman’s individual purchase worth it to their comfort.

Maternity pillows can be expensive and should be considered an investment. Experts recommend that pregnant women read product guides about the many different options they have, and choose a pillow that will not only serve their needs in pregnancy but after childbirth as well.

This comprehensive guide will cover all the basic knowledge to do with maternity pillows available today, as well as a variety of popular choices available for purchase today.

Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

No longer do women need to choose from only a few options when buying a pregnancy pillow. There are many different pillows that women can currently choose from.

The style, shape, and size are important factors for women to consider before purchasing a maternity pillow, and thought should be put into what the pillow will be used for and the pregnant woman’s preferred sleep position.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are smaller in size, and are often firm. They resemble the shape of an orange wedge and are used to slide underneath the belly or back or prop up the legs, for comfort.

Wedge pillows are among the most affordable options for women looking to purchase a maternity pillow, and they can be used during pregnancy as well for breastfeeding or other members of the household, so many women feel good in their investment when choosing to buy a wedge.

When the wedge is used to support the pregnant belly, the weight is held up and off of the woman’s back and hips, preventing possibly permanent problems in posture and health. Often, women prop the wedge pillow behind their back in hopes of staying on their side for the entire night.

Wedge pillows can also be used underneath a regular pillow, to prop up the head, relieving some heartburn and indigestion. A heat pack also fits snugly against the wedge pillows flat side, keeping it in place against the woman’s back or belly.

Wedge pillows are appealing to consumers because they can be smaller and inexpensive. The covers are often removable and machine washable, and they can be easily changed to suit preferences in decor. Pregnancy wedge pillows are especially handy when traveling, as well.

One disadvantage that some women find in purchasing a wedge pillow is that the side slope is not comfortable for them. Some women prefer a steeply sloped pillow, while others require the slope to be more level.

Different companies make their pillows with varying slopes, and it is unfortunate that it is only after purchase that pregnant women find that they do not help. Regardless of the slope, however, an inexpensive wedge pillow can be used as a foot prop or feeding pillow.

Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

Maternity full body pillows run the length of the pregnant woman’s entire body and are often curved in shape. Pregnancy full body pillows allow pregnant women to prop the cushion between their knees, under their bellies, and under their heads, at one time.

This style of pillow is ideal for side sleepers, but mention has been made as to the fact the full body pillow does not support the back. Regardless, owners of this type of pillow love the support that the pillow provides while stationary. This allows the pregnant woman to sleep undisturbed by having to re-position pillows in the night.

Two styles of pregnancy full body pillows are currently available. Straight Maternity Body Pillows are similar to traditional pillows in that they can be fluffed, but not bent or twisted in any way. They are often the less expensive design of the two and can provide alleviating comfort, but some women really love to be able to bend and adjust their pillow as needed.

Flexible Maternity Body Pillows can be filled with Styrofoam beads, however, some more expensive options are filled with conforming micro beads that allow the pillow to be twisted and bent to suit the current needs of the pregnant woman. Pillows that are filled with micro beads also hold their shape longer, with some customers reporting their pillow lasting for years as if it was brand new.

Owning a full body pregnancy pillow allows for support of the entire body, including the head, and making additional pillows unnecessary. Back sleepers looking to buy this type of pillow should consider their needs and what type of pillow would best suit them.

Women with smaller beds should also consider the fact that full-length pillows do take up a good amount of room, however, this may be a small price to pay for a restful sleep.

Pregnancy Total Body Pillows

Maternity total body pillows wrap around the entire body, front and back, for total support if needed. Total body pillows allow for all the comfort and stability of a body pillow but provide some much needed back support for some.

Women especially who suffer from back pain or pregnancy sciatica will benefit from this type of pillow. Total body pillows are available in both Styrofoam filled and micro bead filled designs, allowing for some pillows to be twisted and bent by its user as needed.

There are currently two styles available in maternity total body pillows. A C-shaped pillow is designed for one end to be placed for support in between the legs, and the other underneath the head. The curve of the ‘C’ shape supports the back, however, there is no belly support, which should be taken into consideration.

A U-shaped pillow supports the back on one side, and between the legs at the lower curve of the ‘U’. The other side of the pillow runs the frontal length of the body, supporting the belly, with the end of the ‘U’ underneath the head.

This style of maternity pillow is found to be especially comfortable for women who used to sleep on their backs, but no longer can due to their growing belly. The disadvantage can be the often higher price, as well as the large size of the pillow, which some find to be hassling.

How To Compare Pregnancy Pillows

When deciding which pregnancy pillow to buy, there are so many aspects to consider today. Women should consider which features are important to them, and how much they are willing to pay for these features. Often, it helps to let some things go, as a pillow that has everything often requires that customers pay for it.

Once a decision is made as to the style or design of pillow that is best suited, customers should look at two factors – the cover, and the filling.

The Cover

Is it removable?

Is it machine washable?

Can replacement covers be purchased?

Does it have a zipper or buttons, and if so, will these become aggravating?

The Filling

What options are available?

What is the most comfortable versus the most affordable?

Is there a concern for the environment, or the use of natural materials?

Styrofoam balls similar to the ones found inside of bean bag chairs are often used. These are found in less expensive pillows, making this type of filling the most affordable option.

Styrofoam allows for the cushion to accommodate the body’s shape easily, however, this type of filling is not exactly environmentally friendly and can make some noise as well. After time, Styrofoam beads also lose their shaping, casing the pillow to fall flat.

Polyester filling is sometimes used in maternity pillows, and real customers love that there is no noise compared to Styrofoam. Customers also get to choose between soft and firm pillows with this type of filling.

Tiny microbeads are sometimes used as well, and real customers love the feeling of this pillow being filled with sand. These pillows weigh very little, make no noise, and can often be bent or twisted to suit the user’s comfort.

Memory foam is a common request among pregnant women, as it conforms to the body and holds its supportive shape for hours. Women who prefer a softer pillow should stay away from this type of filling.

Women who aim for a natural pregnancy often seek out a maternity pillow that is filled with spelt, wool, or kapok. Spelt is the preferred choice for vegetarians.

Other Factors To Consider

Another factor to consider when choosing a maternity pillow includes whether or not the pillow is hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic maternity pillow may not be necessary for pregnant women who do not have asthma, allergies, or sensitive skin, however, all baby’s skin is sensitive.

A hypoallergenic pillow may be an optimal choice if the pillow is intended for use in feeding the baby after birth.

Additionally, what size of a pillow is really required, and is there space in the home or bed for a larger sized pillow? This comes down to personal needs, and what each pregnant woman individually feels will provide the most comfort. Women should also take the time to consider how soft or firm of a pillow they prefer.

Lastly, anyone looking to purchase a maternity pillow should think about the aches and pains that the pregnant woman is currently experiencing. Some women have extensive problems with their upper or lower back, while others find that they need the most support under their belly or in between their legs for hip support.

Often, it is a problem of swollen ankles that could be simply elevated with an inexpensive maternity wedge pillow, however, some women have serious pains related to their pregnancies, and need to invest more to alleviate their symptoms.

Recommended For Size And Position

Women who have carried twins can attest to the extreme discomfort that they felt due to their size. Many moms who have carried twins recommend a ‘U’ shaped body pillow, and believe that the investment in a larger size pillow was worth it.

Plus sized women often report that they love ‘C’ shaped body pillows, and claim that this style of pillow allows for many choices in positioning the pillow around the body.

Many petite women prefer a smaller pillow, and some have reported that they find larger pillows to be heavy and hard to maneuver around their bodies.

Side sleepers often find the most comfort at night, as this is the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women by experts. Side sleepers have the luxury of finding comfort in most any maternity pillow that they choose to purchase.

Back and stomach sleepers encounter more challenges as their pregnancies progress and their bellies grow. Back sleepers often look for a maternity pillow that pushes against their back, giving them the feeling that they are lying in their preferred position.

Stomach sleepers can be the most uncomfortable while pregnant, unable to find comfort in their preferred position after the belly begins to expand. Some stomach sleeping pregnant women prefer to keep their maternity cushion on top of their body, with their belly cradled between the cushion and the bed.

The Best Maternity Pillows

The best source for information lies online. Here, pregnant women can find almost endless information along with real customer reviews that they can use to form their decision.

Baby Works Pregnancy Wedge

This pregnancy/maternity wedge pillow made by Baby Works comes highly rated at a very affordable price. The bamboo, hypoallergenic cover appeals to women with allergies or sensitive skin, and the traditional angle can support both the belly and the back. It is filled with orthopedic foam, that claims to be the perfect mix of soft and firm while providing a cooling comfort to its user.

Additionally, its simple design allows this pillow to be used in many different positions, allowing for proper alignment in the spine, and a comfortable side sleeping position. The small size does not intrude on living space, either.

Real customer reviews claim that this pillow is “perfect”, and for a great price. They also attest to the company’s claim of a perfectly soft yet firm pillow. Customers love that the case is removable, and easily cleaned. Overall this wedge style pillow comes highly recommended by those who have purchased it in the past.

Back Buddy Maternity and Feeding Support Pillow

The Back Buddy Maternity and Feeding Support Pillow is both highly rated and award winning. It was designed by a mom and chiropractor and is used to alleviate pain in pregnancy, much like other maternity pillows.

Made in the U.S.A., this pillow is unlike others in that it is certified to be fabricated without the use of PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, CFC’s, phthalates, and other heavy metals. The slipcover is removable and machine washable and comes in a variety of colors and designs.

This pillow is great for travel as it features a carry handle on top, and also features pockets on the sides. This pillow was the winner of a Mom’s Choice Award, two Top Choice of the Year awards, and a Family Choice Award.

Real customers claim that this pillow is worth “every penny spent”, although it is more affordable than other ergonomic back supports.

Queen Rose® ZZZ’s Pregnancy Pillow

This maternity pillow made by Queen Rose claims to function to improve blood circulation while providing a restful sleep. Some users love this pillow, because it provides the comfort of a ‘U’ shaped pillow, but is not as bulky as one side is shorter than the other. The shorter side also detaches to be used separately, leaving the larger part in an ‘L’ shape.

This pillow is filled with hypoallergenic Fusion Fiber made from high heat polymers. This allows for easier breathing for users with asthma or allergies. It has also been suggested that this type of filling serves to prevent heartburn and indigestion, as well.

Real customers claim this pillow to be an excellent choice not only for pregnant women but anyone who wants extra comfort or support. Customers love the “endless positions” that this maternity pillow allows, and say that their sleep habits and body pains are greatly improved by use of this pillow. They also love the removable and durable cover.

LeachCo Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The LeachCo Snoogle Total Body Pillow boasts the honor of being the “best-selling body pillow on Amazon”. This ‘C’ shaped pillow supports in between the legs, under the belly at the bottom, and the head at the top, while the long part of the ‘C’ shape supports the backside.

The cover is removable, and machine washable. Additionally, this design was developed and patented by a woman who is both a mother and a Registered Nurse.

According to the manufacturer, this pillow is unique in its design, following the body’s natural contour and shape during pregnancy. Real customer reviews state that while some people do not appreciate the pillow’s large size and weight, pregnant women love the full body support that this pillow provides, and one review suggested that the entire pillow is machine washable.

This is an added bonus for women thinking of keeping the pillow for some years after childbirth.

Although this is one of the more expensive models, it is not overly expensive for a pillow of this size and quality. Many real customers remain happy with their purchase, regardless of price, and would recommend this product to other pregnant women.

LeachCo Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

LeachCo also makes a ‘U’ Shaped pillow for women who require a different kind of support. This type of pillow allows for equal support of the back and belly at the same time, and no need to re-position the pillow when switching from side to side at night.

This pillow has an hourglass shape that supports the body well and allows the hips and joints to stay in proper position. This pillow is ideal for many types of health problems including acid reflux, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The manufacturer boasts that this pillow allows for a comfortable sleep no matter which sleep position is preferred, and real customers rave about not having to re-position the pillow at all during the night.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow w/ Detachable Extension

PharMeDoc makes a total body maternity pillow that converts from an ‘L’ shape to a ‘U’ shape, allowing for a multitude of positions with only one purchase.  The extension attaches securely with a zipper when in use, or can be detached for use as a wedge or footrest, or for extra height.

This pillow also conforms to the curves of a pregnant woman’s body and also has a removable and machine washable cover. The ‘U’ shape also allows for women to re-position themselves in the night without having to lift or move the pillow, as well.

Moonlight Slumber Serenity Star Pillow

Moonlight Slumber’s Serenity Star Pillow is an oversized ‘U’ shaped pillow that spans the width of a twin sized bed. The pillow detaches on both sides, creating two long body pillows, and a curved head pillow. This allows for many comfortable combinations for pregnant women who find that traditional maternity pillows don’t target the specific areas that they need.

Made in the U.S.A., the pillows can be stacked as needed for added height, and any of the parts can be used separately for isolated support between the knees, under the belly or head, or behind the back, allowing for ideal alignment. This particular pillow is a good buy for those wanting to use it throughout their child-rearing years, as the individual parts can be used in so many different ways.

The Serenity Star pillow is filled with an extended polymer called Fusion Foss, that is known to allow air to flow, and this pillow is guaranteed by the manufacturer never to flatten or become lumpy. This pillow is also hypoallergenic, free of odor, and the filling resists dust mites.

Candide Baby Multi-Relax 3-in-1 Multifunctional Maternity Pillow

This wedge style pillow made by Candide Baby was designed in France and has multiple uses – it not only serves as a super plush support for back or belly but also a baby bed for after childbirth. Lightweight, and machine washable, this pillow is great for travel, and its functionality makes this pillow a great investment for years after childbirth.

It also has a super soft blanket, sold separately, that fits perfectly to its shape.

Kathe Kruse in The Garden Rye and Spelt Pillow

Independent designer Kathe Kruse manufactures naturally filled rye and spelled pillows, that make great gifts for pregnant women. For women expecting baby girls, the pillow can double as decoration for her daughter’s bed after childbirth.

How To Buy A Maternity Pillow

Anyone who makes a choice to improve their comfort during pregnancy deserves a pat on the back. Often, pregnant women get into the habit of putting their children first, even before they are born.

Good mothers know, however, that they are the best mothers when they are well rested, and take care of themselves.

For those who know that they want to purchase a pregnancy or maternity pillow, and don’t know where to start, it is wise to first think about individual needs. Some women only want a little bit of support for their growing belly or do not have much living or bed space, so they choose to buy a wedge pillow.

Others require the support of a bigger maternity pillow for their own health and comfort. There is also color and design to think about, but some women place greater emphasis on purchasing a pillow that is hypoallergenic or has a natural filling.

A removable and machine washable cover that is soft and comfortable is an important feature for some women, while others don’t plan to invest much money and don’t look for this feature.

Regardless of preferred style, there are a number of great options available for pregnant women, or anyone who requires extra support while they sleep. Real customer reviews often provide the best insight into actual experiences as to a product’s quality or durability, and future customers can use these experiences to avoid purchasing any product that may not be worth the investment.